Managing Human Capital and Leadership in Cafe Concerto

Organization Selected : Cafe Concerto


Management is an essential and core part of business which need to assess and understand by managers of a company better so that each and every define working aspect get accomplish properly (Arena and Uhl-Bien, 2016). Thus, if a management will lead to made less focus on their working individual then chance of their employee turnover enhancement would be rise in frame. Thus, it is really essential to manage human capital properly which further enable in accomplishing each and every target better so that sustainability could be manage and maintain in signified manner. This, project is based on managing human capital and leadership in Cafe Concerto whom are one of a famous coffee shop of UK and have good market base as well. Now, they become leading coffee shop of UK and want to manage their human capital better. In such aspect, they just want to analyse certain number of things. The first thing will be related with approach of a company in order to manage human resource properly. Along with this, it will also going to describe about recruitment and selection process of a company with effective recommendation. Moreover, various approaches of human resource development will also get facilitate with suitable hybrid motivational aspects. Thus, leaders need to be effective in frame so that they could motivate each and every individual better which further facilitate in maintain and managing things in definite frame of course.


Drawing on relevant models, analyse the approach of the company to the management of its human resources

One of the prime goal of Cafe Concerto is to control superb merchandise and ventures to clients with a specific end goal to fulfil them and urge them to visit once more. It is the obligation of human asset chief to outline and execute best procedures and in addition select proper model for firm with the goal that tasks can be performed in a viable and productive way. Chairman ought to guarantee that arrangements and techniques are outline in such way that these gives advantages to organization in future (Cascio, 2018). Legitimate execution of these systems guarantees change in execution of workforce and additionally firm. Essentially, 2 sorts of human resource models are there that are used by organization at the season of playing out their business tasks whom are characterise as follow in define frame of manner:

  • RESOURCE BASED MODEL: Basis of this approach is reward trade effort system and in this, associates are considered as a fundamental resource by administration and they deal with their work force in a definite way. It is expressed in this model, if business organisation has great innovation and have accessible all the required assets alongside that then it gives a capacity to workers to perform in more successful way and accomplish better results. Show likewise expresses that if workforce have great learning and skills at that point, they can possibly manage focused edge to organization over their opponents (Chadwick, 2017). Distinctive work capabilities are misused by this approach. Cafe Concerto could utilise this framework in better manner where it is really essential to maintain and manage things in better manner so that effective outcome could be resource.
  • INTERGRATED MODEL: This framework is an addition of resource and controlled based model along these lines, it chiefly points on talking about around 2 basic measurements of human resource administration procedure, i.e., "Locus of control" and " Acquisition and advancement". Previous parts are said in regards to the degree to which systems of human asset are used to create human capital, that is, improvement of labour. Firm ought to significantly stress on advancement of inside asset rather then outer elements. While last factors advises about the level to which procedures of HR are used to keep underscore on observing of labour to enhance their execution (Chuang, Jackson and Jiang, 2016).

Both these approaches need to utilise by human resource manager of Cafe Concerto so that they could maintain and facilitate effective workforce. With such aspects assistance chances to maintain and facilitate better things could become possible in nature. This result in claiming and defining better descriptive things so that effectiveness and efficiency could be maintain and manage. With resource based model human resource of a company get manage in determined manner. On the other hand, integrated model facilitate to control things better as well as to manage resources in define manner. This will result in proclaiming signified outcome so that human resource get manage at workplace of Cafe Concerto in signified manner of frame.


Recruitment and selection process of define organisation in order to gain better candidate with suitable recommendation

Recruitment is termed and define as process where an individual get evaluate legitimately and attempt to connect the best competitor whom is appropriate for configure work profile. In spite of the fact that, by surveying better and powerful individual, such hopeful landed chose for characterize position profile (Heraty, Michailova and Morley, 2016). For overseeing and characterizing better human asset administration, it is extremely fundamental to create proper and appropriate enlistment and determination system so things prompt attracted out better and clear way of edge. A suitable enlistment and choice process encourage things in strong way with the goal that such sort of hopeful get chosen whom can possibly draw better and successful things in casing of thought.

Accordingly, a proper and viable recruitment and selection process encourage strong aspects prompt occur in outline way. This bring about announcing more qualified outcomes in nature of result. Each association have their characterize example of recruitment and selection based on what applicant land chose for position profile. This empowers in better key human asset administration for every single characterize association.

Cafe Concerto is one of a well known restaurant in UK, whom take part in giving and delivering better quality products at every range to single person. They have their own approach of recruitment and selection which used to depict as underneath keeping in mind the end goal to encourage and draw better and compelling possibility for characterize work position. This procedure used to pass on every single person which encourage and aid in snatch such person whom can possibly do and perform right things (Joo, Lim and Kim, 2016). The recruitment and selection process of a company have certain aspects and criteria which a person need to pass. The first round is aptitude test where potential and thinking aspect get understand. The next round would be HR under which skills get evaluated in better manner. Thus, a team leader perform their work and at last manager of a company take interview at final level which required to pass.

  • Aptitude test: The first round begin with aptitude test where an individual understanding and analytical skills get interpret better. It is really essential to determine a person ability to perform better things so that definite outcome could be resource properly. Once the aptitude test would get clear out which define questions related with various customers attribute then a person become able to pass on second round. Like how a person would treat moody user whom talk and behave inappropriate frame. Thus, such kind of questions get asked in aptitude test of a person.
  • Human resource manager:On the second level of interview, HR manager of a company would take active participation. HR decide correspondence aptitude, learning ability and in addition example of reasoning such applicant. In the event that they found that such individual can possibly draw things better and oversee exercises then it would incline toward for next round (Kasemsap, 2016). Along these lines, it get assessed that such individual have administration abilities or not. This help in attracting things better and decide casing of way. Thus, HR manager of Cafe Concerto used to perform such stances in better and deliberative manner where each and every consideration get evaluated properly. Once, HR determine an individual better then such person get transfer to the third round of team leader where questions related with work get asked.
  • Team Leader: Next round is only a convention where an individual get comprehend in more profundity freedom and required a senior individual choice for determination. In any case, this isn't an end if team leader not found that specific fitting towards work position then they get dismissed also. Along these lines, it is extremely fundamental to attract things better and decided way so such round would likewise get clear in outline (Lanvin and Evans, 2016). Henceforth, TL assess every last thought of such individual appropriately and make a few inquiries in regards to circumstances, work profile and may related with capability. Consequently, they have to comprehend in more better and decided way for long haul venture working.
  • Manager: The last round of the recruitment and selection process would be managerial round. Here, an individual start interacting with senior manager of a company so that better convention would made among them. Thus, manager of a Cafe Concerto evaluate that such person is able to manage things proper or not. Thus, if manager found that such individual is not appropriate and do not have better skills to perform task then such candidate got rejected on frequent course of manner.

Cafe Concerto would use to follow such steps and attribute properly so that they could recruit and select such individual whom have potential to perform things in better manner. It enable them in gaining competitive edge so that better performance would get done in easy manner. This will facilitate in accomplishing targets so that all define objectives would be achieve in define framework.


Various approaches of Human resource development with signified suggestions to improve them

Human resource development is a major thing which facilitate a business to manage their workforce in signified manner (Mayo, 2016). It is really essential to manage human capital properly so that define and signified outcome could be accomplish with every near course of moment. Human resource development deliberate and fitting exercises which has been planned by association keeping in mind the end goal to give its individuals legitimate learning and abilities so they effectively meet with their present and future necessities. Modern HRD is consider all things considered process in which endeavours is made so as to expanding aptitudes, information and abilities of workers. Different exercises which are incorporated into Human asset office are preparing advancement, vocation improvement, training and progression arranging.

  • Strategic human resource framework approach: This is consider as proper approach in which distinctive sorts of techniques has been planned keeping in mind the end goal to expand the aptitudes and capacities of workers (Petrick, 2017). This practices in HRD help in expanding the efficiency and effectiveness of representatives that assistance in improving all the gainfulness and returns of business.
  • Integrative framework: This approach is consider as legitimate key HRM approach and their primary spotlight is on enhancing the general execution of workers. Under this three ways is engaged I.e. Building capacities of association, satisfactory fulfilment to workers and give appropriate shape to representatives. Further, their principle criteria is to build up the entire arrangement of human asset inside the association.
  • PCMM Approach:It is consider as individuals ability development display which is work by organization keeping in mind the end goal to manage diverse programming and the principle objective in regard of utilizing this approach is to get a definitive advantages and better results in future. Encourage administration endeavour to create activity of dynamic support among representatives so they persuade to do work with appropriate viability. This is most ideal method for holding the representatives in association for longer period and it is likewise said that development level comprise of different process zones that assistance in distinguishing group identified with workplace.
  • HRD Score card approach: This is consider as exceptionally successful approach that go about as connection between the entire administration of HR office and set standard for objectives and targets (Popescu, Comănescu and Sabie, 2016). These are for the most part those HR hones which is utilized as a part of request to upgrade every one of the abilities and capacities of representatives and further entire administration of Cafe Concerto utilizing score card procedures keeping in mind the end goal to gauge the day by day execution and furthermore to improve general conduct of workers that assistance in accomplishing every one of the objectives and targets of business.
  • Integrated system approach: This is consider as exceptionally viable approach which is utilized by Baxter heath mind with a specific end goal to create and execute human asset improvement framework in legitimate sufficient way. Further, strategies and techniques connected toward the starting stage and primary point is to accomplish objectives and target of business in appropriate way (Riccucci, 2017).

These all re essential approaches which could be utilise by managers of cafe Concerto so that they could maintain and manage effective human resource force. This enables and facilitate to made better development of each and every individual better so that signified outcome could be assess in better period of course. This will result in proclaiming better and effective outcome and results in frame of reference.


Classic theories of motivation with creation of a hybrid theory of motivation

Human resource manager assume a critical part in an association where they have assume an essential part keeping in mind the end goal to oversee work environment appropriately. There is a need to survey things better and in fitting casing so every single individual wind up spurred towards work and property legitimately. In this way, to make a man roused towards working and destinations, there are different motivational methodologies could be use. Such methodologies are useful in overseeing thought better with the goal that successful and fitting evaluation complete in decided way. Cafe Concerto is one of a smallest restaurant in UK whom have better and best number of representatives. In this manner, organisation required to decide great hypothesis of inspiration legitimately with the goal that they could encourage powerful and better working at work environment which encourage and bolster in achieving every single target better and in decide way.

Following are the sure number of hypotheses of inspiration whom consider and characterize under the great hypothesis of inspiration. Exemplary hypotheses are building hinders for future situated speculations with the goal that better and decided appraisal complete (Secundo and et. al., 2016). Albeit, great hypothesis of inspiration incorporates chain of command of requirements from Abraham Maslow and the two-factor hypothesis from Frederick Herzberg. A fundamental thought on such hypotheses is reflected as take after and in decided edge with the goal that compelling evaluation could complete in characterize course of casing:

  • Maslow Theory of Hierarchy needs: This hypothesis is useful keeping in mind the end goal to made an individual spurred towards working with the goal that better support complete and perform. It is extremely basic for administrators of an organization to assess and appraise about fitting inspiration with the goal that an individual turn out to be more energize towards the things which they truly need to accomplish. This encourage in achieve all characterize objectives and targets better by satisfy all needs and needs of people. Consequently, administration could use this system keeping in mind the end goal to keep up and oversee thought better (Smith, Lewis and Tushman, 2016). In spite of the fact that, this property significantly have five components included which imply and empower in manage a man conduct appropriately and made them fulfilled too.

Abraham Maslow proposed five various types of human needs, starting with the most fundamental: survival. Physiological necessities, for example, nourishment and safe house, are trailed by needs identified with well-being. Next, there are necessities of adoration and having a place. Fourth, people have necessities of regard, for example, the requirement for being regarded. The last need in the chain of command is simply the need realization (satisfying one's potential). Subsequently, all such thought is extremely fundamental to decide appropriately with the goal that better and characterize thought could be assessed in configuration outline. Cafe Concerto managers of human resource need to decide this angle in better and implied way, so they could use this edge better which empower and boost them in achieving goals appropriately. This encourage business administrators to spur their staff people which empower and bolster in overseeing human capital at work environment. This need to survey and see appropriately and in addition such factors need to use by HR director of an organization in configuration outline.

  • Two factor theory: Another motivational hypothesis which bolster chiefs of an organization to support their workforce would be two factor hypothesis. This hypothesis of Hezberg characterize that there are just sure number of aspects assessed which causes job fulfilment for an employee where as specific factors likewise get assessed which used to cause disappointment too. The first and fundamental variables which used to made an individual fulfilled would be execution, acknowledgement, work status, obligation. All these empower and support to made an individual fulfilled towards working. This propel them in better way so odds of inferring helpful quality complete. Then again, certain components and perspectives additionally get assessed which made a man disappointed in regards to work. Such viewpoints on which chiefs of human asset need to work will work condition, strategies and guidelines, representatives property and so on (Stein, 2017). Bistro Concerto administration need to decide this viewpoint in better way with the goal that they could deal with every last angle which additionally empowers them to oversee viable inspiration towards every last individual appropriately.

Hybrid Theory of motivation: This is one of an attribute which used to craft for a purpose by combining both classic theories in better manner. Here first thing would be related with Maslow theory of motivation on the other hand Hezberg Theory of motivation also get assess in better frame. Hence, on the attribute of both of them, suitable consideration get frame for Cafe Concerto which simplify as follow:

  • When great hypotheses of inspiration get assessed, a mixture thought get made which help and support in characterizing perspectives better so Cafe Concerto directors would use them legitimately and keep up powerful inspiration in their eatery for increasing aggressive edge and to encourage their human asset workforce too.
  • The main thing which need to comprehend by directors of an organization is decide requirements of every single individual better. Based on such motivational components, it would straightforwardly bolster in using two factor hypothesis. Here, they begin examining representatives fulfilment viewpoints which used to spur them like giving better working condition which is a commonly part of mental needs of a man to decide such condition where they could work appropriately. Consequently, this is a piece of cross breed hypothesis on which every single individual used to play out their work better and in decided way.


Effective leadership consideration with appropriate approach for a leader to improve working

Leader is define as such individual whom guide the entire team in a determined manner so that better things get done. Although, leaders always enable in facilitating things better so that each and every associate could work in define and determined manner. Thus, with appropriate and suitable support of associates and things get done by leaders of a company employees could work with more motivation because such person guide them as well as inspire them in signified manner.

Leadership is a quality or style which enable and support an individual to become a good leader. Although, they perform a single thing which used to facilitate better and determined things in frame of reference. A good leader always try to motivate their team as well as inspire them for future oriented things so that effective and beneficial attribute could be explained in define frame of manner. Cafe Concerto leaders need to improve their working attribute through learning and determine each and every single aspect of leadership so that they could maintain human workforce better. This will result in claiming effective and beneficial outcome so that targets could get accomplish properly. This enable in controlling employee turnover as well as better management of human resource get done.

Cafe Concerto leaders have certain qualities and characteristics which need to determine properly so that better and signified objective and working get done. Thus, all such aspects and attribute need to understand and consider properly so that beneficial gain could be opt for long period

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