Leadership Management On Employee Behaviour In TESCO

Organization Selected : TESCO
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The word “leadership” portrays different kinds of image in the minds of a person such as political leader, a person who is above all others and perform this/her task in a different way. Leaders are the one who possesses leadership qualities in order to give right directions to other so that they can do activities in a right manner (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Therefore, it can be said that leadership qualities always help a leader in mapping things such as what paths team members can follow so that they can accomplish the goals and objectives in a speculated time frame.

Top management in an organisation containing highest ranking as chairman/ chief executive, officer, managing directors, presidents, executive directors etc., they are crucially important for performing the activities such as communicating the policies, defining aims and objectives of an organisation, shared vision. Types of leadership and top management can put an impact on the behaviour of employees. TESCO, is one of the leading companies in United Kingdom and deals in retail sector. TESCO provides its services worldwide. Across United Kingdom they have around 979 stores in which 615 are sell food related products (TESCO, 2018). Approximately 84,939 employees are working day and might for providing benefits to the organisation so that company can sustain a better position in the market for a longer period of time.

This report will include different types of leadership styles which can influence top management on employee's behaviour in the innovation process of customer services. The research is conducted on TESCO, which is a multinational company in United Kingdom and providing effective services and facilities to its customers. Managers in the firm is using different leadership styles such as autocratic, democratic, Laissez-Faire Leadership etc., according to the different situations and circumstances. Thus, the main purpose of focusing on leadership style is that they think and work in a comprehensive manner at the same time (Moriano and et. al., 2014). Therefore, this statement will be justified with the help of hypothesis and which will assist researcher in evaluating a better outcome for the research which is being conducted.

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Research Questions

Primary Research Questions

1. How the types of leadership can influence the top management on the employee's behaviour in the process of innovation of customers' services?

Secondary Research Questions

1. What are the various leadership types used by the proficient leaders?

2. How effective leadership is related to the improvement of the employee behaviour in the team of TESCO?

3. Why efficiency in leadership is much desirable for bringing innovation in the customer’s services?

Research Objectives

  • To examine the types of leadership
  • To examine the impact of the types of leadership on the employees behaviour of TESCO
  • To examine the innovative ideas that enforced by strategic leader for meeting the organizational Requirements of TESCO.


Most of the organisations works with the purpose of providing best services and facilities to customers so that this can assist them in sustaining a good position at the market area. Thus, in order to do the same, it is required that company follows guidelines so that effective strategies can be made so as to improve production and efficiency of the company in a limited period of time (Build An Effective Strategy, 2018). Thus, this research will help researcher in knowing what kind of changes company can do in order to implement innovation which can assist firm in providing better services to consumers.

As with the help of this researcher, researcher will be able to know does leadership influence the behaviour of employees working within the organisation for implementing new innovation in their business so that maximum benefits can be attained. Therefore, by illustrating this, firm can do necessary changes for developing themselves. Other than this, with the help of this research company can identify the factors which can put an impact on culture of organisation. 


According to the view point of Jaiswal and Dhar (2015) Leadership includes attitudes through which behaviour of an individual can be influenced so that purpose of attaining goals can be fulfilled. Leadership assist company in providing direction to the firm so that set targets can be achieved in a limited period of time. In the market area there are different types of leadership styles which managers or leaders can implement so as to guide team members for accomplishing the targets (Different types of leadership styles, 2018). There are many leadership skills that leaders adopt for proper functioning and from all these autocratic leadership, are followed by leaders in order to acquire effective results for their businesses. Thus, leader who follow this kind of leadership style take ultimate control over decision making without consulting other members working within the group (Leadership style, 2018). Thus, it can be said that they possess high level of power.

Although autocratic leadership provides benefits to the organisation, but it can lower down the morale of employees as superiors not give much importance to employees. Apart from this, it can be said that leaders who are not active in performing any kind of task follow Laissez-Faire leadership as in this leader have power, but they do not exert these over employees directly and it is because employees in this are experiences and requires little supervision. Laissez-Faire Leadership has some limitations as well as leaders of this fails to provide feedbacks on a regular basis (Laissez-Faire Leadership, 2018). Although, choice of leadership depends upon the situations and working condition. This can motivate employees and workers thus, Kang, Solomon and Choi, (2015) opines that transnational leadership is based on an exchange process because when team mates get success in achieving its goals and objectives then they get an immediate tangible reward. Thus, this kind of leadership style is very much helpful in boosting the morale of an individual working in an organisation.

Moreover, according to the view point of Hogan and Coote (2014) democratic leadership is considered as one of the best leadership style as every subordinates viewpoint are considered before making any kind decisions. Therefore, it can be said that for most of the leaders it is one of the effective approach and preferred as well.

According to Goetsch and Davis (2014) with the change in the environment and increase in the complexity of business activities leaders and a person possessed with leadership qualities has provided company with benefits. They are the one who influence other person for performing their activities in such a way that goals and objectives are achieved so as to get desired outcomes. Autocratic leadership is determined as one of the most harsh and unpleasant form of leadership style as in these orders are just given and employees have to perform work accordingly. This can have a negative impact on the performance of an individual who is working in an organisation as they can lose their confidence level. In context with TESCO, although they use this kind of leadership style for improving growth rate for a limited period of time but on the same time company can lose their valuable customers who are not given much importance. Therefore, there might be a possibility that other leaders working within the organisation uses Laissez-Faire Leadership where leaders don’t show any kind of interest and can avoid making any kind of decisions as they are unwilling to perform any kind of task or action because they avoid situations where they are a chance of encounter issues and problems (Shin and et. al., 2015). Along with this, these individuals who follow these leadership styles does not provide any kind of reviews.

Therefore, this can put an impact on employee's behaviour because they will not be able to know about their pros and cons. Thus, performance of company can decrease.  In the views of Rahim, (2017) transactional leadership is appropriate when leaders are more concern about achieving goals and objectives. Other than this, employees are given rewards for the attaining set targets. Thus, in context with TESCO, leaders are giving rewards which is ultimately improving morale and confidence of employees and it is gradually increasing profit level of the organisation. But researcher cannot rely on transitional leadership because without making proper interaction democracy cannot be maintained thus, it is one of the most effective and reliable form of leadership as workers are given equal opportunity of presenting their views and thoughts. In addition to this, they are given their opinions are taken into consideration before taking any kind of decision. Therefore, TESCO are following this kind of leadership style because of which employees are performing the task with full enthusiasm and dedication.

As per the view point of Birasnav, (2014) In order to sustain in the market for a longer period of time that it is important that managers and leaders formulate strategies which can provide benefits to the organisation. Thus, in order to do so, TESCO are implementing innovative ideas and thoughts which is enabling them and making them unique from others. Innovative ideas are also required for fulfilling the requirements and this can be done by Establishing a clear sense of direction as it will provide leaders and managers a clear direction of activities to employees so that they can perform the same in an effective manner. In relation with TESCO, they are giving clear instructions which is assisting employees in focussing on innovation through which workers can deliver greatest value.

As a result, strategic leaders can be able to get desired results with the help of employees. Other than this, according to the viewpoints of Bason, (2018) Open communication which is the most common aspect which is to be considered by firm. Thus, in relation with TESCO they have set an atmosphere of trust by establishing cultural diversity. For example: IT department of the company can develop a chat application for employees as well as superiors through which managers can provide all the information related to company's objectives easily in quick time. In order to achieve targets there is a requirement of building a strong team and this can be done by Creating a highly diverse team as it will provide a source of nobble ideas which can improve performance of a company. For example: leaders of TESCO can include person from different departments like sales and marketing who can assist a team in providing innovative ideas for enhancing its sales and profitability. Employees from various department can provide a wider scope and area of performing the activity.


Research is conducted by an investigator to have a detailed information regarding a specific topic, thus, in order to perform this research, investigator has both primary and secondary research for collecting data and information (Birasnav, 2014). Former is used for making the research authentic as information that are gathered are done for the first time. Whereas secondary method provides precise information related to research topic. Furthermore, qualitative and qualitative approaches are being used and these are explained below for better understanding:

Qualitative approach:

This is one of the approaches which researcher can use of conducting the investigation in an effective manner. It is an type of research approach in which data is collected by an investigator on the basis of perception or observation. It is an exploratory research process used by an investigator to gets an understanding of various opinions and reasons. It helps in providing insights to a investigator on a particular problem for developing a research hypothesis. In this appropriate data is collected through unstructured or semi-structured techniques which include methods like group discussions, interviews etc. The sample size used in this approach is typically small and participants are selected to fill that give quota. In this an investigator has to collect appropriate data and then make an attempt to describe it's explanation on a particular topic. In this approach, researcher mostly use a common observation to gain conclusion on a particular research topic. It  makes an researcher to understand a particular phenomenon.

Quantitative approach:

It is a type of research approach in which an investigator quantifies a particular problem by collection numerical data that is further transferred into usable statistic. It is used to get results from a sample of large population (Dul and Ceylan, 2014). It uses measurable data to gain an appropriate conclusion and to formulate certain facts and patterns that remains uncovered. The methods used by a researcher in this approach are more structured as compared to qualitative research approach. It includes methods like interviews, mobile survey, online surveys etc. to get an appropriate conclusion from a particular research topic. It is a statistical investigation of an observational research. The main object of quantitative research approach is to develop mathematical data to pertain a particular phenomenon. It is used to identify that which of the hypothesis is true or not for developing a particular research hypothesis. It widely used in psychology, demography and marketing.

Significance of the research:

This research is conducted in order to explore leadership styles which can influence top management for implementing innovative ideas in order to give better customer services. Therefore, main purpose of doing this research is to know employee's behaviour towards innovation so that managers can have an idea whether applied innovative will be effective in providing better consumer service. For instance: for resolving the issue company has implemented latest tools that can record all the problems and later managers can listen to the same and revert accordingly (Chuang, Jackson and Jiang, 2016).


Not every research can be conducted in an easy manner, there are some limitation which can be faced by the investigator. This can be related to different factors like managing and maintaining business activities. Limitation which was faced by researcher is while designing research questions and interpreting the same while accomplishing the research. Other than this, some of the limitation were effective communication as to some of the respondents it was difficult in explaining research questions. Inappropriate behaviour of respondents as they were not willing to answer the questions. Along with this, there was time and cost boundation which acted as a limitation while conducting this research.



Primary Research Questions

Large organisation has moved towards innovation in order to get higher economic performance. Companies with the help of new ideas they are providing benefits to the organisation. The process of innovation consists of certain steps such as idea generation, idea realisation etc., therefore, companies had to rely on employees in case of innovation because they are the one on whom all the activities are applicable such as whether they want to work according to innovation or not. According to Birasnav, (2014), it can be stated that leaders plays a crucial role in an organisation as activities performed by them can put a positive as well as negative impact.

For instance: effective leadership can assist leaders in taking quick decision, having close supervision etc., but instead of this it can have some negative impact such as low rate of turnover, demotivated employees and many more.  Thus, Birasnav, (2014), in his study opines that, management and leadership behaviour both plays a crucial role in influencing behaviour of employees for providing effective services to its customers. Hence, from this it can be analysed that different leaderships behaviour can puts an impact on the employees behaviour and most of the time top management use this for influencing workers so that better outcomes can be gained.

The concept of using effective leadership style is a debate till now because most of the scholar says that for aggressive approach in the market area autocratic leadership style is effective but it has some negative impact as well which can be seen by the leaders at the time of using this type of style such as putting lots of pressure on workers for performing their activities. According to Hoch, (2013), he states in his findings that democratic leadership style is most effective and reliable approach even after the circumstances and results are slower than usual. Therefore, it can be said that leadership styles adopted by leaders can influence customers in implementing innovation at working environment so that better customers services can be provided.

Secondary Research Questions

According to Chen and et. al., (2012), it can be stated that leadership and success of a company have a direct relationship as if effective leadership styles are used than firm can provide better services and facilities to its customers. Therefore, proficient leaders choose appropriate leadership styles according to the situations and circumstances. As per the thoughts of Hogan and Coote, (2014), autocratic style has its own effectiveness as it provides great success in quick time but most of the time scholar talk about its limitations because it displays less creativity which gradually lower down the morale of employees. Workers can feel themselves disconnected and their productivity level can decrease. Shin and et. al., (2015), opines in their views that, establishing core values or principles company leaders can work effectively and this is possible in democratic leadership style as it engages every individual in their discussion process. Thus, it can be evaluated that whether it is autocratic or democratic or any other leadership style with its effective use leaders can provide better results to the organisation.

As per the view point of Rahim, (2017), Employees are important assets to an organisation as on the basis of work they perform it can lead firm to a better position or it can bring down the company's reputation. Dul and Ceylan, (2014) in their views states that effective leadership can be linked with employees behaviour because leadership style used by leaders can motivate as well demotivate workers as a result, workers can feel disconnected from the company as their performance can get hampered. According to the view point of Chuang, Jackson and Jiang, (2016) there are some leaders who use Laissez-Faire style of leadership because they don't want to actively participate in the task and this can put a negative impact on employees behaviour as it can make employees lazy unlike their leaders which can further make the workforce unproductive and ultimately its impact can be seen in company's performance. Most of the employees working in an organisation wants that they have some kind of improvement in their working so that their skills and knowledge can be enhanced. Therefore, if leaders use democratic leadership style than employees can get a chance of participating in various discussion as a result, it will not only increase their knowledge but also provides a chance of getting interacted with their subordinates. This will create a sense of belongingness towards the organisation and it will improve the performance of employees.

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According to the view point of Bason, (2018), it can be stated that effective leadership quality helps company in bringing innovation in their business so that effective customer services can be provided. As they are the one who can influence the behaviour of employees by providing information related to the benefits company as well as workers can have after implementing innovation in their business activities. 

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It can be analysed that from the above result that leadership styles put a great impact on the performance of company. In addition to this, top management always request leaders to use effective strategies so that they employees can agree and support in implementing innovation in their business activities. For instance: leaders can use different kind of leadership styles for operating its business, but they can get appropriate results according to the situations and circumstance. For suppose for increasing sales and profitability leaders for a time being can use autocratic leadership style as it can provide benefits but can also put a negative impact on employees performance. 


From the above-mentioned report, it can be concluded that for an individual leadership plays as an important role as it assist employees in guiding teammates in an effective manner. As a result, it is enabling them in achieving set goals and targets in a speculated time period. Leadership can influence top management for implementing new and innovative ideas because they have proper knowledge about employees behaviour whether they are in favour of introducing new and innovative ideas.

There are different kinds of leadership styles which a leader can use incorporate and with the help of this research it can be evaluated that democratic form of leadership style is more appropriate because it provides equal chance to every individual in presenting their views and thoughts for accomplishing the goals and objectives. Other than this, with the help of diverse workers from different departments can help company in attaining their goals in a speculated period of time-.

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