Unit 6 Manage An Office Facility


Managing an office facility can be described as the most essential term in every business organisation. It is required for organisational administrator to maintain office equipment, Resources and facilities as to meeting the needs and wants of office users (Roper and Payant, 2014). Managing office facilities are also effective in resolving the issues which are arises at work place and ensure their employees about fulfilling the health and safety requirements. Austin Fraser is a chosen company for this particular report which is widely concern on providing all needed facilities in respect to fulfilling the basic wants of employees at work place. This report contents the study about the requirements of establishing and implementing the procedure of office management, the procedure of manage effectiveness and work system, various constrains related to office budget or facilities and implementation of an effective environment which is appropriate in conductive to productive work.

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1.1 The requirements of establishing and implementing office management procedures. 

Office management procedure are effective for managing organisational work in efficient manner as proper management procedure helps in providing a significant way to implement various business operations in appropriate way. In the modern scenario it is required for each small as well as large business organisation to establish and implement management procedure as to handling all business operations in well planned manner.

Requirements for establishing procedure: The major requirements of establishing office management procedures are described as under:

Compliance: In a business organisations rules and regulations plays vast role in managing all the activities at work place. Developing effective procedures and policies does not start or end with some regulations. It takes appropriate rage of collaboration, the accurate type of distributive mediums and the proper method to analyse the understanding (Hill, 2013). It is required for the firm to establish office management producer which covers all legislative aspects of firm. Legal procedure helps the firm in carry out business operations in right manner. Before establishing management procedure it is necessary for organisational higher authority to analyse the business situation and area in which management is required.

Operational needs: It is necessary for a business firm to checking the consistency of management procedures before establishing it at work place. In the operational needs risk factors are involved as conflicts are uncertain in nature and it is required for a management department to make proper measures as to overcome with the risk factors. Management procedure is also effective in establishing continuous improvement in the functions and operations of firm as the management provides collaboration among organisational people.

Timeline: An effective management procedure helps in managing the time constrains of firm as operations are categorised as per the requirement of time such as some activities are needs to be accomplished within a day, week, month or a year (Osher and et. al., 2012).

Physical Resource management: Human resource can be considered as the most essential element for firm. Employees contributes their vast efforts in growth and development of firm. Proper management plan helps in providing effective management of human resources at work place. Management procedure also effective in managing the workflow requirement.

Requirements for implementing procedures: 

Clear Communication: Proper management procedure is effective in impementing a clear communication channel within work place as to providing proper information to the each department.

Staff training:  It is the fundamental object of each business enterprises as it helps in providing training to their staff people as to assign them at right place in respect to enhancing firms performance.

Establishing productive workflow:  Appropriate management plan helps in implementing right people at right place as per their skills and knowledge and this create value in enhancing the growth of firm through reducing the workforce.

Health and safety requirements: This can be described as the most essential need of each individual, the department of management ensure their employees about their safety and security.

1.2 Manage the effectiveness of work and system

In an organisation management department plays important role in managing the effectiveness of work and system at work place. As a small business organisation Austin Fraser is concern on attaining high growth and profitability in respect to gaining competitive edge.

Management: This consist to be a process of managing, handling, controlling and monitoring the whole activity of firm. The department of management is concern on managing ongoing evaluation of performance and system at work place through rendering proper guidance to their staff people and employees. Administration department of focused on implementing change as to improvising the performance of firm. Management department hire well skilled and educated people as to managing the resource of firm in effective manner (Martinez, El-dahdah and Shih, 2013). Managers are concern with implementing new laws and legislations as to smooth functioning of business activities. Management also focused on implementing effective communication channel within work place in respect to managing proper flow of information and data. Provide proper training to their new and existing employees in respect to adopting changes in machinery and its operations.

Work and system: In this modern and competitive era organisations are concern on managing workforces through implementing appropriate employees within a single task. Proper management process helps in assigning right number of workers in completion of work. Proper flow of employees helps in conducting the all business operations in effective manner and avoid break down in leading to loss of production and profitability. Facility management also helps in implementing up-gradation in policies and procedures of firm in regards to achieving effective results and outcome.

1.3 Manage any constraints that are attached to office facilities and related budget.

Management: It is the fundamental duty of management department to have a continuous liaison with the staff people and authority as to managing all work that are held at work place. Administration department have to establish an effective connection with organisational departments and suppliers as within an organisation suppliers are the key element which plays effective role in distributing organisational products to their final customers (Dobson and et. al., 2012). Administration department needs to prepare a proper budget as to handling the circumstances of risk that has a huge influence on organisational performance. Continuous  monitoring helps in providing a significant direction to the employees as to work with more coordination and passion.

Constraints: There are various restrictions that are arises at work place in which some are described as under:  

Insufficient Resources:  This consist to the most essential issue of firm which needs to be addressed in appropriate manner in respect to conducting organisational operations through applying proper tools and technologies.  Management needs to manage proper resources as to smooth functioning of organisational aspects.

Insufficient staff to maintain system and procedure: An organisation works under some policies and procedures which are required to be maintained by administration department of firm. The management department of Austin Fraser is concern on managing proper flow of employees through hiring and sustaining people at work place. This also create value in managing all the systems and procedures at work place.

Legislative Requirements: Laws and policies are needs clear in nature and these needs to be provide benefits to organisation or its people. Management have to maintain appropriate changes in the laws and procedures as to rendering advantageous services to their staff people (Lobato, Pless and Sheppy, 2011). Proper legal procedure helps in exploring all business activities without facing any kind of constraints.

Insufficient cash flow and budget: Cash and budget consist as the most essential element of business organisation and this has a direct influence on organisational operations and functions. Management have to create proper budget as to implementing all business activities in effective manner.

1.4 The factors that can be taken into account in the design of office system, procedure an guidance document.

Office system and procedure: This procedure involves various elements in which some are described as under:

Design brief and customers requirements: This is the primary stage which is included in the system procedure of an organisation. It is required for an organisation or its higher authority to analyse the customers needs and demands in respect to satisfy them in effective manner.

Clear and logical layout: In this a clear vision about the organisational activities are prepared which provide a significant direction to the manager to implement all the operations and activities in proper manner.

Communication system: This is essential for administration department to establish an effective communication channel as to implementing proper flow of data and in formation in respect to arranging all work forces in appropriate manner (Lusk, 2015).

Setting staff responsibility: Management of firm have to assign different responsibility to each department head as to taking effective decision in organisational growth and success.

Training required: It is essential for organisational higher authority to provide training session to their new and existing employees as to developing their skills and knowledge in regards to organisational activities.

Risk assessment: With the helps of proper management process organisations are able to manage the risk at work place (Mather and Voyles, 2013). As a small organisational Austin Fraser adopt various measures as to handling the risk factor.

Health and safety responsibilities: It is the primary responsibility of management department to ensure their employees about safety and security at work place. Organisation is applying various safety tools and measures as to providing healthy working environment.

Budget: It is required for firm or its manager to design a proper budget as to conducing all business operations with proper flow of funds and capital.

Equipment and technology requirement: Management also performs a vast role in adopting most suitable equipments and technologies at work place as to developing organisational productivity and performance. It is also important for implementing appropriate changes in their technologies as to developing their growth and success.    

Work flow:  Proper management plan helps in reducing the work force and assigning proper human resource at work place.

Guidance document: 

Meeting the need of target audience: Customers can be consist as the key element of firm as the major focused area of each business organisation is to satisfying the needs and ants of people through offering them variety of goods and services at market place. Austin Fraser is concern on analysing the current needs and wants of people as to producing more relevant and appropriate goods (Muhey, 2012).  

Fitness for purpose: Through implementing proper management process organisation is able to getting their purposes in appropriate manner.

Legislative requirement: Company needs to implement various laws and legislations as to exploring their business operations in effective way.

Corporate image: Organisations are concern on implementing proper management procedure as to controlling all organisational activities in well planned manner. This create value in attaining high growth and competitive edge through managing organisational activities.

1.5 An environment that is conducive to productive work.

It is the responsibility of the manager to give its employees better working conditions and a overall environment which is conducive to raise or at least maintain the productivity of the organization (Polak, 2012). To ensure that the Environment is conducive, the organizations should take care of various elements like the kind of air circulation is there in the environment of the premises, so that employees will be able to work in a proper manner, some other elements would include the level of lighting, Health as well as safety of employees within the organization etc. what makes a large company different from other small and medium size companies is the high standards of working that prevails within the culture of such large companies and that is perhaps a very big reason that employees get attracted to work in those companies even at a lower pay because the kind of environment which is being provided by the company is conducive for employees and it will abet them to settle even for a lower pay. If the environment to work will be better it will make sure that overall efficiency and productivity of the organization will be on the rise for a longer period of time.   


As per the above mentioned report it has been concluded that it is essential for each business organisation to maintain their resources and facilities as to sustaining employees for long run through providing them proper services. It is the major responsibility of administration department to provide appropriate services to their employees and ensure them about their safety and security. Proper management of facilities are effective in sustaining employees for long run of business activities.                                        


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