Marketing Communication


Communication refers to exchanging of idea and thought by using of some medium such as Facebook and Skype. Moreover, marketing communication uses of different channels and combination for selling of their goods and services such as advertising, personal selling and direct marketing i.e. door to door selling. Michael Kors Corporation was founded in 1981 and it is type of Public sector company. Organization headquarter is situated in in New York, United Kingdom. For being reputed organization is involving some marketing communication strategies so that they can serve Worldwide and they can settle their brand image easily in relation to fashion clothes which organization is prod

Marketing communication Activities


This helps in creating of target messages and help in placing of corrective by placing of media channels effectively. There need to be control on message because if message is too long then no will see next time and they need to pay extra for long message. However, advertising in newspaper and magazine will involve words count because they charges through customer on basis of word to be incurred at time of advertising of fashion clothes. Therefore, Michael Kors need to determine which will best form viewpoints of organization, review reader, listener and visitors by providing statistics for each media and they need to consider all factors before placing of advertisement.

Advertising of product must contain of some idea and innovation so that consumer can get attracted and will help in reaching out goals. While, placing advertisement organization need to make sure that their product is clearly visible, tag line is proper and it is easily understood by consumers who are watching this add. Advertising may help in company to evaluate rise in demand of their product in market by several customers because advertisement has impacted on their mind set and they need to try out differentiated product which Michael Kors is providing to them for satisfying their needs.


This includes those activities which encourage them by providing trail session to their customer and than to focus on purchasing of fashion clothes through their potential customers. Promotion at Michael Kors involve of in store special sale, by sponsoring events, attending trade show, festive time, offering coupon and through holding contests. Whereas, promotion does not rely on print media and communication of one way process because many organization trust on two way process and sometime they also involve of interaction through including of brochures, catalog, specification sheets related to price and product. Fashion industry is fast growing and consist of dynamic nature because today's fashion changes rapidly and there are many substitute of similar products in current market.

Organization may involve of huge cost in promoting of business and their product because promoting of product and brand need to incur cost on basis of their brand value if organization is is reputed and consist of premium products than firm need to promote its product by differentiated manner. So company need to evaluate properly what is demand, need and want of customer by fulfilling of customer need company may achieve targets and ultimate goals which are set by management of organization. Promotion of product need to be relevant between advertisement and product if there is uni-formality than consumer are not able to understand and their cost on doing promotion will be wasted.

Public relation

For every business public relation plays very crucial role in identifying of consumer so that through this firm can maintain relation with consumer and help in increasing of their customer loyalty. This activity tries to bridges gap between advertising and promotion of product while taking decision in positive way through this it will help building of relation with customer. Michael Kors need to understand needs and want of customer because they are only one who create brand and also help in diminishing of brand. Some common public relation consist of press which are released and send to media outlets so that this message can reach out to their final and potential customers and help in increasing of profits for business. Social media provides information for free to their consumer through liking and sharing of video's and pictures to their friends and peer some.

While, if company maintain good relation with public and their consumer this will help in increase in reputation, brand image and goodwill of firm. If brand is popularly recognized by customer and consumer whether it may internationally and nationally than firm is said to be at its equilibrium state. If very company consist of consumer as important part of organization than firm can compass to their goals easily. If customer are happy and satisfied from organization than there is increase in faithfulness and that customer will also tell to their friends, relative and peers some in achieving set goals. Maintaining of public relation is very difficult task because company need to identified and understand their needs and wants which are taking place in society.

Marketing mix

Company need to identify marketing mix of their product because before selling of their product company need to consider all 7 P's which help in creation of brand image globally. Michael Kors, consist of 7P's that are product, price, place, promotion, physical evidence, people and process before entering into new market and doing internationally business. They need to assess of all factor which may also involve of PESTEL analysis because doing international trading company also require to analysis their custom, values, norms, and belief of other country. Through marketing mix organization can identify and also help in achieving of goals and target which are produce by organization.

Direct marketing

This factor consist of traditional selling strategies which involved of large and wide mass of communication process by involving of sales promotion, public relation and public selling. Michael Kors, decades marketers that has been implemented for long establishment of communication tools such as advertising, public relation and promotional strategies which are developed in regards to achieve large objective of firm and ultimate goals so that firm can recognize in current market situation. Therefore, evaluation of market trend and analysis them properly is very difficult task because direct marketing is only possible when organization cover small area for business whereas if organization involve of wide area than it is very difficult to do direct marketing.

Business strategy

In order to use integrated marketing communication approaches effectively within organization so it is very crucial and necessary for communicate as per direction in which organization need to achieve goals. Therefore, business and its objective need to be clear and concise about their Vision, mission and values of firm. While, developing of business strategy organization need to consist of SWOT because by identifying these factors company can reach out it targets and can establish well in current market (Blakeman, 2014). Therefore, company need to evaluate and developed business strategies according to demand and need of customer.

Marketing communication integration

Integrated marketing communication help in ensuring that all forms of communication message and are need to be clear, concise and relation to their product so that customers can get attract and may buy things according to their desire. Michael Kors need to analysis all factors well in advance so that they can promote their product well in target market by informing about product.


Michael Kors main role is to advertise and promote their product effectively. Advertising influences target audience by informing and reminding about differentiated product, brand for placing in market effectively. Michael Kors can use alternative ways by using of different communication channels so that through this they can create awareness about product in market and help in attracting most of customers through their differentiated range and sizes of clothes which organization is producing from this firm can create brand association and loyal customer bases because here, consumer are well satisfied and they will help in achieving of business goals easily. Firm will help in identifying and need to take some innovation on time to time basis because consumer get bored by using similar products. This will help in providing extensive information by using of different media advertising and this will not impact on customers and personal experience with brand.

Fashion industry i.e. Michael Kors need to consist of experience and objective which are beyond to generate loyalty and assessment of their brand value. Michael Kors, need to provide link with their product so that consumer can easily recognize brand and take opportunities and benefits which are incurring within and outside organization. Advertising of product involve huge cost and time because organization need to place their product in potential market therefore, before advertising of product firm need to analysis all external forces which influence in buying behavior of customer and also help in placing at right product, at right time and in right place. Michael Kors need to advertise there product on time if they want to attract number of customers and increase in brand image of company in whole market because fashionable clothes which are produce by organization that are differentiated and they consist of some uniqueness in their product.


Sales promotion in marketing communication function adds value and increase in brand image also. It step up brand contact when customer are buying fashionable product in that situation therefore, if organization consist of more specific goods and service by adding short term value and offer by doing some innovative and redesigning in brand of that product. Michael Kors trade, then promotion for brand will focus on customer through distribution channels by involving of wholesaler, distributor and retailer of that organization for promoting their product in future market condition therefore, organization involve of different type of sale promotion strategies that are push and pull. Push strategies refers as marketing communication that make efforts through targeting of its customer by involving of various distribution channel. If retailer of organization need to work hard for making ensuring about their product which are produce by organization in order to coup cost which was incurred at time of advertising taking place in current market situation.

Pull strategies consist of different communication efforts for targeting to end users because they need to motivate customers so that they enter into stores and look out at Michael Kors products which pulls product out from rows and shelves which are created and designed by organization through this, customer will increase in buying power of customer and help in growth in sale of organization this will lead to increase in demand of customer. Through this company will go in positive direction and may incur huge profit for development of organization.

Public relation

This will enhance image of Michael Kors and also help in increasing strengthen credibility, creation of goodwill, impact and influence of public opinion. While, using of these tactics organization can develop good public relation through providing information of special events, newsletters and annual report of organization so that through this customer can get actual scenario of organization which are consisting in fashion businesses. Public relation can be developed by targeting to their audience for both markets that are business to business and business to consumer. B2B consist at Michael Kors, because firm first sell its clothes to wholesaler and distributor and can sell direct to retailers that are Sainsbury's, marks and Spencer and TESCO for selling their fashionable product and through this, organization can reach out to ultimate goals.

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  • Company should not use of direct marketing strategies because huge time and cost are consider and involved in it. Areas of marketing should be specific for marketing of their product.
  • Before providing goods to consumer Michael Kors, need to set target and area whether they want to do business nationally and internationally. Try to develop understanding between local market and also establish close relationship with local marketing teams so that they can find out their cultural, values and norms for selling of their fashionable clothes.
  • Then Michael Kors should manage that area and locality properly so that customer can get product whenever they want. Research market condition and also try to solve out (Davidson, and Seel, 2016). Trusting on local marketers will help in enhancing and increasing of their sell in current market.
  • Michael Kors should divide market properly so that through this they can fulfill need and demand of customer which are arise within society. Organization should not do assumptions every time.
  • Promotion of product should be done at time of festive season because many customer are found off buying new clothes. Firm should target premium class people because fashionable clothes prices are always high.
  • Organization should follow centralized format and structure for selling their product in market. Michael Kors should maintain strong relationship with their customers because they are real buyer of product which organization is producing.
  • Firm should set up price and cost of product according to market situation. Michael Kors, should advertise its product from social media by using of Facebook, Twitter and What's app. Organization need to follow two way communication process because it help organization in finding out problem and issues related to selling and customer problem.
  • Michael Kors, should not consist of direct marketing because it is not possible to cover large area. Organization should do promotional campaign and should also target there audience well in advance.
  • Promotional strategies should be use on corrective time so that their need not be wastage of money and time. Market research within and outside organization should done properly so that they can trust on that factors.
  • Michael Kors, should need to identify business strategies well so that they can achieve set goals.


From above it has been concluded that organization need to select adequate price by doing some assumption well in advance. If price of product will be higher then customer will not product than decrease in demand of their product is there in current market. Michael Kors, need to assess of all factor and influences which are taking place within organization and as well as externally. While, firm need to provide and evaluate proper market communication so that there no gap can take place between organization and customer. In every business there need to be communication process in two ways because customer feedback is very crucial for every business.


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