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Partnership is formation between a number of individuals, agencies or organizations with a shared or common interest. It is to achieve coordinated services partners need for better communication and coordination. It is beneficial for health and social care organizations to achieve their goals and helps in work for society. In this research, researcher will try to make understand the readers about partnership philosophies and relationships in industry. This paper will also identify ways to promote positive partnership working with users of services. At last, researcher will evaluate the outcomes of partnership working for users of service professional and organizations.


A) Explain the philosophy of working in partnership

There are various number of partnership philosophies that are helpful in health and social care industry like, Dilly’s Diabetic Centre. The philosophies are as follows, empowerment, independence, autonomy, respect, power sharing and making informed choices. Firstly, empowerment is the procedure of attaining basic opportunities for welfare of people. Whether, it is directly by those people or through the help of non-marginalized persons, who share their own access to these opportunities. It will improve the success of  Lewisham GP Practice share with Dilly's Diabetic Center by attaining needful opportunities. In empowerment organization will focus on encouragement, developing skills, increase self-sufficiency with identifying the future needs for social welfare. It will increase efficiency of  Lewisham GP Practice share with Dilly's Diabetic Center while working in partnership. Secondly, autonomy it have large impact on different field of industry (Rogers, 2011). It will provide the independence in  Lewisham GP Practice share with Dilly's Diabetic Center and improve the performance of firm by providing self government or determination between staff. This will automatically lead to increase in performance and efficiency. The autonomy or independence in working condition will also motivate employee of Lewisham GP Practice share with Dilly's Diabetic Center to have innovation in work and motivate to share views for betterment of organization.

Other than this, power sharing is also one of major philosophy factor that will help Dilly’s Diabetic Centre to provide better experience to customers and increase the performance of organization. It is the development of sharing power among all partners of organization, especially in an academic-community partnership (Hannabuss, 2007).  This must be held as a main concern—not only to share available resources, but much more than that like, to increase the resource infrastructure or capacity building of the ( Lewisham GP Practice share with Dilly's Diabetic Center) partnership. The working in partnership will also provide business new opportunity of future thinking for success. The partnership will also responsible for new initiatives in industry as well as Lewisham GP Practice share with Dilly's Diabetic Center. It provides equal respect the value of each partner of Dilly’s Diabetic Centre and allows them to control accountability of different interest of employee (Lakomski, 2011). The working with partnership in health and social care will provide ability to develop larger projects effectively and attract more resources for better use of them. At last, this will also make informed choice to organization for betterment of Lewisham GP Practice share with Dilly's Diabetic Center as well as service users of health and social care industry.

B) Partnership relationships

The partnership relation means relationship of organization with service users and other partners while operating in partnership. In this organization will focus on partnership relation with users of services, professional groups and other organizations. Firstly, in users of service, it includes children’s, elderly, young people with disabilities or people with learning difficulties. Dilly’s Diabetic Centre can improve its relationship by having better communication with their staff and service users. They can flow a meaningful message to them and improve skills of employees. The skills can be improved by proper training sessions and consulting (Worley, 2013). As Dilly’s Diabetic Centre is having a less staff that’s the reason services users also have to work own at time of consulting GP. In organization due to less staff, resources and patients are sometimes required to bring in their own urine sample bottles which can be hard for the older and less mobile patient to acquire. Company can overcome this, by providing proper training to users or by teaching them about process. Other than this will also improve coordination between employees and users that will lead to effectiveness of organization (Mirvis, 2014).  

Secondly, company can also focus on improving relation with professional groups and other organizations. This can be done by providing better communication sessions to employees for better improvement in their personal skills. The better relation and improvement in skills will also lead to improvement in understanding needs of service users through better language skills. Dilly’s Diabetic Centre can also improve relationship by conducting meeting worth their professional partners and other organizations (Townsley, 2004). Company can offer professional partners to help in reducing diabetes problems between their staff by providing support group for them and promote education or information relating to the issue. Other than this, organization can also conduct diabetes test of professional partner and their members to overcome this problem. The better communication and relationship will also lead to better performance of GP. The improvement in skills will lead its staff to increase in communication level and help them in providing meaningful dialogue between professional and service users, if the dialogue is not meaningful them that will create a misunderstanding between all and influence the performance, so better and meaningful dialogue is important for success of Dilly’s Diabetic Centre (Burbach, 2002).

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A) Compare and contrast multi-agency partnerships with case-specific partnerships

Monthly agency partnership is a partnership process which involves several different organizations that work together for shared aim or for achieving common goal. Another explanation might be that it is working word where different branches of health business such as nurses, doctors, social workers, health visitors, mid wives theatre staff, etc work together to achieve a desired outcome or common goal. For example NHS is facing some unlucky condition, like they would need clinical input from their doctors and nurses but on other side at same time, they would also need input of speech therapists for their eating, need of dietitian for betterment of their patients or service users (Cooney, 2002). Other than this they will also need family practitioner, nurse after patient discharge from hospital. It is useful to patients as people with definite skills that provide necessary help and work is delegated to appropriate professionals.

On other side, case-specific partnership is partnership process that involves different organizations or doctors to work together for any specific task or for achieving any specific or temporary goal. This can be also known as private partnership working because the doctors or staff can be hiring by any person for specific goal (Gerardi, 2008). For example, NHS is having one crucial case and they has hired one doctor or consult outer doctor for overcome that issue or problem on demand of patient family members then this, will be known as case-specific partnership because the partnership is only for that one specific case.

According to researcher, the organizations can use multi-agency partnership for dealing with physical health service user. The researcher has suggested that because in his views organization can use multi-agency partnership for physical health service user. It will provide the organization large number of resource and infrastructure to overcome physical issue and they need some time emergency consults. This process needs high power of working in partnership and multi-agency is having effective working power. While on other side, researcher has suggested that organization can use caser specific partnership while dealing with mental health service users because it needs high level of organization and due to high work load in multi-agency partnership it is more preferable better for firm to use case specific partnership (Cheminais, 2009).  In the support of the situation, social group can easily utilize the multi-agency relationships to trade with physical health service individuals. This kind of the partnership will assist the social group in rendering the contrastive kinds of services to the persons. Diligent will capable to acquire the correct care in the whole field and the brand image of the institution will also be enhanced. But to do this institution will have to set up groovy social relation with other health care management social group and also this kind of relationship will be very expensive too (Tutt, 2010). To deal with the particular mental users institution can follow the case specific partnerships as it will help the hospital to provide the special care to the patients accordant to the precondition. It will assist them to get the skilled proposal and will also make them feel cozy. Health facility will have to expend extra wealth on this kind of the partnership but their skilfulness will be enhanced.

B) Model of partnership and legislation or organizational activities

Policies assist the institution to render the various programs which assist the health care social group to activity in the most suitable way. There are many of legislations and the organizational activities for business relationship that can easily be utilized by the GPS hospitals. There are several model of partnership that can be sued by NHS for its new model of partnership like, joint funding and multi-agency networking partnership. Firstly, joint funding partnership is organization like NHS needs high volume of funds for success of some specific goals at that time organization can adopt joint funding. It will provide funds to organization to perform specific task. The investors or funders in this partnership can be any financial institution of other corporate.  While, on other side, multi-agency partnership will provide NHS all different resources like, nurse, doctors, medicine, etc (Gasper, 2010). the partners in this partnership will be other health and social care organization who integrate to work together for long term service to industry.

NHS has to follow some current legislation while working in partnership to avoid any legal issue or conflict. Current legislation includes health and social care act 2012, National Health Service act 2006 and children act 2004. These current policies and practices are responsible to maintain common assessment framework, national service framework and to guard children and adult citizens of UK. Firstly, health and social care act 2012 is act of UK parliament and provide a most extensive reorganization structure for better structure of health and service industry in nation. This is responsible for maintain standard of health services in nation and ensure that organizations are following this rule properly (Douglas, 2008). Secondly, National Health Service act 2006 is also UK parliament act that sets out structure of national health services in England. It is considerably made through the health and social care act 2012. It is important for NHS o follow for better handling of emergency service, primary care, secondary care, etc.

Data Protection Act means act which supplies instructions to social group not to parcel the data of diligent with any different party other than the physicians who are action regarding care of the diligent in appropriate manner. It will allow them to maintain the information of patients in most appropriate manner (Tutt, 2010). It can be stated that if this new model of partnership is preceded then it will permit institution to work in much improved mode as the roles, duties and roles to each and every business relative will be identified   that will make understand the working to each other in much suitable mode. It will also permit them to guard various kids and mental diligent in most suitable manner which is crucial for them.

Other than this, NHS also has to follow children act 2004 for betterment or success of business considering children service users. This provision is made for children and young people considering service provided by local authorities or other people of UK. It is all about welfare of children and provide safe environment to young age people.

C) Advantages and Disadvantages of different working practices

Collaborative working is an activity where the two or more of the social group work collectively to carry out any special subjective. The motive of the health and social care firms is to render the proper health services to the diligent. On the other hand, all the social care organization mainly concentrates on benefiting the subjects of the country by following various kind of health actions.  The use of various working practice like, multi agency partnership and specific case partnership, etc will have various changes or influence on business of health and social care industry as well as NHS. The outcome of these practices is in positive way as well as negative way.


Proper use of multi-agency and other practices will lead to improves school meals and create a great awareness of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle (Tutt, 2010). These practices also provide greater opportunity for increase in interpersonal learning, training and development between staff and multi-agency staff practitioners.  It will also built relationship between employees and service users. Working in partnership practices provide linking of welfare allowances related to health and social care. It also increases effectiveness of organization by providing cost effective way of operation. Other than this, it motivate same person in doing job all of the time therefore they will be good at it. These practices will also make staff and employees a self-confident, self-motivated to work hard and helps in achieve organizational common goal (Perkins, 2014.).


While on other side, there are some disadvantages that can affect the business of NHS. The use of lot of practices in organization during working in partnership may lead to lack of flexibility in working hours. Improper use of practices will also increase the cost of investment on training or other practices. Other than this, researcher has also identified that collaboration work will increase achievement, engagement and attitude of staff in NHS. The staff will able to work in group and motivate them to introduce new ideas that will help in overcome conflict and solve issue by making them more understanding about subject (Douglas, 2009). It will also increase the flexibility with in organization. Researchers has also spotted that working in collaborative groups leads to sometimes benefits related to motivation, although the reason for this is not well understood. It is praise and encourages each other’s efforts and that this leads to increased motivation and effort.

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A) Outcomes of working in partnership

There are several outcome of working in partnership in every organization. The outcomes can be derived in positive and negative outcome. Positive outcome as follows, increase efficiency, reduce cost, maintain standard of quality service and provide integrated service. Firstly, the working in partnership will improve efficiency of organization. In partnership every organization will have optimum use of workforce that will help in increase in work efficiency. Regional improvement and efficiency in partnership will brought together all local centers of excellence and improve partnership (Dickinson, 2014). This will provide every business corporate improvement and provide value for money. Other than this, efficiency will also lead to econo9mic growth and change the climate or environment of industry and organization.

The increase in work efficiency will also lead to cost effectiveness by reducing the shared cost of organization. The proper use of partnership practice will reduce the cost and motivate doctors or hospitals to reduce cost while providing high quality care.

Different optimistic results can be taken by the diligent of the GPS healthcare facility in the kind of reinforced services and the management in the judgement making (Cheminais, 2009). This will occur because if the health and social care arrangement will activity in the cooperative way then it might be accomplish able that group can come out with the top-grade accomplish able resolutions to figure out the disease. Individuals will also feel very assured in approaching to the social group for their care. Other forms of issuances will be in cost of miscommunication, etc. Organizations can reduce its operation cost by partnership because it reduce the burden of investment or it can be said it distribute the volume of investment between all partners for success of organization or business. While, on other side there are also some negative outcome of working in partnership like, loss of discrete profession, lead to miscommunication, increase administration burden (Reay, 2005). Firstly, loss of discrete professions means it will lead to loss of skills due to high load of work and it may influence the working conditions of organization. Other than this, another negative outcome to health and social industry organization can be that it will lead to miscommunication.  The improper use of partnership or it can be said improper administration in partnership practice will lead to miscommunication between employees. This will automatically affect the performance of employee because he or she is not properly acknowledged about task. With the assistance of corporate operations professionals various difficulties will be resolved in the most befitting manners. By running organization in collective manner, professional will be capable to acquire learning to regard of the various things such as they will be capable to improve their abilities, decision making cognition, etc (Cheminais, 2009).  However there are few of the negative results like there is a distinct failure towards the expertness because these operations in partnership for the social group will addition the occupation load which will advantage the loss of ability and it might also constraint the operations of the social group.

It has been identified by researcher that it the proper partnership practice in health and social care will lead to positive outcomes or else it will lead to negative outcomes and affect the business of organization (Flynn, 2013).

B) Potential barriers to partnership working

The working in partnership may also lead to business to some barriers that can affect the performance of organization. There are some potential barriers that can affect business of health and social care firms such as, professional boundaries, conflicting policies, attitudes and values. Firstly, the professional boundaries it means the health and social care industry have some boundaries according to doctors, nurse, etc. Professional boundaries is all about define effective and appropriate interaction between professional and the public they serve or service users. Boundaries exist to protect both the professional and the client. For example doctors can feel violation of boundary by nurse that will affect the performance (Fushman, 2014).  Any behavior or communication which, damages the patient, professional is taken under violation of boundary. Damage usually extends to marriages, families, other patients, communities, clinics, institutions, and the profession in general.

Lack of Understanding of the roles and responsibilities, If the health and the social care arrangement will activity collectively then there might be the obstructions in abstraction to the functions and duty of all the group that are operating actions collectively (Cheminais, 2009). It can easily pass off because both of the social group have contrastive style of practice which can well misidentify the group in terms of perceptive regarding their functions and duties.

Other than this, it will also lead to conflict policies. The partnership will lead to staff from different organization at one place to achieve common goal. The staff from different organization will also lead to different cultures and that may cause environment of organization. Other than this, different culture may also lead to conflicts due to change in behaviour of person. Lack of Communication means sometimes the contradictory positions may also develop betwixt the health and the social care social groups which can outcome in the lack of connections. Because of this special issue, crucial issuances are not passed betwixt the social group that can easily imbalance the operations of the arrangements.

At last, the major barrier that can face by organization in partnership working is different attitude and values. The staff from different regions will lead different culture and environment in organization. This will affect the working environment of organization (Florio, 2014). It is hard for organization to understand the different behavior of people and make them coordinate for effective work in business.

C) Strategies to improve outcomes

There are several strategies to improve the outcome of working in partnership to increase efficiency and performance of organization. The organization can use devise strategy to improve the outcome it includes terms of reference, communication system, data gathering and monitoring. Firstly, health and social care organizations can improve outcome by adopting terms of reference. It is a principle and arrangement of a project, committee, meeting, negotiation, or any similar collection of people who are agreed to work together to accomplish a shared goal (Cheminais, 2009). This will help organizations in meet success factors by considering basic fundamental business keys. It will define vision, objective, stakeholders, roles, responsibilities, resource, plans to achieve common goals.

Secondly, organizations can improve their communication system by using several ways like, assess current communication channel, encourage staff, utilize customer relationship management, etc. The firms like NHS can improve their internal communication that will lead to positive outcomes of business. Organizations can monitor current communication channel and improve them to have positive outcomes. NHS can also organize training sessions to improve skills of staff and to motivate them to work hard. Training sessions will also help in make understand about process and needs of employees for better performance (Perkins, 2014). Communication system can also be improved by having proper connections with staff members by conducting meeting, group discussion, etc.

Information sharing is one more way to amend result and effectualness. It can be accomplish through addition in assurance level within workforce. Trust and confidence of workers can also be aid by addition in fundamental interaction and administration parties, events (Cheminais, 2009). The betterment in action will prompt workforce to make over strong relation with each other that will pessimistically cause the presentation and business. Improvement of relation will take social group partnership to gain in data sharing among partners from various groupings and civilisations.

At last, data gathering and monitoring, organization can invest on research to collect proper information of service user behavior. This will help them in increase their efficiency and make them understand about needs of users. The better understanding will also increase the performance of organization due to better service with matching needs. After gathering the information about behavior of users company will focus on monitoring of that information. The proper monitoring will also lead to increase in performance and improve the outcomes.


According to above study it has been concluded that working in partnership is very crucial and important for every organization as well as health and social care industry. It is to achieve coordinated services partners need for better communication and coordination. It is beneficial for health and social care organizations to achieve their goals and helps in work for society. In this research, researcher has identified philosophy of working partnership such as, empowerment, independence, autonomy, respect, power sharing and making informed choices. This paper has also spotted that monthly agency partnership is a partnership process which involves several different organizations that work together for shared aim or for achieving common goal. While on other side, case-specific partnership is partnership process that involves different organizations or doctors to work together for any specific task or for achieving any specific or temporary goal. At last researcher has spotted on outcomes of working in partnership and suggested some ways to improve those outcomes.


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