Validity and Relatability of Different Sources used for Complementary Therapies


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Complementary therapies in medicine is use it with your conventional medical treatment. Feature of this is that it help an individual to feel better and also cope up with heath treatment. All conventional treatments are go through test by law to prove that they work (Verkamp and et. al., 2013). A good complementary therapist encourage an individual to discuss any therapies with doctor. Validity and relatability of different sources used for complementary therapies with recommendation on the basis on information collected is all given in this report. In addition to this, effectiveness of current regulations system that can be use for complementary therapies and effectiveness of present legislations is all mentioned under this.


1.1 Explain diverse therapies and treatments widely available

Complimentary therapies are those which falls outside conventional new medicine. This comprises mind body therapies, under which power of sprit is harnessed in order to heal the body. They likewise encompass touch therapies that comprises massage and diverse kinds of the physical manipulation that are performed by the various medical practitioners which could promote recovery of the patients and also covers physical agents which are consumed, inhaled or rubbed on the skin.

There are diverse kinds of CTs. Few of these kinds of therapies comprises: acupuncture, homeopathy, reiki, yoga, massage, osteopathy, therapeutic touch, chiropractic, reflexology, aromatherapy and others. But hereunder, only CTs acupuncture and aromatherapy would be elaborated:

Acupuncture is the one among the complementary therapy which emerges from the ancient Chinese people under which practitioner implement needles to pierce chosen places on our skin to promote flow of energy which are known as qi (Chee) via channels simply named as meridians. This treatment assists an individual in mental and physical health. As per the British Acupuncture Council Website “Western medical acupuncture strong thinks that while inserting needles this directly effect on the nerves system that could release muscles, over-ride brain signals, and much more (Saad and de Medeiros, 2013). There are quite often that the variation in the chemical in the human body fluids that are linked to the treatment. From Asian Culture’s Perspective which are inserting acupuncture needles in the particular points is trusted to balance and enhance flow of Qi, and this kinds of knowing could be implemented locally if Qi of a particular limb is influenced, or particularly if symptoms are an expression of a deeply underlying disorder. Qi in balance permits whole physiological functions in order to come to the normal.

While on the other hand, Aromatherapy is a kind of practice under which particular oils refined from leaves, fruits, roots, barks and from animals for the psychological and physical prosperity and to form a therapeutic sense of well-being. Essential oil could likewise be implemented to heal the body while influenced by the bacteria and viruses.

Henceforth, among these kinds of divergent forms of CTs Mrs Simmons could select for her issues while walking some forms of physical therapies such as massage or acupuncture. While having speech related issues, speech therapies can work. Apart from that, there are few of therapies such as Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, neuropsychologist which may be useful for Mrs Ruth.

1.2 Advantages and disadvantages of CTS implemented for Mrs. Simmons:

There are specific benefits of CTs as “there are specific conditions under which usage of alternative treatments is mostly suggestable and implemented. Although, what people requires to remember is the common fact under which this treatment approach can’t be implemented during emergencies. Usage of Complementary Medicines could not be overviewed in the short period of time. However, this is rightly said that these treatments might take months in order to see the treatments. While, most of the time, these kind of treatments change the lifestyle that needs one’s energy, time and finances.

In addition to these benefits of CAMs, this could be described that its effectiveness while treating chronic health situations that does not respond to conventional treatments. Other clear the advantages that does not respond to conventional drugs. While other would clear advantages of CAM is its comfortability and accessibility (Pinniger and et. al., 2012). That is why, CAM would not have prescribed to purchase CAMs.

There are various drawbacks as well which are emerged while using CAMs. Safety of these treatments and deficiency of deep research their reaction along with the other content are vogue. This is rightly observed that most of the people thinks that the complementary medicines are safe as they are incorporated via natural sources. As instructed in the case, Mrs Simmons was identified with an issue of left anterior occlusive cerebral vascular accident. These kinds of stroke could occur at the time of damage in the brain due to issues of lack of blood flow to few of the part of the body organs. This might emerge either due to bleeding in the brain or disturbed delivery of blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

CAM is the treatment which does not replace the conventional medicinal treatments instead of assisting post treatment pain and mentally disturbance. Other probable substitute treatment for Mrs Simmons could be provided food supplements and linked to the life style changes in order to helps in balancing the hypertension that is the crucial cause of stroke.

1.3 Diverse kinds of factors locally which affect access to CTs in when Mrs. Simmons admitted in a hospital:

There are various causes that is why people have identified to implement or not to use CAMs. Various crucial regulatory issues could be culture, finance, accessibility of services, accustomed on the conventional NHS treatment, deficiency of adequate premises, unpractical forecasting, deficiency in an adequate premise, unpractical desire, deficiency of experienced skilled physiotherapists, overwhelming expectations, inadequate referrals, physical components like disability and illness. Individuals from diverse culture have made diverse kinds of feelings about CAMs. For instance, People from Asian counties mostly preferred to do acupuncture, yoga, Thai massage, and others. While as far as European and North American people concerned, they likewise use acupuncture, osteopathy, massages, homeopathy and aromatherapies.

As this can be indicated, various specific therapies are accessible by various providers than the others. Acupuncture is considered to be the majorly recommended CAM therapy by the NHS for the ten years, along with Osteopathy. While, Homeopathy is considered to be the second major therapies in England.

Accessibility of CAMs is likewise influences their uses that are compared with the price of the conventional treatment. That is the main reason, people would prefer to go to therapist than a doctor.


2.1 Review an important role of CTs

Complimentary Treatments are those which are normally implemented in order to stop specific disease. For example, in order to avoid the hypertension, there is a need to have herbal food supplements and after chemotherapy for treating the cancer, aromatherapy or homeopathy can be done. Among CAMs, there is a need to have physical therapies such as massage, reflexology that could assist for muscle related issues. Few of the complementary treatments are mind related such as yoga, mindfulness, etc. that assist respiratory issues, tension and depressions.

Orthodox treatments implemented in order to control or heal disease part of the body while CTas tend to concentrates on the whole person, not just disease. Conventional medicine is totally relied upon scientific evidences and trails covering laboratory assessment, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and so on. CTs are implemented to treat symptoms and side effects of a conventional treatment.

But there is nothing concrete and sufficient evidence in order to assist as CTs which are implemented to treat any kind of health related issues except few minor relives from side effects of diseases and stress issues. Osteopathy is believed to be an efficient as a treatment for health conditions linked to the musculoskeletal system. However, sometimes people tends to prefer conventional treatments for afraid of side effects and only availability of CTs.

Apart from that, Mrs Simmons case, she has been diagnosed with stroke and have the medical attention of diverse health professionals. Her common issues were inappropriate walking and speaking (Meredith-Jones and et. al., 2011). Henceforth, apart from that, conventional speech therapies and diverse walking associated treatments she likewise requires few forms of CTs in order to help her muscles and enable her walk in an efficient manner. Few of these treatments could be massage, acupuncture, osteopathy. As of her age, she may likewise have menopausal issues that she requires to deal with along with health issues she has because of the stroke.

2.2 Evaluate people’s attitude towards CTs in connection with Simmons Case Study Scenario:

While emerging of modern western medicines people implement diverse traditional drugs that are somehow same with the contemporary CTs. With advancement of modern drugs and enhancement in common health, conventional drugs introduce to disperse and people tend to implement it as of its scientific justifiability and efficiency. Via time people introduce to be convinced by the underlying philosophical ideas of the CTs. Few of these are: Health of an individuals could be handled by an underlying energy or key major force, health and disease are the reflections of balance between positive life enhancing forces and adverse destructive forces, and body is mandatorily self- healing and task of a healthcare provider is to support in the healing process.

Other diverse components that could turn peoples interest towards complimentary treatments which could be the dissatisfied with conventional drugs. That is the main reason, they prefer CTs since there are uncommon side effects which are connected to the implementing one. They are totally adopted as the natural products which are directly considered from Mother nature henceforth, people tend to have strong faith in implementing complementary treatments.

2.3 Four days’ post admission, first Stroke- Rehabilitation Team meeting took place to discuss Mrs Simmon’s case. Assess psychological effects of CTs of Mrs. Simmons’s scenario

Psychology is a kind of scientific study of thoughts and attitude. Word “psychology” emerge from Greek words “psyche” meaning life, and “logos” simply means explanation. Unlike, conventional drugs which treats diseased portion of the patient’s body, CTs are suggested to cure entire body of the person that comprises physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Although, few of the therapies are majorly framed for treating mind by discharging from tension and anxiety (Matousek, Pruessner and Dobkin, 2011). Yoga is the best remedy to cure all these problems. This assist to relax and control pain. Apart from that, physical benefits, people who practice yoga consistently tend to enjoy feelings of emotional prosperity and positivity.

Henceforth, Mrs. Simmons could try few of the CTs that could psychologically beneficial to treat her aftermath anxiety that could potentially happen after having conventional treatments. Aromatherapy would also assist to relax muscles via massage and could limit stress and anxiety level of patients.

2.4 Comparison of contra-indications between complementary and orthodox

Treatment of Orthodox is a medication system in which service providers in health care and medical doctors treat diseases and symptoms by use surgery, drugs and radiation. It is effective and most popular scientific method of provide treatment take is use by health care centres and hospital with help of skilled doctors and trained nurses. One of the main reason why various individuals choose or go for complementary medicines over orthodox medicines is due to their thought that conventional medicines does control their symptoms. Those individuals also enjoy the social aspect of complementary treatments in which it practice a social gathering. From all complementary treatments most of them relaxing. This is known as very useful as stress is consider a factor that largely affect the disease. Shift of individual's test from conventional treatments towards complementary medicines with dissatisfaction with modern treatment and unsatisfactory relationship between doctor and patient. One of the main reason behind unsatisfactory relation is increase number of population and not effective infrastructure of health to cope up with the need of individuals.

Individuals consider CTs as a method to control their health. Today, every individual wants to be his or her own doctor in which they only want to act about their own health without consulting professionals working in health and social care (Lindquist, Tracy and Snyder, 2018). This is possible due to availability of information about all complementary treatments and this make it possible for individuals to use without consult their doctors. A large evidence is available that indicate the benefits and safety of complementary therapies and medicines and this is the only factor that encourage the use of complementary medicines. Another reason is patient's dissatisfaction with limited success and low side effects encourage individuals to use complementary treatments. In case of Mrs. Simmons after four days of admit in hospital a team of services providers do discussion about her situation. Further, the treatment will be more beneficial if she consider complementary treatments with professional advice.


3.1 Analysis of validity and reliability of various sources used for complementary therapies

Reliability is consider as the degree to which the result of a measurement, calculation, benchmark statistics or specification can be depended on to be accurate, whereas the validity indicates the factual or logical soundness of given data.

The most considerable medium of information for CAM are journals, websites, databases, compendia and books and information can also be collected from other sources like commercial sources, support group, independent group such as BBC, charities and scientific & systematic research, CAM practitioners, orthodox health professionals.

Nowadays evidence based research is increasingly published in different journals and the quality and quantity of these sources of information is changing rapidly that help in exploring the potentiality of integrated CAM therapies into conventional practices.

The major challenges in front of concerned bodies is to choose reliable sources of information like journals/websites/newsletters and use them as efficiently as possible. Above all an open mind is required that can evaluate information and can utilize information correctly.
During searching for information on web about complimentary medicines, five questions should be consider to decide whether the source is helpful or not. First thing to check while looking for information is Who runs the website? Can we trust the author? After that content should be check by asking What is written on the site? Does it sound true? And third question to ask is whether the available content on the web is current?

And fourth one is from where does the author get information? Is it on research basis? The last question should be why the site exists? Is it commercial or educational?

Some popular website which are considered valid and reliable for sources of information on CAM are MedlinePlus,, the National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) and the National Centre for complementary alternative medicines National Institute of Health, NHS choices: complementary and alternative medicines.

In-spite of these some other government websites are also consider reliable for information on complementary therapies. To check reliability, information must be consult with one who have experience on the subject matter and it can also be checked from some other independent and non commercial sources. Before visiting therapy practitioners cost, safety of the treatment and qualification must be checked. In Mrs. Simmons case, she will be referred to some form of complementary therapies like Osteopathy and Chiropractic for her problems of walking after being visited by the team of professionals. But before going through these practices she need to undertake her own research to check the effectiveness of the treatment by collecting information from different reliable sources.

3.2 Evidence that claims the benefits of complementary therapies

Evidences that are obtained from sources like health professionals, practitioners, media and scientific research must be evaluated to identify benefits and effectiveness of complementary therapies.

Evidence can be evaluated through conducting clinical research or by statistics and the nature can be determined by examining objectives and outcomes of given treatment. Outcome can be evaluated by checking patient's satisfaction, improvement over their health and GPs consultation.

Almost 40% of people use CAM in US as it offer value that is not provided by orthodox medicine. National Health Interview Survey 2007 found that 30% of adult and 12% of children had used CAM in some form. According to survey Americans spend $ 33.9 billion on CAM practices and product.

It has been found from NIH-supported researches that acupuncture reduces pain associated with osteoarthritis of knee when used as compliment to conventional therapy, provide relief from vomiting and nausea during chemotherapy and acupuncture and simulated acupuncture provide relief for those suffering from low-back pain.

An another study conducted by Musial F. and et al (2011) on the use of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) in cancer care, which shows that MBSR can distress cancer patients but physical symptoms are unlikely to improve because of MBSR interventions.

When benefits of CAM being evaluated for Mrs. Simmons it has be concluded that she will get additional help in compliment to her conventional treatment.

3.3 Recommendations based on the evidence collected

From several years complementary medicines are used with scientific treatment. Today, ample evidence is available related with effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) when consult by doctors with conventional medicines. All complementary treatments are consider effective for old age people such as Mrs. Simmons. Aromatherapy is a medical treatment in which natural products and oil are use to treat with various health issues such as depression. In this oil is applied to body through massage and this help in relax muscles. Further, Osteopathy is use on treatment of bones and muscles (Kelner and Wellman, 2014). This believe in consider the whole individual as a single part and treat human bodies as neuromuscular skeletal system. Old age people suffer from problem of muscles movement and require much relaxation. So service providers require to consider aromatherapy and osteopathy in order to treat them because those individuals can not perform physical activities. In case of Mrs. Simmons require to go for osteopathy and aromatherapy treatments in addition with conventional treatment.


4.1 Effectiveness of current regulation systems for the use of complementary therapies

In UK, nation contain General Regulatory Council to provide complementary theories that acts likewise the umbrella companies in distinct fields these therapies. Some of those has their liberal practices and determined standards. In case, two therapies i.e. Osteopathic and acupuncture therapies are undertaken. Alternative and complementary both therapies has extensive use in UK. This is fundamental in for practitioners to determine wide range of professional of healthcare (Karch and Karch, 2016). But chosen committee on technology and science by House of Lords suggest that complementary practitioners determine a coherent framework to defend the public safety if the treatment is selected is set through each patient.

Osteopathic professionals also contain a governing entity known as Osteopathic Council. Beside British Acupuncture Division, the General Osteopathic Division is formed through state through maintaining 1993 act of osteopaths. This is a criminal law for the practices of Osteopaths in UK that enables registration of practitioner, deploying experts by professional education, managing activities and building general connectivity among osteopaths.

Once these General Osteopathic Council was initiate, this has their own governance handbook in which they make certain the entire registration of their staff, deployment of practices by trainings and education, operating the standards and safety practices etc. In regard of Mrs. Simmons case, she can surf the informative sites of those registered therapies of complementary as well as can seek one around her destination which operate professional aims over their users safety and issues.

4.2 Recommendations, supported by evidence, for improving regulatory systems

In 2007, 10% estimated of population of United Kingdom utilise one complementary therapies optimise in relation to 20% in Canada, 76% in Singapore and 60% in Hong Kong. In nations, such as China and Vietnam where complementary medicine is an intrinsic body of health framework as various as 1/3 of service user receives the medicine traditionally. These statics shows a small UK people's proportion optimise complementary therapies years ago in relation to mainly African and Asian nation. Even though, such statics will alter those change rates in those days that mainly refrain constant.

By the population percentage opting these therapies are less in relation to other world's regions, companies still require few regulation forms for existing activities. In regard of this, proper qualification, compliance of state policies is essential which include education, practice regulation and legislation, licensing and training of complementary therapies for enabling work on level while integrating with cure and conventional medicines at the same time in order to cure fatal health issues such as HIV or Cancer.

Thus, it is strongly suggest to every complementary therapy to consist a proper regulatory entity as well as have a coherent regulation mechanism in regard of patient safety which can be secured and performed practitioners managing their work standards (Horneber and et. al., 2012). It is require to strengthen both council of individual and umbrella organisation. Statutory regulation requirement in which performing work as per standard which must cope criminal charges so that patient safety will be safeguarded to the higher possible level.


From the above given project report, it can be concluded that complementary therapies are those which are used with conventional medical treatments. One of the main benefit of this is that it help individuals to feel better during their treatment and this enhance quality of their life. Various treatment are available for complementary therapies with its advantages and disadvantages that can be used. It is very important that the information which is used during the treatment should be reliable and valid.

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