Organisational Development


Organisational development is a systematic approach which helps in doing proper planning and improvements in the effectiveness of business entity by using appropriate strategy and people along with the processes (Waddell and, 2013). Company’s members have to achieve the goals which are decided by higher authorities so that they can improve the performance. Along with this, they can attain the benefits in high competition by doing appropriate changes. The staff members of firm have to do proper planning with the designing that succour in obtaining the aim in improving the efficiency and effectiveness. The present report is based upon Sony Corporation which is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, key device and information technology products for the consumers. Also, in this report discussion upon the objectives, operations as well as key factors which influence the environment of the company (Organisation Development, 2017 ). Along with this the strategies which are helpful for the company in the development.

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Company Overview

Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Konan, Minato and Tokyo. Company is having diversified business which includes the consumers and professional electronics and gaming along with the financial services. Firm is the most leading manufacturer of electronic products for the consumers as well as professional market. It is an electronic business unit and the parent company of Sony Group. It is the most comprehensive entertainment business entity in the world that provides different services to consumers. Firm expanded its new business from Sony Pictures Entertainment and insurance to banking (Organisational Development, 2017). This expansion proved to be unrewarding and unprofitable for Sony.

1. Characteristics, activities, goals and key environmental influences on the organisation

Organisational development is the planned as well as systematic process which assists in aiming in improving the overall effectiveness of organisation. It includes intervention in the process along with the structure and culture so that they can make a strong emphasis on the organisational behaviour (Haffer, 2013). Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic, video and information technology products for consumers along with the professional market which develops the business entity into one of the world’s richest companies. Sony has been engaged in taking initiatives to reinforce the production so that company members can do appropriate operations which include manufacturing, procurement and measures which is related to environment. The staff members of Sony Corporation are having business objectives which are clearly defined and they are set by the management as well as business owners. Business objectives are a blend of needs for various stakeholders who are affected by the business activities of organisation. It assists in improving profitability along with the return on investment (Organisational Development – Accredited Training Provider, 2017). Company manager has to maintain the cash flow which allows in smooth running of business. Further, it helps in improving the market share and achieving the goals and objectives. Sony is a good manufacturer and having the highest position in the market because business entity provides the best and qualitative product this gives satisfaction to the consumers and try to fulfil their expectations and needs (Dawson-Shepherd, Kellner and Neumann, 2013).

There are different factors which affect the performance of company in the competitive market. Political environment includes the roles and regulations which have been imposed by the stable government on business. Political factors of Sony can be changed at any time along with the instability. S Sony is a globalised company and by that they can do the changes in the international market and have to follow the proper rules and regulations so that they can do the best and qualitative work. Along with this they have to provide the best services to the consumers which helps in attaining the goals and objectives (Fowler, 2013). Among the economic factors, Sony Corporation have to analyse in any country before venturing in market which includes inflation, economic situation, interest rates, exchange rates etc. The staff members of business entity have to analyse the material as well as labour requirements along with the inflation and economic situation. Social factors help Sony in enhancing the competitiveness in its current market which includes demographics, lifestyle as well as income level among others (Nograšek and Vintar, 2014). This factor also helps in analysing the lifestyle of consumers which supports in knowing when and where they have to introduce the product. Educational level of population, extent of educational facilities for women etc. these are the factors which Sony have to consider. If Sony ignores these factors then it will damage its image in the market. Company members have to do proper research so that they can know the time when they have to cut the price along with the amount. Technological is the important factor for Sony Corporation as it helps in assessing the external environment (Lanvin and Evans, 2013). There are several competitors of Sony Corporation. Company member have to do proper research for knowing those who help in developing innovative products and services for the consumers so that they will purchase the same. By this, Sony can attain maximum profits in comparison to the competitors. They have to use new and innovative technology in manufacturing the new products because Sony is the best brand in market. If Sony uses upgraded technology then it will improve the productivity as well as profits which would help them in attaining a competitive edge over others in the market.

2. Recommend organisational structural designs based on challenges faced by the organisation in a globalised market

Sony faced so many challenges which emphasize a spirit of freedom and the open mindedness. Along with this they have to use the innovative technology so that they can attain the goals and objectives. Sony use the different languages to spirit their sites. Further, they have to translated their websites in the different languages. Sony employs 167,900 people in the global market. Workforce Diversity is one of the challenges which are faced by the business entity. The company members have to do the proper marketing as well as catering of the product to the different markets and after sale services which the company needs to work upon. Sony having a ongoing talent development initiative (Ates and, 2013). They have to assigned to identify the promising individuals in all the businesses and regions. Along with this they have to develop them into the business leaders so that they can attain the success as well as long term profit for the future. They have to take the initiatives which includes the project for the job rotation with the individuals so that they can arrange with the proper schedule of the designing of job assignments so that they can exposure to the variety of the businesses. Sony have to reform its operational structure with a priority on the speed as well as profitability. In the other businesses, Sony intends to implement the restructuring across the Sony Group which helps in maintaining the sustainability. Along with this it assist in reducing the advertising and marketing expenses. The company members have to improve the operations of its electronics as well as game business. They have to enhance the organisational structure which has to be design properly so that they can produce the networked products and services. Song is striving to deliver to its consumers which helps in attaining the competitive cost. Along with this they have to do the proper communication which helps in attaining the goals and objectives (Tynjälä, 2013).

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The staff members of Song have to use the matrix organisational structure on the basis of their functions as well as operations so that they can attain the targets. Characteristics of Sony organisational structure which includes function based groups, business type divisions and geographic divisions. On the basis of function based groups, the staff members of Sony have to do the proper research which helps in supporting the functional efficiency along with the effectiveness in the different departments like human resources, sales and marketing. Sony have to maintain the divisions based on the business type or the product type which includes energy business, storage media business and picture business (Dadfar and, 2013). In the geographic divisions, the company use geographic division for finance finance, planning and strategic decision making.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sony's organisational structure – Flexibility is the important advantage of matrix organisational structure. The staff members of Sony have to link among the function based groups and business type divisions which enable the business entity in addressing the market demand. Another advantage of matrix structure is that they have to use the proper resources so that they can focus on specific business. Along with this they have to put more efforts and resources so that they have to support the innovation as well as development of the product. Disadvantage of matrix structure is that they have to a limited flexibility in the geographical units which will help in improving the efficiency (Harris, 2013). Another disadvantage is that it increased the complexity in the chain of command when employees are assigned to both functional and project manager.

3. Create and justify strategies for sustainable organisational development 2348

Sony Corporation is the segment of Sony group which is the parent. The electronic segment comprises of production of the network services, video games and medical business. To attain the competitive advantage the company members have to use the generic strategy. Along with this it helps in doing the profitability in the electronics, entertainment and markets of financial services (Sheehan and, 2013). Sony have to use the generic competitive strategy which establish the generic competitive strategy. Sony have to use the intensive strategy which specifies the approaches which is used to ensure the business growth.

Sony Generic strategy (Porter's Model) – The company using differentiation as its generic strategy so that they can attain the benefits in the high competition. It involves the product that are unique so that they can do the comparison to the other products in the market. It integrates the features that they have to make the products according to the needs and wants of consumers and the product which is made by the worker they are attractive so that company attain the maximum revenue. By using the differentiation generic strategy, Sony have to continue in innovating the appropriate products and also having the good features so that they can maintain the competitive advantage against the competitors which includes Nintendo (Gold and, 2013). This strategy highlights the importance of the uniqueness of the product is ensuring the profitability in the business. A strategic objective of Sony is to increase the rate of innovation so that they can increase or boost the competitive advantage. The financial objective of Sony is also based on the generic strategy which assist in minimizing the production cost in all the segments of the business. They strategy helps in fulfilling the objectives and also helps in contributing in attaining the competitive advantage by which Sony can increase the efficiency as well as profitability of the business.

The company having the intensive growth strategy and the primary intensive growth strategy is market penetration. This strategy aims in growing the business so that they can increase the sales in the markets so that Sony do the proper operations and on the basis of that they can attain the goals and objectives. It helps in providing the flexibility so that they can adjust the marketing campaigns which helps in ensuring the competitiveness against the other firms in the financial services (Banks and, 2013).

Another intensive growth strategy is product development. Sony will obtain the goals by developing the products better than the competitors. This intensive strategy supports the generic strategy of differentiation in making the appropriate product designing. The company members have to put more efforts so that they can develop the products as well as services (Schulze and, 2013). It assist Sony in attaining the competitive advantage and also succour in reaping the leading position in the market at the time of high competition. Along with this by this strategy company can obtain the vision and mission statement.

Sony can use market development as it is also included in intensive growth strategy. It helps the business entity in growing the market or do the market segmentation in implementing the intensive strategy. The company members have to find the new application for the product so that they can attain the success in the new market (Hutchings, Ward and Bloodworth, 2013). This strategy helps in attracting the new consumers so that Sony can attain the maximum profits. The company can attain the objective to grow the business entity by entering into the new market segments.

Diversification is the least significant strategy which helps in attaining the growth by developing the product and by using these strategies, Sony can develop the business (Chen, Li and Lin, 2013). Along with this they have to focus on decisions made by the manager on fewer products so that they can attain the goals and objectives.

4. Influences of organisational culture on multinational organisations operate in an increasingly diverse environment

Culture represent the policies as well as practices of the organisation. It gives the employees a sense of direction, along with this they can do the proper controls the way so that they behave with each other (Enthemkuzhy, 2015). The work culture of Sony bring all the workers on the common platform so that they can attain the success in the competitive market. There are different factors which affect the organisational culture of Sony. The staff members have to do the work in their own way so that they can give the proper coordination and have to contribute to the culture of the workplace. The attitudes, mentalities, interests as well as perception (Bushuyev and Friedrich Wagner, 2014). Along with this they have to use the proper process of the employees so that they affect the organisational culture. For example, Sony have to hire the employees so that they have to follow the proper culture where the employees have to set the guidelines as well as policies. They have to provide the proper encouragement to the workers so that they can do the qualitative work which helps in attaining the goals and objectives. In the organisation the main factor which affect the organisational culture is sex of the employees as the males are more aggressive then the females and females are caring and soft-hearted (Bååthe and Erik Norbäck, 2013). The nature of the business which affect the culture of the business. There are different industries which includes the financial services, banking industry which depend on the external factors which includes the demand and supply, earning per share and so on. At the time of market fluctuations sometime organisation lead to unrest, tension and it will demote the employees and for that the higher authorities of Sony have to give rewards as well as incentives so that they get motivated and do qualitative work which helps in attaining the goals and objectives (Godemann and, 2014). The management also feels helpless when circumstances can be controlled by none. Individuals are unsure about their career as well as growth in such organizations. The manager of Sony Corporation have to use the appropriate strategies along with the procedure which helps the business entity in achieving the targets and also contribute to its culture so that the company can maintain its brand image. The staff members of Sony have to set the guidelines and have to take the feedback so that they can do the appropriate improvements which helps in making the proper culture (Fiabane and, 2013). The clients as well as external parties are those person which influence the culture of the organisation. The company having no other options and have to do the work culture of the place. The employees of Sony have to do the proper management and they have to make their own decisions. Along with this they have to make the proper strategy by doing the proper participation. In maintaining the culture, employees have to do the appropriate management so that they can do the developments for attaining the long term growth (Manley and, 2014). The management of Sony must respect the employees so that they avoid the culture so that they can earn the maximum money. The employees have to do the appropriate changes so that they can attain the targets.


Sony company is to be dynamic and pragmatic so that they have to use the appropriate tools and methods which will helps in obtaining the targets of the business entity which are decided by the higher authorities (Happell and, 2013). The company members have to use the appropriate strategy which helps in develop the changing trend and meet the objectives in the world business. There are so many competitors in the market and Sony provide the best product to the consumers which provide the satisfaction. They have to use appropriate marketing strategy so that they can attain the maximum leading position in the market. They have to develop the strategies which will helps in doing marketing for the long term. They have to use the proper sources which are useful to make the leadership in the competitive market and by that they can attain the success and obtain the leading position in the competitive market (Scholes and, 2014).


From the above report it has been analysed that the staff members of Sony Corporation have to do use the proper process so that they can do the appropriate development in the business entity. They have to use the value added concepts along with the proper tools which helps in doing the improvements. The manager of Sony Corporation have to do more establishment which helps in supporting more innovation as well as creativity. Along with this it helps in increasing the job satisfaction. Organisational development helps in developing the more positive and interpersonal relationships so that they can create the proper plans and define organisational goals.


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