Understanding and Leading Change Element 010


In this present time, the main objectives of company is to perform different types of functions  which helps to accomplish demand and desires of the customer (Bin Taher,  Krotov and Silva, 2015). These policies which are implemented in organisation to accomplish various function of company  in proper way. This helps to sustain a  strong position in marketplace. Implementation of various types of changes infirm leads to produce innovative products which helps to generate large number  for revenues for the organisation. There are various taste and preferences of customer which are  changes according  to various  changes  in the organisation in proper manner. Starbucks and Costa Coffee are two organisation which provide different types of products to the organisation. These are two multinational organisation which provide high quality of coffee to various  part of  world.


P1) Comparing various  organisational operational strategies after adopting changes.

It is very important for company to implement different types of changes which are according to changing trends in  marketplace (Lee  and Byun,  2012). The management of organisation implement changes in order to generate large number of revenues and maximise the level of profit. This aids to attain goals and objectives of  company as well. Changes are necessary as due to this, it increase  performance of the organisation  in proper  path. It helps  to maintain  effectiveness in various  functions of organisation.  These changes directly impact the environment of the organisation as it is eventually affect the environment of company.  If an organisation do not implement changes according to trends of market then it loose its market share and also reduce  performance of  organisation. The company do not able to compete  different rivals present in marketplace.

STARBUCKS:  It is American based company which provide different types of coffee products. This organisation has come into  existence in 1971. This organisation is performing its service at 27,300 locations in various part of the world. At different location, it provide different types of coffee products like hot coffee, cold coffee, whole bean coffee, micro ground instant coffee and many others which is offered by the Starbucks. It also provide different types of beverages and different types of cookies, smoothies on various stores.

  1. COSTA COFFEE : This company is a multinational organisation and its headquarter is in  Dunstable, Bed fordshire. It is branch of Whitbread. The organisation is founded in 1971 by  family of Costa which perform its service in supply  roasted coffee to different  place of  the particular Italian coffee shops (Peters,  2012).


Costa Coffee


Competence based Strategies

Costa coffee do not able to fulfil demand and desire of  various customer and  products are manufacture on  demand and desire of  different customer. This leads to loss of  customer and also reduce its performance in marketplace. Afterwards, company can concentrate over  implementation of  innovation technology without considering the expectation made by  company. After considering different types of demand company able to ascertain  demand and desire of  customer (Gnan, Hinna, and Scarozza, 2013.).;

The organisation put its efforts in order to meet  expectation of  different types of customer.  Main objective of organisation is satisfy  demand  and desire of customer in effective manner. It helps to improve the performance of  company. The organisation has recently introduce its new drinks such as freebie, Ombre ,  pink drink and many others.

Pricing strategies

The organisation provide coffee which are of premium range to it loyal customer. This  is the strategies which aids to provide high quality of the coffee and ascertain high brand values in the marketplace.

It has been assumed that company has ascertain the strong brand value in the marketplace. Management of the organisation tries to hike the price of the coffee this leads to loss of the customer in the marketplace.

Promotional strategies

The management of organisation do not spend huge  amount of money on the promotion of products in the marketplace. But due to change in the living  standard of the customer. Company take help of social media platform like Facebook and Instagram in order to perform various promotional activities.

In recent company, promote itself by the advertisement but in present scenario it take help of social media in order to establish strong relationship with the customer.

Process strategies

The organisation has redesigned the different process of the business which are in term of the communication, presentation, behaviour and hospitality in determine the buying behaviour of the consumer.

The organisation has redesigned the various process in order to fill the gap between demand  made by the customer and supply of the different products.

P2) Internal and External cause of change affecting team, individualist and leadership.

Internal and external drivers are the most important element of organisation which impact  in both manner that is negative and positive  on behaviour of team, leadership  and individual within company (MacKian  and Simons, 2013). This is based on the action and reaction which are ascertain towards implementation of change. There are different types of internal and external force which directly  impact on employee working in organisation as well as presentation of  organisation a single employee, leaders and team members. Effect of the internal and external factor  which are describe below:

Impact of internal Driving force

This  can be being  determined as the  event conditions and different objects which directly impact on the internal environment of organisation  the element are controlled by the organisation or its  internal resource, some important internal driving force which  are describe below:

  • Technological Capability: This is important factor by which modification are performed at continuous level (Wilkinson, Olin, Lund  and Stjernstrøm, 2013). The level of competition is very high in marketplace and every business is concerned on to  to focus on implementation of new and advance   tools  helps to improve the productivity of the different product which are present in the marketplace. Starbucks and COSTA are related to implement new and innovative tools in order to enhance the performance and productivity of organisation at marketplace  Starbucks and COSTA are related to implement new and advance  tools  to enhance the performance and productivity of organisation at marketplace. Innovating tools plays a significant roles in the shaping the different functions of the company in effective way. In order to appropriate  implementation  of the time body and upper management  of the company helps to take effective decision in the stipulated time period. This helps to create large number of customer.
  • Employees Morale: In the company employee are the most important assets which plays an important  function  to implement their effort to determine the desire aims  and objectives of organisation. Company and the its manager are related to motivate their employee which helps to enhance  their performance of the organisation in proper manner. Starbucks is the large organisation so the manager provide different types of non-monetary benefits to their employee which aids to motivate them to perform different types of work at the workplace.
  • Organisational Culture: This is most important important factor which is plays a vital role to develop the organisation in effective manner. The culture of the organisation is emphasis on the cognition and behaviour of the person, leader of squad and leaders who put their effort to achieve  goals and objectives of the company. Every organisation is put their effort in order to create positive environment which helps to create positive working environment (Schexnider,  2013). This leads to increase  the performance of the employee operate in the company. The different leaders and manger of the organisation aids to maintain the environment of the organisation in order to maintain the potency in performing various  kind  of purpose of the company  in specific  time period.

Impact of External drivers:

These are the element and conditions which are arises from the external environment and it has huge impact on the external performance of organisation. There are some important factor which are describe below:

  • Economic Condition: the higher officials of the organisation put their effort in order to maintain effective relationship with the economical environment of the company.  This
  • plays an essential role in order to in order to implement different types of operation in a systematic manner. The management  put their effort  to maintain the financial condition of the organisation which helps to perform  various types of functions of the company  in proper way (Dreher, Clinton and Sperhac, 2014).
  • Competition: This is related to the most important external operation which directly impact the on the performance and productivity of the organisation. In this modern age the level of competition  is very high and the main aims of the organisation is to attain competitive advantages in the marketplace. This aids to compete the various competitor  present in the market. It helps to achieve  the goals and objectives of company and also attract huge  number of customer in proper manner. These efforts helps to satisfy the desire and demand made by the customer.
  • Political Factor: the impact of  political factor is related to the development of the organisation. These are concerned with the form of the government policies tax, or tariff policy. Political stability and many others. Impact of Brexit create the instability in the political situation of UK. This influence the various operations of the organisation in negative way.

P3 Measures taken to reducing the impact of alteration on organisational activity

There are different types of changes which are implemented in proper  way. This helps  to achieve  the effective manner. If the changes are implemented not in proper manner then outcomes are not avail in effective manner. For the successful implementation of the various process in the activities of both the company in order to inculcate with approaches of the protection are divide in four parts:

  • Overcoming resistance: This phase is related with the action of organisation with the manpower. The main objectives of the company is to recognise the worker in order to recognise the different changes which are related to the place an order to in the advance. Company also put their effort in order to trained the different employee which helps to increase the skills and knowledge of the organisation (Nelson,  2012).
  • Engaging employee: Employee are the main assets of the employee who plays an important roles to increase large number of revenue of the organisation in effective manner. The major  objectives of  related business is to expand  and motivate the employee in the process of change. These efforts aids to face the changes and yield huge output in respect to its rivals.
  • Implementing changes in state: this phase is categories among  three stage which are describe below:
  • Prepare for alteration: the plan of action of both organisation are interrelated with each other. The strategies are made for the management of the various procedure. It also give concise context about the different different obligation and the specific role which is carried out by the different employee and employer.
  • Manage the Alteration: This is phase is the related to establish healthy relationship with customer and management of organisation implement effective communication channel in order to manage different processes of the operation in effective manner.
  • Reinforce the changes : This phase is related to the gathering of the different views of customer in proper manner in order to ascertain the effectiveness in the various  operation of the company which is very essential for the organisation (Sarra, 2011).
  • Employee resistances: this approach is termed as the universal truth of the which reveals about the implementation of various changes which re made by the organisation in order to change the structure of the company. It give impact on performance of different employee  working in the organisation as the employee are not aware about the implemented changes in the organisation. The management of organisation to conduct training session which helps to increase performance of employee. This aids to attain effective outcome. These changes are also aids the organisation to  inculcate with the different issues and challenges of the future. To implement various  types of changes the organisation needs to determine the different types of factors of company  in effective manner. These changes are practised  by both the organisation which are supposed face with proactive approach.
  • Engaging Employees: The main objectives of the organisation is to monitor the performance of staff performing different types of activities  in the organisation in effective manner. The manger needs to implement various types of strategies which are used to maintain the effectiveness in performing various  kind  of function of the company  in effective manner.
  • Communicating the change: As per the the investigation, it is determine that if an organisation not able to give information the workers in concerned with the modification made in organisation which result to wrong work perform by employee working in organisation. It is essential to have effective communication channel in order to assure the organisation in order to implement changes.


P4) State various  change barriers & determine the impact of leadership decision-making   

For taking effective decision organisation use Force field analysis which are related to the implement of different types of changes which ascertain by the company. This analysis was created by the Kurt Lewin in the 1940. Lewin implement this analyses for the social psychologist. The main objectives of force field analysis is the condition which are maintained by  company to drive  different change in the company  in proper manner. It aids to perform various types of changes in effective manner (Choosing the Right Approach for the Situation 2018). This leads to attain the effective manner (Ryan, 2013). Following are the steps which are involve in the analysis:

Step 1 : Explain the goals  or the vision for the changes and writing it down in the page.

Step 2 : Determine the various kind of forces which are responsible for dynamic change. The change are in the form  internal and external. Internal drivers are consists of

  • Old  machinery or the commodity lines.
  • Decline  team spirit
  • a need to increase level of profit

External Propulsion is  consist of :

  • A dynamic, doubtful operating environment
  • Turbulent technologies
  • Changing demographic course

Step 3  : Determine the force against change

Internal resistor of restrainers which could be included:

  • Fears of the Unbeknown
  • Existing organisation structure

External element might be :

  • Existing allegiance to concerned  companies
  • Legislation made by the government
  • Obligation towards customer.

Step 4 :  Designate scores

 Phase is to score every force from 1 to 5 where 1 shows weak  and 5 shows  strong. As per the grade of impact everyone has on the idea and then add the score to  every sides.

Step 5 : Analyses and apply

Now after the force field analysis it can be used within the 2 ways.

  • To determine whether or not to move the recede  with the judgment of changes.
  • To think about the supportive forces which can be modify and which one is opposed or resisting forces can be weakened (Whitaker, 2013) .

Obstruction to change and its  impact :

  • Lack of involvement in employee: this barrier is most common barrier in order to manage different types of change. There is a fear in the different employee about the implementation of the different change unless they involve in the implementation of different types of changes. Most of the employee working in the organisation are resist the changes in order to successful implementation of change leads to manage various operation of organisation in effective manner.
  • Lack of communication strategies: There are different organisation which have not any effective communication strategy. There are various leaders and managers which give their views about the implementation of the different types of changes within organisation. So organisation needs to communicate with the employee in order to ascertain changes in effective manner.
  • Government:  Demanding laws and norms may impact the working of company and also plays an significant  role in order to develop the business within the nation. Taking example laws are concerned with trade and import which are made by the government can adversely  effect working procedure of organisation and put pressure on the organisation which bring essential change in the organisation (Thompson, 2016).
  • Environment : Political and economical stability is the main reason by which affected Starbucks and forced organisation to accept the modification.

TASK 3  

P5 Application of different leadership approaches that efficaciously deals with change

There are different types of leadership theories which are  used by to the  different company according to the requirement of the organisation. There are various types of instrument and technology which are used by the organisation Starbucks with effective styles of leaderships. Starbucks is mainly coffee shop which enforced  by the organisation in order to attain the goals and objectives of the organisation  there are different types of leadership style which are being suggested to the different department according to the need of assigned task and needs of department. These are describe below:

  • Laissez Fair: This section is related to with the lack of  direct control by the leader from his member of the team. They suggest his effectual feedback under the supervision. This approach is mainly implemented when employee are properly trained and experienced.
  • Autocratic : This  style is related with the effective decision making process. It helps the director and leaders of the firm in order to take effective decision without involving  other employee (Tucker,  Young and Koschoreck,  2012).
  • Participative: This leadership style is termed  as democratic leadership style. This styles is related to participation of the administration respect  involvement of the different colleague and the fellow, retaining.
  • Transactional: This is related with the high level of communication from the manager in order to attain goals and objectives of the company. Leaders focus on the big picture within the company and put its effort in order to accomplish different types of task.
  • Transformational: The leadership motivate employee  to attract large number of customer in effective manner Manager put its effort in order to trained employee in order to attain the aims and objectives of company.

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Changes are the  important process of any business organisation and therefore, it becomes extremely important to implement the changes within organisation from time to time. For the purpose of implementing Such changes within the organisation, there is an imperative need that good leaders are there in organisation who would lead the change effectively and work towards growth and success of the organisation. It is a very crucial process and it should be approached in an effective manner by the company. There are various kinds of strategies that can be adopted by the company for the purpose of implementing change and the same should be applied effectively.


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