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In this present project researcher would be focusing on what effect digital technology is having on business activities especially that of SME like that of Apple guest house in UK. Digital technology is very much essential for carrying out all activities of company which is making them achieve their desired targets and satisfying the customers by giving them the best form of services. Digitalization is that part which is helping into modification of working and profits of company as well which having deliberate use of innovation into operations of firm. So researcher would be studying impact, issues and barriers and the how digital technology would be implemented within firm.

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Aim and Objectives


  • To analysis impact of digital technology on business activity in SME – A case study on Apple Guest House.


  • To evaluate different stages in regard to technological changes of Apple Guest House.
  • To identify issues and barriers that impacts the integration of technology within business.
  • To understand the technological developments and their relationship with company operations.
  • To determine stakeholders engagement with implementation of digital technology in business.


  • Which kind of stages are essential for technological changes of Apple Guest House?
  • What kind of issues and barriers impacts the integration of technology within business?
  • How technological developments are being promoted and how they are related with company operations?
  • How stakeholders engages with implementation of digital technology in business?
  • Which methods can advance technological application within organisation to enhance work effectiveness?

Literature Review

Business firms are effectively focused towards long term development in regard to technological values. By having an application of such measures the issues in terms of sustainability can be resolved. It assist in meeting objectives and lead to impressive level of success. It allows to have better productivity and cost control. It means the overall process need to be advanced at great context so that better technological applications can be taken into account (Canzer, 2016). Specialized help and client administrations are principle two capacities that helps to create successful outcomes at working environment. Next to this, independent venture undertaking has chances to utilize web promotion and reach towards the market and clients with deliberately set flags.

Digital change is the powerful viewpoint that helps to achieve targets and destinations. At work environment, there are diverse components incorporated that helps to energize individuals for achieve objectives and targets. As per the view of Bruce and Ho (2009), it incorporates a few components that helps to determine procedure of the advanced change, for example, nothing new, present and dynamic, formalized, key, joined and creative and versatile viewpoint. What's more, the same old thing includes exercises that works by the venture with natural heritage point of view to the clients, forms, plans of action, and so on. Along these lines, it stays for the arrangement in computerized pertinence. It is the most ideal approach to achieve objectives and targets that are decides through particular point.

According to Bruno (2012), there are a few difficulties exists which make effect on the business condition. With this respect, there are a few components actualized which helps to make viable outcomes in organizations. In the first place challenge along these lines decides is proficient advancement. This test faces by the endeavour due to absence of satisfactory characteristics that are required in representatives of the business. In this way, it comprises utilization of the particular innovation to coordinate new capacities in the business. Canzer (2016) said that it demonstrates that outcomes will be created with new speculation which will likewise create process for advancing and all the more captivating the clients. It is the most ideal route for find out target showcase for advancement of the association.

Furthermore, at working environment of Apple Guest House, protection from change is another test happens that make effect on its capacities and tasks. With this viewpoint, specialist recognized that make powerful capacities for expected set of responsibilities. There are a few zones in which business will find out successful outcomes at work environment. According to Jackson (2015), new models likewise creates at work environment that decides compelling rivalry with conventional perspectives in business. Along these lines, establishment helps to make viability in the endeavour. Necessities of the consideration is required at work environment with the goal that results will be finished in methodical way. Computerized innovation make successful capacities and activities that has a few focal points to determine target showcase. It is vital to characterized capacity for successful specialized devices. It is the most ideal approach to influence coordinate with various capacities and tasks to access to and incorporate data towards the business. Morteza, (2011) has contended that digital innovation assume fundamental part in the achievement of the association that influence colossal gathering of data and information for achieve general to assignment. In the computerized proficiency, capacity likewise performed to oversee, coordinate and assess the capacities for society. Execution of the fruitful approach handle a few dangers in the specialty unit for advancements change.

Digital innovation additionally expanding for a few people that make victories in the business venture. With this respect, global difficulties additionally connotes with methodologies to take care of issues. Ng (2005) has stated that education and advanced correspondence additionally helps to ensure that objectives likewise set for find out viability in the specialty unit. For providing food successful data and destinations, advanced innovation additionally helps to increase better comprehension of the necessities and issues. Conveying reasonable administrations likewise helps to increase better commitment of people with a few web sources in alluring way. Thusly, it likewise conveys worldwide arrangement objectives that help to defeat the issues and issues. There are a few components exists, for example, absence of enthusiasm for request to accessible of the innovation.

According to Bruce and Ho (2009), partners are taking vital interest to achieve the destinations and objectives. With this respect, advancement of the business will be keep up in methodical way to draw in a few people in it. There are a few stages will be taken that make important access for proposes destinations and objectives. Web-based social networking is the fundamental component that make commitment of the association to convey new openings and objectives. In such manner, normal intrigue will be recognized for coordination and mediation in the business condition. Also, Bruno (2012), stated that at picked business condition there are a few terms and conditions will be suggested that make powerful outcomes in the association. With the assistance of infer recommendation solid base of client will be made that create adequacy. Corporation and stakeholders has effective relationship to identify forms and outcomes with online publications. Therefore, consumer segmentations also ascertain to conduct present research


Research Strategy

It is a standout amongst the most vital section in the examination approach, when the analyst is choosing the exploration technique, at that point it is critical for him or her to choose the fitting one with the goal that information can be gathered and broke down appropriately. Based on examine procedure, every one of the kinds of research system is reliant. It causes the analyst to gather the pertinent information of the examination keeping in mind the end goal to lead examination appropriately (Bak, 2011). There are two noteworthy kinds of research technique that are subjective and quantitative. Choice of research philosophy is subject to the point and destinations of the exploration. Of the examination. In this strategy profound investigation is made by the specialist with the distinctive idea and hypothesis. Other than that when it is being examined about the quantitative scientist system, at that point specialist utilize diverse viable instruments and methods, for example, relapse, relationship, t-test, a nova test and standard deviation and so forth (Saunders, Lyon and Möllering, 2012). These techniques encourages the analyst to discover the connection between the diverse autonomous and ward variable. In this examination, scientist have chosen subjective research system, which causes the examiner to locate the suitable consequence of the investigation. Among these two, the research will make use of qualitative method as it enables to focus of theories, models, etc. to develop in depth understanding of the research topic.

Research Approach

This is another essential part of research procedure by which agent can dissect the data about the subject. This technique helps the examiner to gather the best possible data about the theme with the goal that fitting result can be distinguished. There are two fundamental kinds of research approach that are inductive and deductive. When it is examined about the inductive approach, at that point it making of new hypothesis rising up out of the information. This technique is connected with the subjective research system utilize investigate inquiries keeping in mind the end goal to build the extent of the examination (Creswell, 2013). Then again, deductive research approach, it generally begin with development of speculation which is identified with the investigation. It is exceptionally organized kind of research approach, this is on the grounds that here specialist need to achieve some point and goal. It beginning stage is premises and its procedure incorporates hypothesis, speculation, perception and affirmation. In this examination, specialist key point is to break down the effect of computerized innovation over the business task of little scale endeavour (Merriam, 2009). Among these two approaches the researcher has made use of inductive approach as it enables to present the information from specific to general aspect.

Research philosophy

It is likewise another major noteworthy section in the examination technique, it comprises of various esteem, presumption, convictions identified with the specific point. It manages the source, nature and advancement of the learning. It has incredible effect over the agent esteems, convictions and suppositions. There are two sorts of research rationality that are interpretivism and positivism. When it is worried about the interpretivism reasoning, a few elements reflect one single certainty (Ridley, 2012). Other than that when it is being examined about the positivism look into logic, researcher depends upon the specific certainty and figure with respect to specific perspective. Consequently, one might say that both of the exploration rationality is not quite the same as each other. The key goal of the agent is to assess the effect of computerized innovation over the diverse task and exercises of independent venture endeavour. With a specific end goal to achieve this point, examine have chosen interpretivism explore theory keeping in mind the end goal to gather the applicable result of the investigation (Jackson, 2008). Among these the researcher has made use of both positivism and interpretivism as it enables to carry out the research by covering the aim and objectives.

Research Design

There are two sorts of research outline that are engaging and exploratory. When it is examined about the exploratory research outline, distinctive thoughts and contemplations are found. This sort of research configuration is extremely adaptable, as it included non-probabilistic testing. Exploratory research configuration serves to the researcher to get the high calibre of result by profound examination of the gathered data.

Data collection

There are two methods for information gathering that are essential and auxiliary. When it is worried about the essential information accumulation, at that point the data is assembled from those sources from which information have never been gathered. The wellsprings of essential information accumulation is talk with, perception, study and so forth then again when it examined about the auxiliary information accumulation, at that point it is get-together of data from those sources at which information is now being gathered (Chui, 2007). The sources that are incorporated into the auxiliary information gathering are diary, sites, books, magazines and so on in this investigation, information is gathered from both of the sources. Alongside this, poll is being intended to meet targets. The researcher will make use of both primary and secondary research. Primary with the help of questionnaire and secondary will be gathered by making use of books, journals, online sources, etc.


The real target behind the testing is to choose the quantities of respondent from the entire individuals so as required data can gathered from different individuals. Inspecting are chosen in such route as to be illustrative of the populace. In this examination, basic arbitrary inspecting will be chosen, where 10 chiefs have been chosen to direct examination.

Data analysis

It is a standout amongst the most vital part of the exploration strategy, which causes the researcher to investigate the gathered information with a specific end goal to locate the fitting result. It is a strategy which helps with investigating the data of the subject and decide the powerful arrangement of the exploration issue. In this examination, subjective will be chosen, subsequently, topical investigation is being finished. Thematic analysis is used to present the gathered information. It enables to present the information in the form of tables, graph, chart, etc.

Ethical consideration

The real viewpoint in moral thought is information gathering. Survey ought to be surrounded so as to not hurt the inclination and feelings of respondent. Other than that analyst need to look for consent from the best level administration of Apple Guest house keeping in mind the end goal to record the reaction of the supervisor. Moral code of behaviours like privacy of respondents will likewise be considered.

Expected Outcomes

As per the findings, it can be started that companies need to understand the strategies that they should apply so that they are able to attract customers in effective manner. The rate of sales and profitability can be raised when management is able to make use of digital technology in appropriate manner. All the steps goals can be attained by the business when use of digital technology are done.

Gantt chart


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