Level 3 HND BTECH Computers in Society Assignment

Question 1 computer application in various fields: 

a). Business

Computer applications related to business, there so much technical skills that work in business fields, role of computer application in business, now days every business depends on computers, for example- in any company, offices all employees use computer, in every fields.  Uses of computer applications every people work with help of computers. In today’s business climate the computer very useful in business the helps of internet the new additional programs attract customers, the computer provides various application. To work easily in business. The applications of computer in business save your time and work easily (Hubwieser and 2015).

  • Computer facilities in communications: e-mail services yahoo, g-mail they manage all business mails and helps to business.
  • Data storage benefits: The huge numbers of business data's stored in computers, the various applications are helps to learn projects ad complete them (González-Martínez and, 2015).
  • Design and graphics: You don't need to hire professional graphic artist, for business the computers have many applications tools that make banners, logos, websites pages that use- full for business and attract customers.
  • Marketing and advertising: There so much web applications for business to advertise and marketing their services.

b) Education

The computers are become lifeline for young generations. Related to computers, computer works both theoretical and practical, the computer applications in education fields change the area of study now every student learn advance computer technological studies.

Computer in educations fields helps follows:

  • Clear classification: computer helps children clear classifications according to their ability and evaluate their performance.
  • Preparing time-table: computer helps to preparing time-table in schedules. For example, teacher prepare time table for exams.
  • Repetitions: a lesson if once not understood once can be repeated numbers of times.
  • Online study: computer can provide online studies, the students learn online, takes online notes form internet.
  • Problem solving and creativity: computer can develop problem solving ability and creativity among students.
  • Immediate feedback: computer helps the teacher in providing immediate feedback to student for motivation and better interaction.
  • Training techniques: computer provide training technique for student to prepare report for projects.
  • Guidance:computer helps the teacher for provide information’s, data's for guidance.

c) Healthcare

The importance of computer technology is fixedly increasing in health care filed. Whether its keeping patient files, medicals instruments. In health care fields emergency facilities are available in digital healthcare fields. They provide 24 hours’ emergency services which helps to digital system. Some hospitals have at-least one computer in every rooms. The most common ways computer is used in medicine fields (Bansal, and, 2015.).

  • Database: computer reduce paper keeping records, all the patient records are keep stored in computers. They have quickly access the patient records.
  • Monitors: the hospitals have many advanced healthcare machines. Like CKG machine. That machine is test of problems check eclectically of your heart.
  • laboratory technology: in medical laboratory computer are used to runs most of specific tests, and those test are defining the problem behind the test.
  • Inverse surgical: in surgical area computers have special surgical systems, like latest computer assisted surgical (CAS) system, CAS system are used in “General cardiac surgery”, “Thoracic surgery”, “Head and neck surgery”,” Colorectal surgery”.
  • Procedure: the surgery perhaps last area of one would expect computers to take over. One and more computer are used in surgical procedure (Laing, J.H., 2015. ).

Question 2 

a). Experience in Educational fields: 

My experience in educational fields. I seem there is lot of opportunities form computers, now a day’s student’s studies in digital forms, they use laptops, notepad witch is easily carried in classrooms and in schools or colleges there is specially studies about computers, they have additional subjects of computers to learn computer program's and their software's. Students are also having study about hardware networking etc. Where computer is useful in education fields, there is also some opposite negative response into the students (Baig, and 2015). I seem day by day computers crimes. students are more addicted to computers; they not focus on studies. Small Children's are addicted to computer, they using internet on computer whole day. Students are fully dependents on computer. In educational fields our governments started free computer classes. The aim of government every people learn about the computer how work on them. They also started free course of computer education for poor children who not afforded higher studies. Our worlds now computers worlds. Machines can have handled all the records, data's in any sectors.

b). how to involve and resolve the issue in educational fields:  

In educational fields I can say that the computer played role for students very beneficently but students dependents fully on systems they not using skills form themselves, now days I seems that there is four more area of computers ethics.

  • Computer crime: now days computers crimes increase very quickly. People are doing misuse of internet; they misuse of social media's.
  • Responsibilities for computer failure: I think to take responsibilities for those students which not afford the studies about the computer educations.
  • Protection of computer security, records: huge numbers of data's are going to hacked, the hackers steal all the secured information’s. Sometimes highly secured data are hacked.
  • Privacy of company's workers and customers: the computer holds all the privacy about company and customers in educational fields the collage, schools have each and every student’s records which is private. Same as like company having each employees records and working of each day.
  • Lack of knowledge: there is lots of students in villages, and other cities they have lack of knowledge about computers and its functionality.

c) Educational fields related to IEEE/ACM software engineering:         

Software engineers are commit to themselves to making analysis design, development, testing or maintenance for beneficial for software professions. In educational fields the students learn about the software engineering they design or develop various web software and applications. They also make web sites on socials media which helps for business. Now every profession they have own software's. In education fields there is lots of developers they make projects report about the software. The software engineers have following principals they related to educational fields:

  • Management: software engineer's mangers are managing all the development areas. And they resolve all the problems of employees, related to the educational fields the teacher are helps to students to resolve their problems.
  • Public: the software engineers are remains the public demands and they make software according to public demands. As the same in educational fields teacher's knows about student’s skills helps them according to their ability.
  • Self: the software engineers participate long life learning regarding to the practise of its professions. As the same in educational fields teachers are learn about the studies regarding to the practise of his professions (Messing and Westwood, 2014.).

Question 3 Impact on social media in various fields:     

Almost quarter of the world’s most populations now on Facebook and other social sites. In USA worlds 80% of populations are use this platform. The social media connect each people to with this. As we say there is no one alone this world's. Many people are started business on social sites. There is following fields impacts on socials media (Berger, 2015.).

a) Security:

Impact on social media on security there is so much accounts they provide only passwords security, but those accounts hacked easily, the hackers are open your private accounts easily. They steal your private information easily. The latest security program's is allotted to the user (OTP) it’s a “one-time password” the user can register personal number on it and the OTP sends on your registered numbers. For examples- many users can provide their information about credit card and debit card, and use for those card to purchase products from social media's platforms, this way the cyber criminals around the world's and they are trying to get inside the persons details on social media's platforms. Many users registered their personal details on social media's that personal details the cyber criminals are easy gets.

b) Privacy:  

Talking, identity theft, misuse, abuses languages, personal attacks those are threats on social media's. Fake id holders misbehave to users. About the security there is no secure accounts on socials media's. Only the passwords security is available on social media. They allotted free services for creating accounts, nothing important that is original or not. social media increase the cybercrimes (Lazar, Feng and Hochheiser, 2017). For example, many company hiring peoples before checking background on internet, if prospective employees have posted embarrassing on social media that directly affected top the company, the same as in relationships, our loved once or friend’s uploads   

undesirable on social media (Weller and, 2014). Some people are easily terminating to other social accounts and access them. But it is not the solution of terminates or de4activates the accounts, we know that which information share and which is not. To solve this problem's there is security alarm on social accounts, if someone trying to open your accounts to another location the alarm notify you like via formal message on your registered number, in Facebook they identify time to time your identity, they ask questions about your identity.

c) Trust:

The social media's impact on most of young generations, they fully trusted to social media, now young generations are creating so much accounts on social media's like Facebook, Instagram, snap-chat, Telegrams. The young generations are fully addicted to social media. they fully busy on social sites (Kulkarni and Sathe, 2014). In business fields most of people’s business on social sites they advertising their products, people are started online business on social sites. Which is so much popular now days. In educational fields the schools and colleges advertise for. For example- peoples meets on socials media they don't know each other after knowing each other they trust on each other, some people have successful relationships who meets on social media. Other example- we live in society where people don't know each other social media helps to know; in business fields the customers believes social media comparison to advertising. 74% company’s brands share their experience on online services and 81% believes blogs and customers ratings. “Dell” and “Amazon” are done best job in using social media to respond the customer’s issues (Vashist, Schneider and Luong, 2014.).


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