8 Key Elements to Create a Perfect Dissertation Structure

07 Dec 2019 2110
Create a Perfect Dissertation Structure

Writing a dissertation is not a rocket science. You just need to keep note of some things to make it best. Here, the experts of Assignment Prime have brought you this blog on structuring your dissertation in the right way. Now, wondering how the dissertation structure can be defined by right or wrong way? It is the difference that can be found in the work done by an amateur and a dissertation writing help professional.

Our experts have observed that the common mistake students commit in their dissertation is creating an improper structure. This is why they either ruin their scores or have to do complete rework on their dissertation. But, before looking into the structure, you should pay attention to another important section of this document.

Dissertation proposal

This is the first and foremost step from our expert’s dissertation writing guide. Once you have a topic in mind, write a proposal, and submit it to the committee. Start your dissertation only after the proposal is approved.

While writing dissertation proposal, keep in mind to include the following things:

  • Your topic,
  • Questions you will be dealing with,
  • Methods you will be using,
  • The results you will be working for.

So, now let’s take a look at the ideal structure of a dissertation shared by our experts.

1. Title page

Begin your dissertation with a proper title page. It should include the title of the document, the student’s name, his pursuing degree, his department, name of the institution, name of the mentor and his designation.

2. Abstract

Then comes the abstract for your dissertation which can be of around 150-300 words. These words are not included in the overall word count of the dissertation. In this page, you give a brief of the topic of your dissertation, methodologies you used, and the results you got.

3. Introduction

This is the first section of your dissertation from where the word count begins. This is the introductory section. It includes an interesting opening of your topic. It comprises pre-theoretic overview of approximately 500 words, interest of this topic, purpose of the research, aim and objectives of approximately 100, 600 and 300 words respectively. The overall word count of this section should be around 1500 words.

4. Literature review

The next section is the literature review. It is that part of the dissertation that includes in-depth knowledge of the subject. This is basically the secondary source of information that does not include original content or new findings. This includes a historical overview of the subject in around 500 words. You can add a contemporary review of the theory in about 1500 words and context of study in 1000 words. Make sure this section is of 3000 words in total.

5. Research methodology

Next is the research methodology. This section includes details and information about the research techniques, methods used to collect data, and other things. This comprises philosophy in 500 words, a brief on data collection techniques in 600 words, sourcing and selecting data of 200 words, research ethics in 200 words, and data analysis tools of 500 words. This section should be of approximately 2000 words.

6. Data analysis, findings, discussion

Then comes the section of data analysis. In this section, you analyze your data, findings and discuss them. This can be of 2000 words where you present data in 500 words. Dedicate 1000 words for the analysis part and 500 for findings. Make sure to include all your findings here.

7. Conclusion

Now this is the last counting section of your dissertation. That means this is the last section whose word count is included in the overall dissertation count. This should brief your work in 1500 words. This includes reviewing the aim and objective within 300 words. Then about the contribution part in 300 words, review on the methodologies in 300 words, and the limitations and further research scope in 300 words. This should also include an overall conclusion of 300 words.

8. Bibliography

This is the last section of your dissertation. This includes the information of the sources you referred for the data in your dissertation. This section is not included in the overall word count of the dissertation. If you are not aware of how to cite sources in your work, then you can take a look at how to prepare annotated bibliography from the dissertation writing tips shared by our experts.

These are the 8 sections of your dissertation structure in their arrangement order. This should help you structure your dissertation in a way that it looks neat and clear, reflecting your professionalism. Make sure you proofread your work before submitting it to avoid any mistakes in it. If you are looking for help in dissertation proofreading, we offer the best proofreading services at affordable prices.

If you want our assistance for your dissertation writing, then don’t hesitate to avail our dissertation writing services. We provide special discounts for students to meet their budget. This is because we understand the troubles student face while handling their expenses. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us at the earliest to avail our dissertation writing help!

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