From '90s to 2000s: What Changed in the Academic Writing Over the Years?

06 Jun 2022 1489
Revolution of Assignment Writing

The two generations are always at a constant battle that which one of them is the luckier. The ‘90's kids often brag about their era in which they had ample time to find out the real meaning of life. On the other hand, the 2000's kid often try to have an edge over them in the name of technology. From ‘Spice Girls' to the ‘Kardashian's', from the snakes and ladder game to PUBG, from landline telephone to the mobile phones, and from Pokemon cards to Pokemon Go, the two generations have witnessed many changes.

One thing which has also witnessed a drastic change in the generation gap is the assignment writing task. The approach of the students, university guidelines, benchmarks, sources, etc., are some of the things which get unnoticed when we particularly talk about the two kinds of generation kids.

This blog is an attempt to take you to the flashback. No matter, if you are a ‘90’s kid or a 2000s kid, one thing is sure that you are about to feel nostalgic. Let us dive into the memories.

‘90’s VS 2000s: How Assignment Writing Changed Over the Years?

The one thing that didn't change in the duration is that both the generation kids used to receive a mini heart attack as soon as the professor used to assign them a writing task. Rest all the things have changed. Below are some of the key points mentioned by the online assignment help Cairns experts of Assignment Prime, which clearly symbolize the change. Without much ado, let us begin:

1. 90’s Kids Had No Online Assistance: The Internet was the latest invention of the 90's, and therefore, it wasn't accessible to everyone. There were only offline mediums available which were the prime focus of the students. Libraries, books, academic journals, etc., held high priority in the eyes of the kids. In the case of 2000's kids, the Internet is easily accessible to everyone, all thanks to the popularization of Personal Computers and mobile phones. And yes, Google was placed next to God as it had answers to all the questions. Slowly and steadily, the introduction of the Internet broadened the gap between the students and offline sources of information.

2. Assignment Writing Service Didn't Exist in ‘90's: The news of assignment writing task used to bring along with it a lot of sleepless nights for the ‘90’s kids as they had no one to assist them. They were solely responsible for the process of writing, researching, proofreading, and editing. Burning the midnight oil was a daily chore for them. However, the ‘new-generation’ kids are more relaxed as they know that the online assignment writing service providers in Australia are there with whom they can share their academic stress. In the 2000's, academic writing websites started strengthening their roots in the industry, helping students focus on other productive tasks rather than scratching the head with never-ending assignments.

3. Plagiarism Was a Dictionary Term Till ‘90’s: Remember the times when you used to copy your friends' assignment and score excellent marks in the ‘90's? If yes, then you should be thankful that you were born in that era. At that time, professors had no tool to recognize whether the content of the assignment was authentic or not. Here, the 2000's kids are at a loss as the emergence of many online plagiarism-detecting tools restricted their academic success. Such tools compare the document from the millions available on the Internet to determine the academic sin of copy-paste. It was the era of 2000 when the word plagiarism stepped out of the dictionary for the first time.

4. Being a Grammar Nazi Was a Must in ‘90s: With no proofreading and editing tools available, the old-generation was required to survive on its own knowledge. There were times when a student knew what to write, but insufficient command of the English language hampered their grades. However, getting assisted by a friend was still an option left for the students. In this point as well, the 2000s students are a step ahead. The availability of online proofreading and editing tools solved most of their problem. What further reduced their stress is the team of highly qualified proofreaders and editors of assignment help service providers. The professionals of such website are highly proficient in identifying the mistakes related to spelling, syntax, grammar, etc.

5. University Guidelines Changed Drastically from ‘90s to 2000’s: The kids born in the era of 90’s have a clear win here. The university guidelines were limited to word count, layout, and formatting style. But, with the passage of time, the guidelines were modified too. The bullet points of the guidelines increased year after year with new additions, such as citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.), appendix style, etc. Furthermore, nowadays, the professor too pays a keen check whether the student has written the assignment as per the university guidelines or not. Now, let us move on to the last difference.

6. The Attitude of Students Towards Assignment Writing Task: The days are gone when grades were the only criteria to judge the capability of the students. In today's scenario, qualities, such as leadership, team spirit, etc. play a vital role in deciding the credibility of an individual. Due to this, the 90's kids were more focused on completing their academic paper, whereas the latter generation gave importance in brushing up the skills. And, for the assignment writing task, they hire experts to get their work done. In this way, they kill two birds with a single stone. By assigning the task to an expert, they get ample time to work on the weak points without compromising their valuable grades.

This brings us to the end of this blog. Reading so far, you must have known some of the changes that took place in the assignment writing task over the years. This piece of information was the work of online assignment help Cairns experts of Assignment Prime. Furthermore, it is clear that the 2000's kids are luckier when it comes to writing an assignment. They have access to many online websites, similar to Assignment Prime, which provide reliable and trusted online assistance to them. Following are some of the features provided which further compel them to seek assistance.

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So, what are you waiting for? Feel proud to be born as a 2000’s kid and utilize the facilities available. Furthermore, before delivering the academic paper, we imply several assessment strategies to make sure that your assignment is perfect.

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