Five Animals That Are Probably Smarter Than Human Beings

02 Dec 2017 3124
Five Animals

How do we define smart? One definition could be our quality to differentiate and generalize different objects, using tools and showing emotions. Humans have made it so far only by portraying these characteristics and living in large groups. We have to perform specific tasks that fulfill our requirements which animals call survival.

The comfort of a penthouse, however, is something animals cannot afford and don't care. They are born to survive in the wilderness where there are no rules to cross a road. Living under a constant threat of a predator attack, the animals have to prepare themselves to either run or fight the predator back. According to their surroundings, every species develops a unique set of skills which get them food and protection from enemy invasion. Here are five animal species who hone their skills, living in the wilderness:


Ants are not that smart if tested individually. However, a swarm can complete complex tasks by communicating with each other. Ants have huge muscles compared to their size. They can carry a weight fifty times heavier than their body. It helps the ants to perform tough collective tasks such as building ant bridges, manufacturing ant rafts, and fight bigger animals, etc.

Ants are rather peaceful animals except a few, like the Army Ant which will eat and digest everything.Peaceful ones display a quality of farming their own fungus to harvest and eat later, building over a thousand miles lengthy colony. We will find it surprising to know that one ant colony can identify the intruder from other ant colonies, by its pheromones. They even attack and enslave other ant colonies to work for them.


Crows are the nature's greatest tricksters. They have an enormous brain, as big as the size of a chimpanzee but in a much smaller body. The bird hunts insects, and wittily steals it too from the animals who are eating one. They keep a close look at human's world and can also remember how you look. So if you were caught stealing crow chicks, mother crow might just attack you with hunting tools. Yes, crows are capable of using tools, as well. 


Pigs are highly social animals which have more cognitive power than the dogs. Left alone, they build their own society, feast together, and sleep in groups, etc. They communicate amongst each other using 20 different voices which even an infant piglet would understand. They are extremely clean, for pigs understand the concepts of home and toilet. If you leave a pig far away from home, it'll probably get back, as they can smell their home from a long distance. 


Compared to our 85 million years of survival, Octopus has lived in the depths of the oceans for 300 million years. Several species of octopus have evolved, ever since. The only bone in their body is their beak which resembles a bird's beak apart from its venomous nature. Octopus can pass through an orifice if their beak can. If an orifice is smaller than their beak, they know that they cannot pass. They don't even try.

An octopus has nine functional brains, one for each arm and a master. Their body works on nervous system mechanism. An Octopus also demand anesthesia while operation as they respond to pain as well as joy and sadness. Also, every octopus has to learn about the surrounding on its own, for the mother octopus dies of starvation because of the six month fast she keeps till the eggs hatch, and the male octopuses commit suicide after first mating.


‘Gentle giant' is the best-suited adjective to describe an elephant. They live in a pack and are capable of displaying signs of emotional attachment. Elephants are smart enough even to mimic the human voice. Just like humans, elephants tend to grieve on the death of their loved ones. They stop talking and communicating for days if they lose someone from the pack.

Elephants are strictly herbivores but nobody would suggest poking an elephant to the point it gets mad. It is known that elephant use tools to gather food for the family. They are also capable of using their surroundings as tools to express their anger. Hence, if you happen to cross an angry elephant, try to keep yourself far away from becoming a tool.

Animals in wilderness show their natural traits. Students can learn the importance of different aspects of life from these animals. Ants teach us to work efficiently in a group, elephants show us compassion, and so on. 

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