Awesome Travel Gadgets That You Should Have

01 Feb, 2020 3689

The first thing people do when they go out on a break for a holiday or a vacation is, they cut the chord that connects them to the outside world. In simple words, they try to spend some time off the grid. But traveling without the essentials can be tricky as it can pose various challenging circumstances that one would have never thought of. Considering the fact that while on a getaway you’re nowhere close to your home, it becomes all the more difficult to get your way out of those situations. The only source of help is your wit and your bagpack. In this blog, our team of experts has listed down some of such awesome gadgets that are not only helpful but can prove to be the savior for people who love to travel.

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Emergency Antenna

As the name suggests, this is something that can be helpful in emergency situations. Emergency Antennas are portable devices that can connect you to the nearest cellular network via your phone or any other connectivity device. 

Closed Hammocks

You would be familiar with hammocks but for travelers who seek thrills and like to spend time in the wild, closed hammocks can be quite helpful. These are tangible tents that provide enough space for a single person to lie inside saving him/her from difficult weather conditions. They are easy to pack and take up minimal space.

Smart Bagpack

Smart Bagpack looks just like a standard bag but has a few useful features. It has plenty of compartments to store clothes, gadgets, and edible items. Additionally, it has got a USB charger, an emergency battery bank, a laptop case, a navigator, an in-built music player, a bulletproof safe, a water and fire-resistant outer case, and above all, a camera. A perfect travel companion!

Water Purifier Bottle

Thrill-seekers there may encounter a few places that might not offer drinking water, and hence a portable water purifier becomes handy. Not only for frequent travelers but also for people who go out on holidays, this can be helpful.

Utility Knife

Popularly known as the Swiss knife, it is a gadget fitted with multiple tools like, knives, scissors, cork opener, etc., that makes it a must-carry thing while traveling. Utility knives are sleek and can be carried easily.

Pocket Washing Machine

As the name suggests, this is one of those devices that you can’t say no to. A portable washing kit is a dynamic gadget that is fitted with a washer and a scrubber platform that is made out of unbreakable plastic and can be folded easily like a handkerchief. It also contains enough capacity for holding 3 liters of water for soaking purposes.

Portable pocket steam iron

It is a tiny gadget that runs on a battery and irons your clothes anytime and at any place. This iron also contains a solar charger and flashlight that can be used when needed. It is a gadget that serves multiple purposes, and hence becomes a perfect example of a handy traveling gizmo. 

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