How to Build a Productive Team for Group Assignments?

17 Sep 2016 5281

When given a group assignment, students usually feel stressed out because of the group activity that they will have to do. Moreover, most of the time it is observed that only a few students work with dedication in a group assignment and others take away the leftover pieces of the cake. A recent study has revealed that if one is happier doing one’s work, then the work productivity can be increased to 12% more. Same goes with the working of a team. If all your team members are happy working with each other, then boost in overall productivity can be seen. The authors of research have revealed that companies nowadays are investing huge capitals on the employee satisfaction so that their productivity can be maintained. Google has witnessed an impeccable rise of 37% after doing the same. Similar tactics can be helpful while working on group assignments as well.

Whether you have a huge batch of students to handle or only a couple of them, these tips will help a lot in building a happy and productive team. Here they are:

Communicate Aptly

Being good in communication solves almost all problems as you can convey your views efficiently and everyone understands what they need to do. Poor communication corrupts the bond between fellow students. As a result, it can affect the overall performance of the team. Improving communication will surely help you now, and in upcoming years as well.


You ought to be good in conveying your thoughts, but communication is a two-way street, so you need to listen to the ideas of other people as well. If you show interest in their ideas, then they will be even more interested in interacting with you. Moreover, if you stay on a topic and ask relevant questions when people are sharing their views, then they will not hesitate to share their ideas with you. This can establish better professional bonds between teammates while working on an assignment.

Set Milestones

If you and your classmates are putting cumulative efforts in an assignment, then it is essential to set milestones for every member of the team. Moreover, every member should be responsible for completing a specific target within the scheduled time. In the meantime, if (s)he is busy doing something else, you should not raise an objection as it is now him/her responsibility to complete the task in that particular interval of time.

Offer Flexible Working Hours

It is not at all necessary to work in boundation. If you and your team can work for a fixed working hours, good enough, if not, do not force them to do so. Offering flexibility or the provision to work from home can be another measure to provide satisfaction to all the team members. You can also have flexible working hours for the teammates who are involved in some other activities as well.


Your habit of appreciating people can make you the most likeable person in the team. If you like the work of any individual, never forget to appreciate his/her work. This boosts the confidence and motivates him/her to perform even better. In short, the team will be benefited by a few words of appreciation.

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