5 Things Which Can Affect Your Career Negatively And Should Be Avoided

30 Dec, 2016 4657

Building a career is a long time process and needs to be given a lot of time, patience and perseverance so as to climb that success ladder which most of us dream of. However, along the way, there are a few things which might bog you down and need to be eliminated to become a better professional. In this blog, we have discussed some of such things which need to be avoided in your career journey.

Below are some of the reasons which might affect your career if not taken into account as soon as you encounter them:

1. Accepting Work Even When You Haven’t Completed the Previous One

There is no point in taking the extra work if you are already burdened with the previous tasks which haven’t been completed yet. And it should be noted that this would never impress your boss as well. Say ‘No’ when you can’t take in more and let yourself be heard.

2. Gossiping About Colleagues

Gossiping never took anybody to a higher level. Be known as a positive person who lightens up the environment when things are not going the right way. Eliminate the habit of complaining and blaming others and rather take the responsibility for your decisions. Also, never get yourself involved in the grapevine and stay away from the people who are part of it. True professionals pay heed to their tasks first rather than the others.

3. Possessing Poor E-mail Writing Skills

Writing skills are as important as the communication skills and since most of your office conversations are often made over the e-mails, make sure you are crisp and clear about what you wish to convey. Follow the structure of your essay properly and do not lose the essence of your conversation.

4. Avoid Ego Clashes With the Team Members

Valuing your team is as important as valuing yourself. You can never rise above if you do not have the support of your team members. So always make sure you rise above your egos and lend a helping hand to your team mates as well if they actually need it. These small things show the leadership qualities in you which are necessary for becoming a successful leader.

5. Not Following the Dress Code

Dress code is essential in any office, and if you are avoiding one, then it is a big mistake. Following the work, ethics are important and so you should stick to what has been told to you. Lousy dressing is strictly inappropriate for an office as it does not look professional. Moreover, dressing up properly will boost your confidence as well.

We hope that these tips might come useful to you if you are a student who is going to step in the corporate world. Make sure to eliminate these issues if you encounter them while embarking on your career journey. Have a nice day!

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