9+ Case Study Assignment Examples on How to Write a Case Study

27 Apr 2020 5147
Case Study Assignment Examples

How to Write a Case Study Assignment with 9+ Examples?

Writing a case study is not rocket science. But, not everyone can accomplish this mission with the best scores. Have you ever wondered why? If yes, then in this blog, you can know how to draft a perfect one with case study assignment examples for each section from case study writing online help experts of Assignment Prime. So, keep reading to know more about it… 

What Is a Case Study?

A case study is basically a research model that issued to gain in-depth knowledge on any topic. This is most commonly implemented in science and social sciences. This method focuses on conducting empirical analysis and acquiring its real-life context. In simple words, this is a descriptive analysis conducted on a person, group, or any organization. You can understand this better from our academic case study examples available on our website. Now, based on the purpose and objectives of the research, case studies are categorized into different types which are explained below.

What Are Different Types of Case Study?

There are mainly four different types of case studies that you come across during your academic course period. They are:

1. Illustrative case studies

Illustrative case studies are also known as descriptive case studies. They mainly focus on one or a few particular points of a topic and explain the same to the audience in a simpler way. 

2. Exploratory case studies

This is a condensed form of case studies for a large scale investigation. This is used to understand the questions and select further requirements and details for the actual investigation. This is thus conducted for a sample number but the results can be as convincing as the actual investigation. 

3. Cumulative case studies

In this type of case study, the information is gathered from various case studies that are previously conducted. The purpose of this type of case study is to generalize all the previous ones conducted on this topic. This facilitates gaining better knowledge on the topic with minimum effort and time. 

4. Critical instance case studies

This is another type of case study where you focus on examining a situation or any particular event.  Here, the main purpose is not generalizing but instead about raising a question or challenge on the previous work. This is most commonly used for the purpose of answering cause and effect questions. 

Now, these are the famous types of case studies, there are more which can be found online. You can find case study examples with solutions for all these types on our website. Now, the next question that arises is how to write a case study. Here is how you do it.

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How to Write a Case Study?

When you are writing any case study, there is a common approach you follow, which is: 

  • Identification of the problems related to the topic.
  • Choosing a major problem to proceed with the case study.
  • Finding out solutions for the chosen problem.
  • Choosing the best solution from the available ones.
  • Explain the solution and it is implementation for the case study. 
  • Now, here are some examples that will help you know how to draft your case study and the points to remember while doing so. 

Now, here are case study examples for students that will help you know how to draft your case study and the points to remember while doing so.

What Are Some Case Study Writing Tips? 9+ Case Study Assignment Examples

So, here are some tips and case study samples on how to make your case study a perfect document. Along with each point, there is an example to help you understand the same.

1. Focus on interesting information

When you are writing a case study, focus on adding some interesting information for the reader such that they get to know more about the topic. Like in the given example, the types of innovation: product, process, and strategy are key takeaways for the reader on the topic ‘critical issues in business management.’ You can also get a detailed case study on this topic from our samples section.

2. Include strong and supportive points

The main purpose of case studies is to deliver maximum information in minimum time and effort. So, it is very important to add the most important and strong points in your content to add value to that. In the given example on the topic, ‘Strategic thinking’, an overview of the company is provided. Following that are the two main positions of the framework analysis in this topic. These are just the top two positions, for a complete case study, turn to our samples section and search for the topic: ‘Strategic thinking.’

3. Adding proper references

It is obvious that you refer to various sources when you are writing a case study to gather relevant and reliable information. While doing so, make sure to cite all those sources properly in the work to avoid the risk of plagiarism. In the given example you can take a look at the citations in the content under the issues and challenges section of the topic “soft skills in retail industry.” Want to read more on it? Turn to Assignment Prime’s case study assignment examples provided in the samples section.  

4. Discuss the factsheet of the company

When you are writing a case study, it is very important that you explain about the company in a detailed manner. Right from the fact sheet, to strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats and any other factors that affect the company, you should cover every detail of the company. In the given example, we can observe the details of the company such as names, owner structure, history and background of the company, it’s activities and business location. If you want to know more about dragon-den-series, take a look at our case study on dragon-den-series in our samples section.

5. Value-added content about the company

Case studies can be made more interesting with value-added content about the companies such as its goals, working process, buildup process and many more. The below-mentioned example explains the time taken by this organization to complete different activities. And the second image includes the details of the project plan and budget. To know more details on the same, go to our case study samples and read the one on foundation of business.

6. Include interesting elements

You can include or some interesting elements to your case study and make it more interesting such as table,s graphs, stats and so on. In the below example, you can take a look at the difference between friedman theory and freeman theory explained neatly in form of a table. You can read more about this from our case study assignment examples on the topic: social responsibility of business level.

7. Highlight important points

Make sure to highlight important points int he case study to bring reader’s attention to the important information. This way, they can analyze and predict what to expect from the case study.In the provided example, you can observe how, ‘company description, industry analysis, market and competition, strategies and goal, product and services, and marketing and sales’ are highlighted int he case study. To know more details on the topic, ‘Launching new business venture’you can turn to us.

8. Conduct in-depth research

Perform a detailed analysis on the company and gather information on strategic analysis, competitive analysis and other such major areas which impact the company. You can consider implementing models like SWOT, PESTLE, Porter’s Five Forces and many more which are apt for the topic and the organization as well. In the given example, you can observe the SWOT analysis conducted on the organization for the topic, global marketing and digital business for case study writing.

9. Better the brand, better your grades

This is the scenario, when you are not assigned with a topic. You can choose a good brand of any field relevant to your subject. This way, you can find already written content to refer and also you can easily write about it when you are familiar with it. Similarly, in the given example, the brand chosen is Marks and Spencer which is a very renowned fashion retailer in the world. You can read the complete case study on global marketing and digital business of Marks and Spencer in our samples section.

10. Case Study should be presentable and professional

Your case study should be professional in context to content, fonts, size, shape, structure and other details which impact its appearance. This is because the first look of your case study has only a few seconds to impress your professor. So, make sure to use the right structure and organization skills. In the below case study assignment example, you can find how the case study is drafted on the topic, business activity monitoring in a presentable style. This is not done, for the complete document, refer to our website.


Now, that you know the tips for writing a case study,take a brief look into the different sections of a case study you should not miss.

What Are the Different Sections in a Case Study?

1. Synopsis of the case study

In this section, you outline the case study, describe about it, and your field of study. You specify the issues and the ones you are focusing on in this case study and the theory you would be using for the same.

2. Findings of the research

In this section, you analyze the topic, research, mention the findings, go through them and filter the ones appropriate and useful for the research. 

3. Discussion on the topic

Here, you discuss about the topic, findings, problems and come out with the solutions, your approach to the problems and other such details regarding the case study. 

4. Conclusion of the study

In this section, you focus on the conclusion part of the study.  Here you emphasize the topic question and the solution you came up with for it. 

5. Recommendations for information

There should be a section, where you add the recommendations for the reader on topics relevant to your subject such that if they want to read more in detail about it, then they can refer to it. 

6. Implementation of the findings

This section is dedicated to include details of the tasks and estimations of time and costs if applied for the case study work. 

7. References of the sources

Maintain a separate section where you include all the sources from where you have referred to gather information. Doing this can help you be confident of the reliable sources and safe from the academic crime of doing plagiarism. 

8. Appendices if any

If there is any information related to your research that may alter your study but can be related to the topic, then add it in this section. 

The whole case study writing process may seem tedious and tough, right? If you feel exhausted from all this and realize this is not your cup of tea, then you can seek case study writing online help from experts. Wondering how? Read the below section for more details… 

Who Can Help in Case Study Writing?

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Wondering what to do? Just give us a call, drop a text or send mail to us and we will get back to you. In case, you want to take a look at our work, the examples above can guide you to our samples section or you can directly visit our site and move to this section. Here you can find all our sample works done by high-quality professionals on various topics from different subject fields.That is not it, we have amazing discounts and user-friendly guarantees which you should go through once. Now, with so much waiting or you, what is stopping you? Contact us right away!

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