CHC50113 Assignment Answers: Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care Answers..!

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CHC50113 Assessment Answers

The CHC50113 diploma course is related to community services for early childhood education & care, which require to draft an assessment. It is not an easy task, as the students are required to answer various units. Every part has a unique specification in the field of childcare education. It includes both the writing and practical training projects to complete to support students with critical thinking at the time of crucial situations.

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Let’s take a tour of the various units and activities required to perform in the chc50113 diploma of early childhood education and care answers.

CHC50113 Assessment Answers: A Brief Introduction

There are two parts of CHC50113 assessments; one includes answer writing, and the second is to be performed practically. The writing unit of assessment requires implementing strategies to care for the children and get positive outcomes in different situations.

If you want to answer the questions asked in your assessment well, obtain the following details:

  • Solutions for the problem in the assessment
  • Decision-making based on proofs, including authenticity, validity, sufficiency, and currency
  • The outcome of the evaluation process

Under the CHC50113 assessment, you have to solve the provided case studies and perform a project assignment. You will require to focus on some central aspects that are –

  • Promotes inclusion
  • Esteem diversityfor better child health
  • Acquire a plan to support and inclusion of children
  • Recognize children with limitations to learning
  • Employ approaches to come across the children's needs

You should remember all these aspects in your mind while drafting your CHC50113 assessment answers.

Every task requires some specific type of knowledge and performance skills to understand every part vastly. Let’s learn about some that you will need for the chc50113 diploma of early childhood education and care answers.

Performance & Knowledge Evidence Students Must Know

The required performance & knowledge skills that every student must attain to solve this chc50113 assessment are as follows:

Performance Evidence

  • You should know how to support & develop a child with your care in different situations.
  • You should know how to interact with children as per their age and abilities for their better development and growth.
  • You should know how to provide different types of experiences and surroundings. It promotes the development of social, physical, emotional, creative, cognitive, and language areas.
  • You should know how to work with a care service and perform all the criteria outlined in your assessment.

Knowledge Evidence

  • You must attain knowledge regarding the code of ethics.
  • You must know how to access the national quality framework & standards.
  • You must know the importance of early brain development, subsequent education success, and developmental theory.
  • You must know the various aspects of poor development in the early stages, such as poor diet, limited playing, stimulation in brain development, material & sources, trauma, and many more.
  • You must know how the environment & biological aspects can influence growth.

These are the various knowledge & performance skills that you should build in yourself to write the perfect CHC50113 assessment answers. Next, we will know about the multiple qualifications audited reviews that enhance the quality of education.

5 Qualification Audited in Review

It is normal to review the education course you want to adhere to in community services. The ASQA’s strategic review focuses on several aspects, such as course duration, training & assessments, packages for training, practices of advertising & marketing, support for qualification completion, and many more. To check these elements, you have to choose the correct course of education.

It should train you with child care strategies and enhance your skills with potential qualities. Here are the 5 qualification courses that you can include in your review.

3 Qualifications Superseded

  • CHC30708 Certificate III in Children Service
  • CHC30712 Certificate III in Children Service
  • CHC50908 Diploma in Children Service

Current Qualifications

  • CHC30113 Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care
  • CHC50113 Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Care

Above are the various qualification audits you can consider for your future education with the CHC50113 diploma of early childhood education & care assessments. Let’s have a look at the points included in the course of study.

What Do CHC50113 (Early Childhood Education & Care) Includes?

The chc50113 diploma course is beneficial for students who love to work with children and interests to make it a good start for their career. Attempting early childhood education and care courses are identified popularly across the globe. This unit includes the following points:

  • It develops the knowledge and skills to provide a safe, healthy, and caring environment for children.
  • It interacts with educators, children, and colleagues effectively.
  • It helps to support the children in their physical & mental progress.

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, and Dual Qualification are the famous courses that educate for the early care of children. So, you should acknowledge the above points whenever they ask you about the CHC50113 diploma of early childhood education and care assessments.

Now, let’s focus on the case studies provided in the assessment of the students to solve. Below are 7 CHC50113 assessment case study samples for you to practice.

7 Case Studies for Early Childhood Education & Care

You have to seek different resources to collect the data for writing. There are various references like Details to 31874/02: Project and many more that you can consider for writing the answers.


A two-year child named Sam has been suspected of a case of hand, foot, and mouth disease. Sam’s mother has been contacted and came to pick him up. She is confused and wants to know why Sam has to eliminate as he seems well to her, and she cannot take time off from her job to stay home with him.


A 19-month-old child named Rachel attends your service. Soon after she came to the center, her body appeared to be flushed and heated to touch. She usually plays with children outside, but today she does not want to play with anyone. When everyone else was playing with toys nearby, she remains seated on floor cushions near you. She had diarrhea before morning tea, which has affected her nappy. She has two similar episodes in the next two hours, and her temperature is 37.2 degrees.


Ross has been absent for a few days. His mother, Angie, notifies you that he is recovering from an ear infection and requires to take antibiotics twice a day and have ear drops prescribed every 4 hours after returning to care. She provides a medical certificate that declares that Ross is well enough and can return to the care. They provide you a prescription letter from his doctor detailing the medication he has to take. Under which, you have to give Ross the antibiotics at 6.00 pm as his mother does not collect him until 6.30 pm and also the ear drops at 12.00 am and 4.00 pm.


A 4-year-old Josephine, is not washing her hands before eating lunch. She comes to care 5 days each week and has refused to wash her hands for the last 3 days. She seems stubborn and does not want to wash her hands and is repeating that her hands are clean.


Olivia is a 2 ½-year-old child who attends care 4 days a week. You found her troubling to sleep after lunch time. Her mother told you that she is not that fond of sleeping in the daytime at home also. She sleeps by 7 in the evening usually. She take 12 – 13 hours sleep each night. You have examine that she doesn’t even shows any tiresome cues or signs the entire day.


Thomas, a 3-year-old severe allergic kid, is enrolled to care at the service at the start of the year. He is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts such as cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, and egg voice because of his allergies. Signs usually seem within moments of exposure to the allergens.

Thomas has been prescribed an adrenaline in an auto-injector, usually called an EpiPen ®, for performance in an urgency. He currently weighs under 20kg, so, uses the EpiPen ® Junior, which serves a smaller dose of adrenaline.


9-months-girl, Charlotte, is arriving at the care wearing a hooded jacket or jumper due to the cold weather for the last 5 days. The rules and procedures in place at the service ask to avoid this type of clothing especially, for young children who have a sleep or rest when at the service for safety reasons.

These are the various sample case studies you should practice to provide correct chc50113 answers. If you are still confused about how to write & complete these lengthy writings, you can reach the experts at Assignment Prime.

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