How to Pick College Majors: A Guide For High School Seniors

23 May 2016 6694
College Admissions Guide

First of all, accept our cheers for completing, or almost completing, your high school! Now, you are about to set your first step in the real world. It is the dawn of your big life, and whatever decisions you make right now will always have an impression on your career. One of those important decisions is about the selection of your college majors.

No matter how hard you try to take it lightly, the mention of college life never fails to knot your guts, primary reason being, you haven’t yet decided your Majors! And perhaps it is the same apprehension that has led you to this post. So, without any further delay, let’s get to the point, and know, all that is there to know, in regards with the selection of College Majors.

High School Resume

Every student must make a resume of their high school achievements and part-time job experience. It would prove a great help in writing the Common Application. Moreover, a high school resume would work as a great attachment to the ineffective college application forms, where students can hardly mention all their accomplishments. But the most important advantage here would be that it would assist you in the selection of your college majors. Listing of the high school accomplishments would assist you in figuring out your priorities and passion, which in turn would help you in the making the right decision.


It needs no telling that the selection of your college major is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. However, it doesn’t really make any sense to boil yourself up for it. Instead, try to be patient. Remember, most of the colleges don’t require you to declare your major in the first year. So, until the final curtain of your first years gets drawn in, allow your free spirit to explore the various fields. That way, you will not only save yourself from tormenting and apprehensive self attacks, but also would have more information to aid your decision making.

Don’t be too rigid

So you don’t wish to begin blindly and want a concrete start for your college? Then by all means select a major that stands out in mind at the moment. No! It isn’t recklessness we are suggesting; we are just trying to coax you into taking the most advantage of the higher education flexibility. Believe it or not, you can not be entirely sure of your decision, even if you have concluded it after years of brainstorming, until you have experienced the real case scenario. And perhaps that is why colleges always provide you with the option of changing your majors. So yes, don’t be too rigid with yourself and learn to go with the flow.

Minor, Double Major, and BIS

Another contributing factor to the suggestion of being flexible, is the availability of these options in the modern education system. So, if you have interest in diverse disciplines, and that is the sole source of your panic attacks, then remember that you can always opt for minoring, double majors, or graduate with the BIS or Bachelor of Individualized Study degree. All the three alternatives have their own benefits and requirements, and depends entirely on your requisites, which of them would suit you the best.


Last, but apparently not the least option for you is to connect with a Counselor. They have a lot of information on all the different disciplines, and a good deal of experience too to understand your requirements. They can guide you about the present trends, future prospects, expectation of your favorite industries, etc. With their assistance, the whole process would become an easy cakewalk. They can even inform you about the various requirements of different majors, like how many credits you require, how much time you need to allot; and may even help you to arrange your class schedule! What more could you ask for?

Hopefully, these guidance tips have given you the aid you were looking for. We have shown you the way, equipped you with the map, and all you need to do is choose the road. Because at the end of the day, it is your choice that will design your career. But wait! There’s one more thing you need to know. Whether you take help from a counselor, or simply decide to go with the flow, depending on your desires and requirements, you can not turn your back to the inevitables of academic life, one of which is assignment writing. And here comes another point to remember that no matter how complex or tedious your assignments are, you will always have an ally you can rely upon - Assignment Prime. We shall always be there to give the best assignment help. Our professional writers will also help you with writing essays, reports, theses, dissertations, and other academic write-ups.

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