CPC40110 One-Stop Solution to Certificate IV in Building and Construction

19 Jul 2022 1954
Certificate IV in Building and Construction Answers

“A brick after brick, a bit of cement and mortar and a foundation are laid. Layer by layer, one after another, the floors are set up. Step by step, the walls are pulled up. One after another, the whole building is stood up.” Building and construction is a very functional and fundamental industry that is the backbone of a country's industrial development.

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Introduction to the Course: What Is Certificate 4 Building and Construction?

Students pursuing this course are well aware of the fact that it enables potential builders and other members who belong to this industry to improve their business skills and technical knowledge. This is an opportunity for the members of this industry to manage their business successfully. 

Here are a few subjects included in this course, and the students should learn to perform better in academics:

  1. CPCCBC4024A: Resolve business disputes.
  2. BSBSMB406A: Manage small business finances.
  3. CPCCBC4007A: Plan building or construction work. 
  4. CPCCBC4012A: Read & interpret plans & specifications.
  5. CPCCBC4003A: Select & prepare a construction contract.
  6. CPCCBC4026A: Arrange building applications & approvals.
  7. CPCCBC4005A: Produce labor & material schedules for ordering.  
  8. CPCCBC4009A: Apply legal requirements for building & construction projects.
  9. CPCCBC4010A: Apply structural principles to residential low rise constructions.
  10. CPCCBC4011A: Apply structural principles to commercial low rise constructions. 
  11. CPCCBC4008A: Conduct on-site supervision of building and construction projects.
  12. CPCCBC4006A: Select, procure & store construction materials for low rise projects. 
  13. CPCCBC4004A: Identify & produce estimated costs for building & construction projects.
  14. CPCCBC4018A: Apply site surveys & set-out procedures for building & construction projects.
  15. CPCCBC4002A: Manage occupational health & safety in the building & construction workplace.
  16. CPCCBC4001A: Apply building codes & standards to the construction process for low rise building projects. 

This course can help students cover different aspects of the subject, such as building theory and practice dealing with low-rise buildings and the association of light steel structures.

Importance of Cert 4 Building and Construction

If you are a student who is looking up to draft an assignment on this course, then you should know the importance of this course and the chosen subject. 

What Are the Tasks a Student Can Learn While Pursuing This Course?

Students who pursue this course can do the following tasks, learn, and develop many skills:

  • Manage financial business
  • Build codes and standards
  • Estimate, schedule, survey
  • Occupy health and safety
  • Develop specialist skills 
  • Construct technology
  • Take-off quantities
  • Plan interpretation
  • Site supervision
  • Control Cost

What Are the Outcomes of Pursuing This Course?

Students who pursue this course should consider the following learning outcomes:

  • Meeting the needs of builders
  • Selecting contractors
  • Overseeing work & its quality
  • Liaising the client
  • Licensing relevant building

What Are a Few Elements Involved in This Course?

Students pursuing this course know that it involves the following elements:

  • Adopting building standards
  • Adopting new codes
  • Learning construction process
  • Develop structural principles
  • Focus on the legal framework
  • Consider on-site supervision
  • Prepare material and labor schedules
  • Ensure workplace safety measures

These are a few points about the course that you need to consider so that you can learn the subject from in-depth, develop an informative assignment, and come up with cert 4 building and construction answers.

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Here are a few topics related to this course that you should know, learn, and understand:

  • Accounting systems and assurance
  • Auditing and ethical practice
  • Auditing and professional practice
  • Business integration
  • Concepts of managerial accounting
  • Corporate accounting
  • Corporate governance 
  • Economics for managers
  • Electronic crime and digital forensics
  • Financial accounting theory
  • Identify and produce estimated costs assessment
  • Implement and monitor WHS policies
  • Information systems analysis and design
  • Introduction to management
  • Issues in financial reporting
  • Issues in management accounting
  • Logistics management
  • Management accounting assignment 
  • Manage operational plan assessment
  • Network routing and switching 
  • Quality management
  • People – work and organizations
  • Principles of accounting
  • Production and operations management
  • Strategic management
  • Supply chain management
  • Undertake project work assessment
  • Water and environmental design

These are a few concepts of the subject that one needs to include in the cert 4 building and construction assignment. If you need help in this or any other, you can always count on Assignment Prime experts for the same. Reach out to us now, and get the best help!

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