5 Different Domains to Choose for Operations Research Assignment

02 Nov, 2018 3318

Operations research is a scientific approach which uses an analytical method to solve the complicated situation for making decisions in the management. In this process, problems are broken into pieces and mathematical analysis is done to address these. Operations research is a sub-field of applied mathematics and often used in management studies. Due to its vast application in all the subjects, it becomes difficult for some students to choose a proper topic in the concerned field. Therefore, below we have tried to compile some areas where operations research techniques are applied, to help you produce high-quality documents.

  • Manufacturing Management: Non-stop increase in the demands of customers and cut-throat competition in markets is creating a need for more manufacturing companies. You can discuss the role of operation research which solves the difficult task of decision-making by developing quantitative models. Students can add different operations research techniques, such as probability and optimization to find relevant results.
  • Telecommunication Networks: With increasing craze of the internet, the research area of telecommunication networking is developing. Therefore, operations research is seen in action in this market. Different equilibrium models can be explained here, such as Nash equilibrium. It is a concept of game theory and gives a solution to the game where two or more players have a strategy, and switching strategies won't result in any gain or loss. You can discuss in the paper the cause and effect of Nash equilibrium and how it helps to give a solution in this particular organization.
  • Health Care Management: Health Care is one of the largest sectors in the world. It comprises hospital, medical centers, medical devices, insurance, and outsourcing. To manage this expanded sector, set of strategies is required to produce relevant results. You can take these different sectors of health care in assignments and can discuss the role of operations research. You can also work on the steps which will derive the solution to the problem. The steps include the formulation of the problem by constructing the mathematical model. The model will derive a solution and then testing the model.
  • Armed Forces: Operations research in military analyzes the planning for strategic grounds. You here can work on how operations research has contributed to the force structure planning and evaluation of military hardware. You can also discuss the effectiveness of operations research in conducting field exercises etc.
  • Public Sector Units: Operations research also plays an important role in the formulation of government policies. The public sector has to work according to society's demand for change and development. To make these changes successful, the government has adopted operations based methods and tools to analyze the investment made for development of the society. You can work on how operations research plays a vital role in terms of facilitating scarce management effectively.

3 Methods Involved in Operations Research

These three phases will help you to draft an effective assignment.

1.Formulation of a Problem

In-depth research is needed for judging a real problem in any field of operations research. Students have to observe and choose tools accordingly which will discover sufficient data in formulating the problem. This is also called as a judgment phase; it defines correctly the main problem faced by the particular management and how decision - making can be done.

2.Construction of a Model

Under this phase, you have to collect data and information related to the problem formulated. After obtaining the relevant data, the model will be created to evaluate the cause of the problem and how it affects the management. You have to do extended research on the exact problem to get an efficient result.

3.Testing phase

Under this phase, the constructed model is utilized to solve the problem in real life and modification can be done accordingly if no result found. This is the action phase, students will engage in different operations research tools and techniques to verify the result. Usefulness of the model can be analyzed which will derive the expected solution of the problem.

Operation research assignments can be tricky to work on and it needs extended research work to get to the results. However, we have discussed here some main domains and the approaches to be taken to produce a perfect paper. After this, if you still need assistance, our team of Operations Research Assignment Help will guide you to construct a well-formatted paper on operations research.

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