5 Ways Education Could Change in the Next Five Years

21 Jul, 2018 3244

As technology is advancing with each passing day, the time is not far when it will replace human intelligence. Since technology has left an impact on almost all aspects of our life, it is going to change the face of education entirely in the next five years. Some educators fret that technology might take over a lot of tasks and abilities that they have been teaching to students for decades. The fact is that education will never disappear, but there will a considerable change in the ways and techniques of learning.

We asked our experts providing online assignment writing help to Australian college-goers to share their advice on the future of the education, with predictions for the next five years. Here’s what they have to say:

Students Will Have Personalized Learning

In coming years, students will gain the learning with study tools adapted to their capabilities. As a result, they will be challenged with more demanding tasks and problems when they achieve a certain level of learning. Scholars, who face issues in acquiring knowledge of a particular subject, will get the prospect to practice more until they get to the required level. There will also be a learning environment that conforms to a student’s needs.

Online Learning Will Take Over Traditional Classroom Education

Since technology will play a crucial role in education in the future, students are likely to opt for online courses as they are cost-effective and provide flexibility. In recent times, around three million students are pursuing fully online degree programs, and nearly six million are taking at least one college course through an online platform. Online learning can be a great alternative to face-to-face education in coming years to students who want to gain learning from the comfort of their home, enhance their technical skills, and give a boost to their career.

The Demand for Tech-Savvy Educators Will Increase

In the next five years, education needs will drive technology use, but that doesn’t mean teacher-avatars will teach students. Instead of merely finding ways to put tablets in students’ hands, education technology will find new ways to augment the best learning possible. The teaching can be the most effective when combined with curricula and programming created and lead by a tech-savvy educator.

Virtual Reality Will Change the Educational Landscape

With advanced technology, students will be able to able to experience a three-dimensional image of earth instead of a simple, flat one. The virtual and augmented reality will make them see various landforms and layers going down to our planet’s core. Students can also expect the future where they will be walking through an art gallery and scanning a code next to a picture using a unique app on their smartphone. Also, being able to watch a video of the artist sharing details of his work.

Data Interpretation Will be an Important Part of the Curriculum

Mathematics is one of the three significant literacies, but the manual part of this subject will become irrelevant in the coming future. Computers will handle every statistical analysis, and describe and assess data and predict future trends. As a result, the human interpretation of these data will hold an essential place in the future curriculum. Applying the theoretical understanding to numbers, and using human reasoning to deduce logic and trends from these data will become an underlying new aspect of mathematics.

Technology will surely be a significant factor in how education in the future differs from the traditional classroom environment. The educators will sense a need to rethink the entire model of education and redesign it to make it student-centered. The future of education seems remote, but teachers and educational institutions will always remain vital to academic performance.

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