Experts Guide to Write an Introduction | Seven Styles to Know

27 Jun, 2019 1715

Some of the people have this question in their minds that what is the purpose of an introduction in an essay, while some have queries about the steps of writing it. Well, if you are one of them, then congratulations, you came to the right place. Our experts have not only covered both the topics in this blog to resolve all your queries, but also have revealed the seven styles of writing a introduction.

What is an introduction in an essay?

Introduction(also known as prolegomenon) is the initial section of any essay. It generally states the layout of the essay in a concise form. It gives the overview about the body and consists of catchy statements, ideas, points, thesis statement related to the topic.

Purpose of Introduction in an Essay

The purpose of writing an essay is to introduce the topic and concisely explain about it. It is generally stated to give a clear idea about what the essay will be covering. In other words, we can say that the purpose of the introduction is to map the essay. Its another purpose is to catch the attention and build interest among the readers.

How Write an Introduction in an Essay?

Step 1 - Start with a catchy statement

You can start with a quote, analogy or a question. Remember it is one of the most important line of your essay. It should be quoted such that it should spark the interest. The reader should feel connected to it. This is the initial thread that connects the him. Make sure it is a powerful one.

Step 2 - Write your main ideas and points

After writing an amazing beginning statement, proceed with the statements about your main ideas or points. State down all of them such that it should give a overview about your essay in a concise form.

Step 3 - Write your thesis statement

Write the theme of your essay, your ideas and points about it in one or two sentences. It gives a proper guideline of the essay and limits your content.

Seven Styles of Writing an Introduction


In this style of writing the introduction, the content flow just like the shape of the original funnel. It starts with a general opening statement followed by the supporting statements making less general points leading to the thesis statement which is specific.


This style’s introduction consists of a short story. It supports the topic of your essay. This type of introduction is an effective way to catch the interest of the reader towards the essay.


This type of introduction gives the overview of the information that are in the essay. This gives a chance to the reader to agree or disagree with the opinion which arouses the interest of the reader to read the essay.


In this style of introduction, we use a piece of sentence or sentences which are already written by someone and is relevant to the essay’s topic, main idea or your point. This style of introduction can be used alone or can be combined with the other styles of the introduction.


In this style of the introduction writer asks the question in the beginning and then wrap the essay around the answer. This type of introductions hooks the reader.

6.Setting the Scene

In this style of introduction, writer writes the introduction in such a way that it illustrates certain scene. This style draws the interest of the reader towards reading further.


In this style of essay, we define the difficult or less known terms in the introduction, which is used throughout the essay. Sometimes, it’s the topic itself.


Introduction is a very essential section of the essay. It should be written such that it should seek the interest of the reader. It should follow proper guidelines. There are seven different styles in which an introduction can be written. Writer can choose any as per their convenience and priority. If you need any kind of essay writing service, you can always take it from our experts.

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