4 Must-to-Include Customer Factors in Your Consumer Behavior Assignment

21 Sep 2019 1296
Consumer Behavior

Consumer behaviour can be described as the study of the prominent factors which influence the decisions of a customer while buying a product. The study of consumer behaviour proves to be instrumental in understanding the psychology of the customer. If the manufacturer understands the need of the customer and build his product to fulfill the need of the customer, then his product’s success chances will increase benefit.

Consumer behaviour can also be understood by a simple example. Suppose you are a student and you are not that good in your academics. But, you have received an assignment on any topic, say consumer behaviour assignment. As you are not good in your studies, you will try to search for help. In the process of searching the required help, you will do research that, who can help you to get your assignment done on time or who may provide you the consumer behaviour assignment help. And there are certain platforms available that are providing Consumer Behavior Assignment help, will appear in your search and  Assignment Prime will satisfy your need.

This is a sheer example of consumer as you, and behaviour as your requirement of assignment help. But, if we will talk about the whole process. Then, how did you reach to that help provider? Of course by doing a research. So, this is what consumer behaviour study is all about.

Lets talk about the 4 customer factors which should be included in your consumer behavior to make it even more meaningful.

The Marketing Campaigns

The advertisement we see on daily basis, pragmatically plays an instrumental role in our decision making. It can even shift the company’s market share by influencing the decision of the customers. The power of the advertising can be easily understand by this simple fact that if an advertisement keeps on appearing in front of a customer. Then, after a point of time, it influences the decision making of the customer and he switches his choice instantly.

Purchasing Power

The most important factor of the consumer behaviour is purchasing power. Almost every other customer evaluates his purchasing power before going after the product.  Suppose if the product is good, but the pricing is bad, then it will impact the purchasing power of the customer. And no matter how attractive it may look to him, but he will not buy it. Because of the price concern and this actually  benefit hampers the sales. Understanding the customer and his purchasing power helps in studying the consumer behaviour in a more refined way.

Economic Conditions

It’s been noticed that the purchasing nature of the consumer also depends upon the economic condition of the market. If the economic condition of the market is good, then it boosts customers confidence to purchase something from the market. But, suppose if the market economic condition is weak, then this will force the customer to hold his purchasing plans for now.

The Preferences of an Individual

If we talk about the personal level, then it does get influenced by various points like, values, choices, variants, liking of something, disliking, etc. There are a few areas, which always get dominated by the choice of the customers and they hardly compromise in this filed. These areas are;

  • Personal care of self
  • Choice of food
  • Treatment and care of health

It’s possible that the consumer may get influence with the advertisement for a while, but the final verdict will always be of the customer. Because in the market “Customer is king.”

Analyzing the customer behavior, collecting the data to explore more about the consumer, keeping a note of the latest trend, and always exploring something new for the customer, this really takes a lot of time and marketing team needs to spend their lot of time in it. But, still it’s a vital piece of knowledge which should be shared with the people, and this is why a lot of writers have written various books on this topic.

Consumer behaviour study is really an important topic and lot of big companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. invest a lot in this. Because, they really want to know what’s running in consumers’ mind to improve their product.

Final Thought

World is transforming into a huge city where customer data is going to be the most important thing, even way precious than gold or diamond. So, take care of your personal information and never let anyone use it for their own benefit. Besides this customers may also subscribe to a good assignment writing help to know more about the fundamentals of consumer behaviour.

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