Feynman Technique: A Mental Model to Study Smarter & Learn Faster

09 Aug 2019 1828
Feynman Technique

Information is the base of any assignment. It is impossible to write any document without knowledge. Other than this, another thing which you should know is the quality of the paper. If the quality is bad, you’ll get less grades, if good, then you would surely get the highest marks. So, now, the point is, how to write an assignment with excellent information when you are not having in-depth knowledge of the topic or question!

Well, the solution is ‘Feynman Technique’. This technique was developed by Nobel Prize winner physicist Richard Feynman who is also known as ‘Great Explainer’. With this technique, you can learn almost anything. It is usually used by students and professionals:-

  • To learn the concept that seems complex.
  • To remember the idea they’ve already learnt.
  • To study any theory more effectively.

That’s why the experts of Assignment Prime who provide the best online assignment help are presenting the accurate steps of Feynman Technique which you can use while writing the assignment. By using this mental model, you will be able to provide precise information in your paper and enhance its quality.

4 Steps of Feynman Learning Technique

As mentioned in the topic, there are 4 simple steps of the Feynman Technique. By using them, you will be surely able to learn and write any topic of your assignment more effectively, by reading which your reader will be impressed assuredly.

Step 1

According to our assignment helpers, the first step of the Feynman Technique is to imagine that you’re teaching someone else who knows absolutely nothing about the topic. Now, take a piece of blank paper and write the name of your assignment topic on it.

Step 2

Now, start explaining the concepts related to the topic of that paper. Start from the very basic and then describe whatever you know about that topic. Also, point out those ideas which you don’t know, are unable to explain, have to learn, etc. This way, you’ll understand all the concepts in a better way.

Step 3

Now, learn those ideas which you pointed out in the previous step. You can do it by reading that concept from your coursebook, internet, magazines, etc. Once you understand the theory, repeat step 2. It is a tried, tested, and proven way to learn a topic in-depth.

Step 4

This is the last step of the Feynman Technique. In this, it is suggested to repeat step 3 until you master all the pinpoints. Also, try to explain the concepts in as simple words as you can and avoid using complicated words. We repeat, explain in a way like you’re explaining the topic to a student who has no idea about it and is not aware of complex words.

That’s all!

Yes, you need to follow only these 4 steps to understand any topic which will further help you in writing the top-notch assignment. Do you want to know what are the benefits you’ll get by using the Feynman Technique?

Well, here are they...

  • This technique not just help you write the assignment effectively, but also learn and understand the concepts accurately which further assist you in the final exams. We mean, once you understand a topic with this technique, then you don’t need to learn it again during exam time. Rather, you just have to revise.
  • Unknowingly or knowingly it trains you to take the right, intelligent, and smart decisions.
  • By using this technique, it will be easy to apply your knowledge in the real world.
  • This way, your teaching technique will also improve.
  • Your power to think critically will increase by using this technique.

This is an effective technique to write an assignment. That’s why we presented it here so that you can be benefited from it. So what are you waiting for? Start using this technique now. However, if the submission deadline is coming closer or you’re unable to use this technique, then it is highly suggested to take the best assignment writing service offered by Assignment Prime. We are providing our services at affordable prices with lots of jaw-dropping offers and freebies with no hidden or extra cost.

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