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How to Write a Discursive Essay

Everything You Need to Know About Discursive Essay! *Tips & Tricks Included*

Discussion on random topics is the best way to kill time, right? Moreover, it is one of the favorite pastimes of Australian students. However, all the argumentative skill fades away as soon as the professor assigns discursive essay writing tasks to them (sad but harsh truth)- strange, isn’t it? Well, the majority of the students wondering how to write a discursive essay share some common problems. For instance, some struggle to find the right dissertation writing topics, while others fail to follow the proper structure.

But, the wait is over NOW! Welcome to the blog, which highlights band 6 module C discursive essay tips. Scroll this space to know more!

Discursive Essay Definition & Purpose

As the name suggests, a discursive essay focuses on a brief discussion about a topic. You may be required to present your arguments in favor of the issue, or against the topic, or render an unbiased opinion or present your viewpoints on both sides. Also, it can be written in a serious or humorous tone. Now, you must be wondering that writing a discursive essay is similar to an argumentative essay, right? Well, you are absolutely wrong here.

Difference Between Discursive Essay & Argumentative Essay

Purpose: The discursive essay emphasizes on presenting a neutral opinion via balanced discussion. Both sides of the issue can be presented using authentic facts & figures.

Style & Structure: The writing style of a discursive essay is formal & impersonal in nature. Moreover, the overall structure is similar to an argumentative essay with a single difference that a paragraph containing one point is generally followed by a counterpoint paragraph.

Before we talk about the discursive essay structure in detail, let us first highlight its types.

Discursive Essay Types

There are three main types of discursive essays. They are:

  • Opinion Essay: The writer needs to state his opinion about the topic. It must be clearly included in the introduction, followed by reasons and examples. However, an opinion essay should also contain a counter-argument before the conclusion. Also, it becomes the responsibility of the essay writer to prove that the opposing argument is irrelevant.
  • For and Against Essay: As per the online essay help experts, such types of writing pieces demands the students to debate on an idea using opposing viewpoints. The introduction flashes a light on the topic, the main body justifies the arguments using factual information, and the conclusion reflects the author’s opinion.
  • Essay Suggesting Solution to a Problem: The introductory paragraph is mainly for declaration of the problem along with analyzing the causes & consequences. The main body, however, includes suggestions and expected outcomes. At last, the author's opinion is summarized in the conclusion.

Now comes the time to discuss the structure of the essay.

Discursive Essay Structure

The majority of the students who ask, “How to write a discursive essay?” are the ones who struggle with the structure part. If you are also tired of burning the midnight oil, then here’s the complete guide.

  • Introduction:Start it with a hook and make sure that it sounds interesting to the professor. The choice of quotations and rhetorical questions is a wonderful move. Begin by providing a glimpse of the discursive essay topicand summarize both sides of the arguments. Stay away from stereotypes and generalizations if you do not wish to sacrifice your valuable grades.
  • Main Body:As per the discursive essay help Australia writers, the main body is the place to mention all the arguments, results, and observations concerned with the topic. Here are four important points that you must remember:
    • Do a proper assessment of all the aspects related to the idea without staying biased. Keep your opinion for the conclusion.
    • Highlight each & every argument in separate sections for better readability and understandability. Also, do not forget to back the arguments with supporting evidence.
    • Stay unprejudiced by mentioning for & against arguments alternatively. For instance, if you have presented a supportive argument in one paragraph, then introduce an opposing argument in the next paragraph.
    • Each body paragraph should begin with a summary of an argument.

Check out the free discursive essay sample pdf available on the website to know more!

  • Conclusion: Now is the time to express your viewpoint. Moreover, all the important points mentioned in the main body should be summarized here. Do not introduce any new points. Also, make sure that you stick to the word-limit and keep the length short (one paragraph).

Congratulations! You have successfully got the answer to your question- how to write a discursive essayfor A+? Moving on further, the subsequent section contains some do’s and don’ts, which you must know.

Do’s & Don’ts


  • Keep the tone formal and impersonal
  • Use credible sources
  • Follow proper citation style for referencing
  • Use topic sentences for clarity
  • Paragraph transition must be smooth
  • Submit facts and figures, wherever necessary


  • Avoid using personal examples
  • Avoid using emotional language
  • Short forms should be avoided
  • Do not refer to statistics without suitable referencing
  • Keep away from expressing your opinion repeatedly
  • A big no to over-generalizations

Hurray! You are all geared up to write an impressive discursive essay. Furthermore, below are a few trending topics on which you can consider drafting your paper.

FREE Discursive Essay Topics

  • Is it necessary to pursue an MBA for business success?
  • Exercise is necessary for losing weight
  • Should Marijuana be made legal?
  • Technology advancement is making the young generation lazy
  • A half-an-hour nap should be allowed at work
  • Social media is the real reason for the communication gap
  • Texting mobile applications, like WhatsApp is killing the English grammar
  • What is the best age for allowing people to get a driving license?
  • Should junk food cost more than healthy food?
  • Do aliens exist?

For more such topics, do not forget to review the free discursive essay sample on the website. By now, you are highly capable of preparing a top-notch essay. However, if you still struggle with the same, then the next section contains a piece of good news for you.

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