How to Write an Outstanding Annotated Bibliography for Your Assignment?

15 Oct 2018 4382
Practical Ways to Write an Annotated Bibliography

A bibliography is a list of the references or sources that are used in an assignment for research. But, an annotated bibliography is more concise and organized than the general bibliography because it provides a proper explanation of the sources. So, you should understand how to compose it, since this can be helpful in explaining the usefulness of a source in the research and methods that have been used for it. But, if you lack the knowledge of the sources, and methods then it might be difficult for you to compose a perfect annotated bibliography section. This can degrade the quality of your assignment, so to save yourself from getting low grades in such documents, you should avail assignment help from our experienced academic writers.

What is the Annotated Bibliography?

It can be defined as the brief explanation of the sources, so you should explain how a source is relevant, useful in the context of the information. You have to write an appropriate summary, and evaluation of the sources, it should be written in such a way that your reader can easily connect with the idea of the source’s content.

Note: You should write an annotated bibliography in less than 150 words.

What are the Components of Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is made up of many components, and we have listed them in this section. But, you should not use all of them in a single document, but make use of them as per the requirement of the paper or as per the university guidelines.

2.Author’s info
3.Bibliographic citation
8.Main argument

What is the Structure of an Annotated Bibliography?

The structure of the annotated bibliography is simple and easy to understand. It is made up of two parts, annotation and reference. You should review all the sources carefully before including them in the annotated bibliography section so, that it can be easy for you to explain them.

What Are the Various Formats of Writing an Annotated Bibliography?

While writing the annotated bibliography, you have to provide a short but in-depth explanation of the references. Three formats have been famously used for this purpose, and you should use them as per the requirement of the document. So let’s discuss them in detail:


This writing style is the most suitable when you have to write a lot of information in few words. While writing in this format, you need not write complete or grammatically correct sentences. But, you should keep the information meaningful and useful.

2.Complete Sentences

In this writing style, you have to write complete sentences while explaining the references. But, you should remember not to exceed the words limit, i.e. 300 words. Try not to form complex sentences because it can degrade the readability of the sources.

3. Paragraph

To explain your work in more detail in the annotated bibliography section, you can use this style of writing. You should write complete and meaningful paragraphs so that your professor can easily understand the sources that have been used for the research.

General Steps to Ensure the Correct Format of the Annotated Bibliography

1. Write it in alphabetical order.
2. Explain your idea within 100-300 words.
3. Be concise, and try to explain only essential information.
4. Do not repeat information, that you have already included in the bibliography.
5. Write in the academic style.

To write an excellent annotated bibliography, you should have the basic understanding of the components, structure, and thorough knowledge of the resources. While explaining them, you should use proper writing style. But, before you pick one, you should read university guidelines regarding the same.

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