Introduction to Conclusion: Learn How to Organize an Exploratory Essay

04 Jul 2019 2042
Exploratory Essay

Writing an exploratory essay is a challenge. It is different from all other essays. An exploratory essay can be described very different from the other genres of essay that you have written or may write. The concept of an exploratory essay is that you start without an end in mind.When given an exploratory essay to write, students often get confused and reach to our experts for the essay writing help.

What Is an Exploratory Essay?

An exploratory essay differs from other types of essays as you are not arguing or stating your own claim. Rather, you are exploring all the different sides of an argument on the topic. It describes when, how, and why you have completed certain types of research.

This kind of essay is about how you work through the problems that require writing and research. You will have to be introspective and work on your thinking process if you want your essay to turn out well.

To sum up, let’s see some of the features of exploratory essay-

  • It’s more about a problem than about an idea.
  • Analyze several issues of a problem emphasizing on strong and weak items.

Structure of an Exploratory Essay

Very roughly, your exploratory essay should follow the following structure:

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion


An impressive exploratory essay is one that commences with an eye-catching introduction. The content of your introduction should represent the main idea of the essay to the reader.In the introduction paragraph, you should describe the problem you explored and show why it is important. You have to discuss briefly the three important points-

  • Possible causes of the considered issue.
  • People involved with the problem.
  • Several possible outcomes.

A nice introduction will determine if the reader wants to continue reading the essay or it will put him off. So, to write a good introduction, let’s go through some tips.

Tips to Write a Good Introduction

  • Tip 1- Provide only relevant information.
  • Tip 2- Convince your reader that the essay is worth reading.
  • Tip 3- Do not start your introduction too broad.
  • Tip 4- Provide a thesis.
  • Tip 5- Try to avoid cliches.

Basically, a good introduction provides the reader with an overview of your topic and an explanation of the thesis. A good introduction is engaging, interesting and     fresh. For this, you have to be brief and be concise.

Body Paragraph

The body paragraph mainly has two parts-

Paragraph 1- Explaining the problem or issue.
Paragraph 2- Explains the various positions on the topic.

Body paragraph discusses the inquiry process you followed to research your problem. The body paragraphs should include-

  • Body paragraph discusses the inquiry process you followed to research your problem. The body paragraphs should include-
  • Introduction of the source and why you choose to use it in your exploration.
  • Important information you find from your source.
  • Why the information is important.
  • Some personal thoughts about how the source has helped you.

Tips to Write a Body Paragraph

  • Tip 1- Express the paragraph’s main idea.
  • Tip 2- Present the evidence for your main idea.
  • Tip 3- Add quotations as a shred of powerful evidence.
  • Tip 4- The main idea should be stated clearly.

A Few Points to Remember

  • A good way to prove your ideas is to use a few arguments for every point that you make.
  • One of them should be strong and indisputable, while the second one can be less convincing yet informative.
  • Do not use more than five arguments. It can make your text too long and boring.


A conclusion paragraph summarizes what you have written in your paper. Your conclusion wraps up your essay in a tidy package. In the conclusion paragraph of an exploratory essay, you have to restate the problem. Repeat some possible causes and highlight its solutions. If after the research, you have any question concerning the problem, you can mention in the conclusion paragraph. The important point you have to remember about this essay is that you are supposed to explore new things.

Tips to Write an Impressive Conclusion

  • Tip 1- Finish the frame story.
  • Tip 2- Challenge the readers with your arguments.
  • Tip 3- Tell the reader about your point of view.
  • Tip 4- Explain what you think are the important points to consider.

Finally, present your own opinion on the topic and provide supporting statements for what led you to regard these as your beliefs.This is the only part where you state your own case.

Following these guidelines will aid you to create a perfect exploratory essay. There is no reason you can not write something you will be proud of and that will be interesting for the reader. Our essay writing help experts at Assignment Prime also suggest you take care of the typos because no one would be interested in reading an essay full of mistakes. In case, you are not able to write any type of essays, we have a team of essay writing experts who are here to assist you through the online essay help.

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