5 Effective Strategies to Improve Your Scrabble Score

19 Apr, 2017 6231

Do you often get stuck at the same point whenever you play Scrabble? Do you get average scores every time? If this is your daily story, and you wish to improve your score in the word games, then this blog is for you. These board games judge various skills of the players like the language, strategy making and board gaming. You can easily maximise your Scrabble score just by following some of these simple strategies mentioned below:

Focus on two and three letter words

It is not always the bigger words that will fetch you good scores. Focusing on two and three letter words such as of, it, me, go, you, our, get, etc., can boost your performance to a great extent. You can also use them to make multiple other words. You’ll always be at an advantage if you learn these little magical words.

Learn to add quick prefixes and suffixes

Once you have a thorough knowledge of the smaller words, you should master the art of placing a prefix or suffix with them to make other meaningful words. For instance, if you have already formed a word ‘girl’, you can easily raise your score by adding a suffix ‘ish’ and forming ‘girlish’. The same trick can be applied to the prefixes such as ‘anti’, ‘be’, etc.

Add ‘hooks’ to the existing words

In Scrabble, hooks are those single letters that you add to an existing word to make a new one altogether. For example, you can make ‘blush’ from ‘lush’, ‘player’ from ‘layer’, ‘ghost’ from ‘host’ just by adding a single letter to an already existing word. You should especially remember the letters like ‘y’, ‘e’, ‘r’, and 'd’. They can change the complete game for you. Add ‘y’ to ‘hand’, and you get ‘handy’. Add ‘e’ to ‘plan’, and there you get another word ‘plane’. Isn’t it an amazing strategy?

Use the letter ‘s’ wisely

You’ll find it very easy and alluring to make plurals of the existing words just by adding a ‘s’. But experts suggest that you should use this ‘s’ only when it is giving you at least eight more points, as there are just four ‘s’ tiles in a Scrabble. So save your ‘s’ for the bigger move.

Think before you pass your turn

Though this game depends on scoring as much as you can, passing your turn strategically can sometimes give you a bigger opportunity to score more points. So the next time when you are in trouble and wish to play defensively, passing your turn can be a good idea.

Hope these tricks help you maximize your Scrabble score the next time.

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