5 Ways to Increase the Word Count in Science Assignment

24 Aug 2019 1029
Increase the Word Count

“Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity”. How well Tim Minchin described science in just a sentence...isn’t it? Science is one of the strong bases of this era and fortunately of the future as well. Everything around you is the gift of science even the system on which you are reading this blog. Since it is a fascinating subject, a lot of students pursue science courses to have a bright future. Fortunately or unfortunately, you cannot escape yourself from the assignments. That’s why many students take science assignment help from Assignment Prime because we provide the best online assignment help in Australia. Many of the students asked us how our academic writers are able to write long documents without putting down useless stuff in them. Well, the agenda is very clear, we don’t compromise with the quality of the paper. That’s why we always suggest to students as well to extend the length of the assignment with proper information rather than just writing anything. To help you with it, we are presenting here ways to increase the word count of the paper.

How to Extend the Length of the Science Assignment?

In almost all the guidelines provided by the university, word limit or the no. of pages per section are mentioned which every student have to follow strictly i.e., he/she cannot write very less or more than the mentioned limit. Many of the students face difficulty in writing more words in various sections and seek assignment writing service which is no doubt a great decision. Lack of research, lack of writing skills, etc. are some of the difficulties they are facing. However, the following ways will be helping you thoroughly in increasing your words with useful information in the science assignment.

Include Examples

Adding examples in your science assignment is the most effective way to increase the word count with useful information. Read your document and identify the gaps where you can include examples. It can be used to explain a concept in general words, after writing a formula, you can give an example of the calculation, etc.

Research More

One of the major reasons for the less word count is the lack of research work. It is found that students take reference from just a few sources and write, but the truth is, the more you research, the more information you’ll gather which will further help you in increasing the word count and improving the quality of the assignment.

Modify Introduction and Conclusion

Another fantastic way is to modify the introduction and the conclusion of the science assignment. Read your document and check that have you mentioned the ideas in the introduction, have you concluded your paper well, etc. After identifying the gaps, fill it with the necessary information. This is a great way to increase the word count without adding information to the heart of the document i.e., the main body.

Note - Remember to follow the structure and word limit of the introduction and conclusion. Also, avoid writing useless information.

Explain Complex Sentences

This is also a smart yet efficient way for increasing the length of the science assignment. Read the paper thoroughly and mark the complex sentences in it. After that, explain all of them in simpler words by using the phrases like ‘In other words..., in simpler words..., etc.

Note - Avoid restating the complex statements, instead write them in a simple and comprehensive way so that the reader can understand it in a better way.

Increase Page Count

If you want to increase the page count of the science assignment, then simply use the above ways to expand the length of the document. It will gradually result in increasing the page count of the paper.

Another way is to change the font style, font size, layout, etc. of the assignment. But make sure that everything is as per the guideline of your university.

If the word count of your science assignment is less than what is desired, or if the page count is less, then use these methods to increase them. The best part is, it will not only extend the length but also improve the quality of your paper.

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