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Top 5 Mass Communication Principles Every Aspiring Journalist Should Know

Five Principles That Mass Communication Students Must Not Forget

Take any sector; there are hundreds of thousands of codes of conduct, working principles, and ethics outlining the values and obligations of that particular field. The discipline of journalism is no different from others. Journalism is all about bringing out the truth and informing people about various events happening in their nearby domain. So, the professionals working in this field have to have certain working ethics and morals to provide a genuine, well-investigated news to their viewers or readers. For those who aspire to launch themselves in the public information sphere have to adhere to certain fundamental principles of their field. So, read the blog to know what they are and how they are essential.

1.) Always Overcome the Communication Barriers

There is always a gap for the discrepancies to occur in the communication process. Information travels through the different medium, so there are chances that it loses its meaning or the receiver may fail to decode it. The barriers to communication can take any forms mentioned below:-

  • Differences in perception
  • Incorrect filtering
  • Language indifference
  • Poor listening
  • Differing backgrounds

The job of a journalist is to apply various communication theories to overcome such effects that affect the information. 

2.) Narrow Down the Mainstream of News Source

When it comes to the sources or relevance of the news, the journalists have to be very particular about which source is more trustworthy. Accountability is one of the crucial aspects of professional journalism. You have to take the onus of whatever you have written or published. Even though you can correct your errors, why to commit them in the first place?
So, every journalist must know which source is most trustworthy and how to rectify the genuine sources.

3.) Be a Watchdog to Society

The watchdogs are three-eyed people who keep an extra eye on the society and different events happening in it. They have a greater sense of any wrongdoing or strange activity occurring in their vicinity. Similarly, the journalists must be the watchdogs of the society, and they must report any danger or anti-social activity to the readers or viewers.

4.) Find Truth in Lies and Facts in Myths

Many a time, you will hear the news that is going viral. Your job is to dig the dirt and come up with the facts related to that news. Don’t blindly publish or cast whatever you’ve heard or read from xyz sources. Other reporters use various methods sometime to gain TRP but checking the fact is your responsibility before informing viewers or listeners. A journalist’s job is to quote the facts related to any incident or person. So, if you haven’t seen something, don’t believe it.

5.) Always Be Loyal to Your Profession

Looking into the influence of media on society, there are times when you might get money-making offers to adulterate or falsify the news and create a negative impression of an influential person. Apart from this, your superiors might ask to disguise the facts or negate them. But, you need to keep in mind that truth is like the sun, it may set down for a while but it ain’t going anywhere. And once your audience understands the fakeness in your news, they won’t trust you again. So, always be loyal to your profession.

Journalism is what maintains democracy. It is also the force behind the progressive social changes. So, if you are looking for making a career in journalism, then you better keep the principles mentioned above in your mind. Hope you enjoyed reading the blog.

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