6 Ways With Which Students Can Memorise Their Lessons Well

10 Feb, 2018 5073

Students often face the problem while memorizing their lessons which might be due to the fact that they either lack the right skills or the time as they are involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities as well. And during such circumstances, certain tips and tricks can come in handy to make the task a smooth ride.

Here in this blog, we have enlisted some of the tips to help you excel in memorizing the lessons on a consistent basis. Take a read:

1.Divide the lesson into small parts

Learn a chapter in parts and give a certain deadline for each module. In this way, you would be able to study the lessons fast and would not lag behind during the exams. Mark out the topics and revise the previous day's portion to keep things in memory.

2.Study the difficult topics first

Doing so is always beneficial as it would help you develop a pace in your learning process and you would be able to give more time to the topics that are more important and carry significant weightage in the exams. You can even consult your professors on this matter and ask them out your doubts on the topics you need assistance in.

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3.Refer the class notes

Class notes are necessary to understand the concepts in brief and thus need to be taken into consideration. Moreover, there is always a possibility that the professors might include topics that have been taught in the class during the exams. Therefore, make sure you glance through the notes once.

4.Practice writing answers

For those topics which you find difficult, you can choose to practice them in writing. If you happen to fail to memorize the lessons well, try to jot down the important points on a paper and keep it handy for a quick review on the same. Writing would help you to improve your answering skills and make you more skilled in the same.

5.Stay up-to-date with the revisions

Revisions are important to keep your progress in check. Always revise what you have learned on the previous day and analyze your take on each topic. Check out if you have missed out on something or you need to add more to your knowledge bank.

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6.Make use of cue cards

Write down the important topics and the intricate points related to them on cue cards and keep them under your vision to glance through them quickly time and again. In this way, you will be able to remember things for a longer time.

Hope you would pay heed to our curated list of tricks to make you understand things better!

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