Not Using a Free Plagiarism Checker Might Cost You a Fortune! Here is Why

15 Sep 2022 777
Plagiarism Checker A Must Have Tool

Tools have taken over the entire student fraternity by storm! You name a task, and there is a tool for it. Some of them are useful, and some are there just because they are. From grammar checkers to reference generators, there are 10+ tools that every student uses regularly. However, some students still feel that these tools do not add any value to the document. Students who write their assignments on their own often skip using a plagiarism checker, as they feel that they have written everything themselves. And hence there is no need to screen the work. Well, that is where they go wrong. Avoiding a free tool can cost you a lot, and that is the theme of this blog.

The assignment help experts of Assignment Prime have curated a few reasons why it is important to use a plagiarism checker regularly? And what makes it a must-have tool for the students?

But before we jump on to that, let’s take a look at what a plagiarism checker tool is, how it works and how effective it is in the next section.

What Is a Plagiarism Checker Tool? How Effective is it?

Students have often faced the situation where their work was completely handwritten, but still, it was screened as plagiarized by the professors, and they could not understand how. It happens because at the end of the day the resource of study is the same for all the students. To ensure that this does not happen, a tool has been designed for students by the engineers and developers of Assignment Prime known as a plagiarism checker. It simply lets a student find out whether the document that he has written is plagiarized or not. It also shows the sentences that are similar so that you can make appropriate changes to them and secure your content.

As far as the effectiveness of the tool is concerned, 1000+ students have used it and said that this is the best tool available to them for free. The biggest advantage of the tool is that it holds nothing back from the students. It shows the copied sentence as well as the source of the sentence so that you can match the context in which that sentence has been used and make your decision accordingly.

Knowing all of it, you might feel that it is a must-use tool, and we could not agree more. The tool helps you learn about plagiarism and its effect on your paper. It also highlights the plagiarized work. But why should you know it? Well, we have an answer for that too, in the next section so make sure you do not miss out on it!

Why Is it Important to Know About Plagiarism? Does it Help?

It is crucial to learn more and more about the quality of the document you have written as it helps you understand your potential and where you stand in the competition. Plagiarism is a serious offense that university professors never encourage and the consequences of attempting it are worse than one could imagine. While you know you have not copied, and the match found is a coincidence, your professor might not feel the same. Also, they can never give a benefit of the doubt in such a difficult scenario, and thus they have no other option left than to disqualify your work and give you an F on your paper.

All of it can be avoided if you know about plagiarism in your paper. You can do something about the unintentional plagiarism in the assignment if you have an idea about its whereabouts, and that is exactly what a tool can help you learn. Some factors that make the tool important to use are -

  1. It helps you paraphrase the required sentences
  2. Knowing that your document is plagiarized gives you time to resolve the issue.
  3. A tool can give you a heads up about the severity of plagiarism in your work.
  4. When you are aware of plagiarism, you write your content carefully to avoid it.
  5. Using a plagiarism checker keeps you a step ahead of your professor and helps you score well.

It helps to know where your document stands in terms of quality as it is an important factor in bringing the best form out of your document.

Where to Find a Reliable Plagiarism Checker? It is Right Here!

After understanding all the factors that make a plagiarism checker a must-have tool for students, a lot of you might be wondering where can I find a reliable tool? Well, the answer is right here! We at Assignment Prime have always worked for the betterment of the students, and with the same intentions, we have brought a free plagiarism checker tool just for you.

All you have to do is simply upload your file and click on check plagiarism. The rest of the things will be done by the tool. It has a vast database through which it scans your content and matches it with relevant sources to find out the uniqueness of your document. What you receive is a thorough and authentic result that shows how much percentage of your work is similar to the existing document.

We understand how much hard work goes into finishing the document, and that is why we keep bringing these tools and ways to help students out. Feel free to ask our experts for any type of academic assistance. We hope you might have got a good idea of why using a tool is crucial. Don’t be a fool, use a tool!

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