8 Steps of Data Analysis Process to Guide You to Write a Perfect Assignment

08 May, 2019 2689

Data analysis is a process of extracting relevant information from the raw data and using it for data analysis. Students enrolled in data science course are generally asked to write assignment on data analysis. As many of them face issue in writing their assignments, they seek data analysis assignment help from Assignment Prime.

Well, all students don’t take assignment writing services and prefer to write on their own. But, generally end up getting low grades as expected by them because understanding data analysis process is difficult.

Thus, our data analysis assignment help experts have tried to explain you this concept interrelating it with how to write an assignment.

Steps for Writing an Assignment Through Data Analysis Process

As in data analysis process, one needs to collect desired information for decision making, it has many different phases through which it has to pass. Similarly, in data analysis assignment, students have to collect information as per the topic assigned or selected and submit it on time.

1.Data requirement

In this phase, data requirement list is prepared as per the specification of the end user or the customer of the product. This data requirement may have both general and specific requirements used for data analysis.

Similarly, you can make a list of ideas on which you require to collect the data. You may include general and also specific elements for it.

2.Data collection

Now, it is time to decide and collect the data from various sources. Here the data can be collected from online sources, interviews, sensors like traffic cameras, etc.

Similarly, you can collect data for your data analysis assignment from various sources like e-books, books, article, journals, magazines, online websites, etc.

3.Data processing

Data processing means to give a structure to your data so that same can be used in future also. It can be done in a table format in a spreadsheet or on a statistical software.

Similarly, you can also process the information by distributing in different sections of your assignment and form a better structure of your assignment.

4.Data cleaning

Data cleaning is a process in which the data analyst has to eliminate the irrelevant data or correct the data collected. A few general phases of this process may include analyzing the accuracy, quality, duplication, etc. of the data collected.

Similarly, you need to check for the reliability of the sources from which you have collected your data. Also check whether the data collected is relevant as per the topic selected and whether you have presented the same information in the assignment in different ways.

5.Exploratory data analysis

In this phase, the cleaned data is analyzed using exploratory data analysis. Doing this may result in deletion or addition of data. Analysts may use mean or median approach for better understanding of the data or use graphics to have an insight view of what data wants to tell us.

Similarly, you may keep analyzing your assignment after small intervals so that you can know that you are going on a right path along with maintaining connectivity in different sections of the document.

6.Modeling and algorithms

In data analysis, modeling and algorithms are applied to the variables of the data to analyze that how accurately will they support the other variables of the data. Further, algorithms are used to predict the future use of the data analyzed.

In the same way, you can review and analyze that the data you have used in your assignment is relevant with the topic of your assignment or not.

7.Data product

Data product is the end result of the data analysis which is used to take inputs and generate output in a computer application.

Similarly, after you have finished your researching, collecting, and writing the information in your own ideas, your data analysis assignment is prepared.


After the end product being prepared from the data analysis, it is communicated to the people who will use it and feedback is taken from them. In this process, it may require the analyst to carry on additional analysis to resolve their queries.

Similarly, after preparing your assignment, you first need to check whether there is any mistake in it or not. After that, you may ask your family and friends to proofread your assignment and spot any mistake it in. You can correct the flaws stated by them and also make additions as per their suggestion.

By now, you must have got a clear understanding of the data analysis process and how you can use its various phases to write an excellent and flawless assignment. In case these tips don’t help you, then you can visit Assignment Prime any time and take data analysis assignment writing services from our expert writers.

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