How to Study Chemistry in an Interesting Way?

16 Apr 2018 7145
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Chemistry is a fascinating branch of science. Students studying this subject often find it tough when it comes to learning the deep concepts of this discipline. So, to make your learning easy, we have brought a few facts related to chemistry and its studies. Hope you enjoy reading it!

Human chemistry Facts

  • The human body contains enough carbon to produce Graphite for about 9,000 pencils.
  • Mosquitoes like the scent of estrogen. And this is the reason that women get bitten by mosquitoes more often than men do.
  • You have chemoreceptors (taste buds) on the inner surface of your cheeks.
  • DNA is flame retardant that means it cannot catch fire.
  • You lose about 1% of your body's water by the time you feel thirsty.

Chemical Facts

  • HIO3 is the only acid that cannot be stored in glass vessel, as it is so reactive that it reacts with the glass and melts it away.
  • Apples and pears release ethylene gas as they get mature. This in turn promotes the ripening of other fruits.  
  • The burning sensation we get from chili peppers is because of a chemical called Capsaicin.
  • The hardest chemical in your body is your tooth enamel.

Element Facts

  • The only elements that are liquid at room temperature are Bromine and Mercury.
  • J is the only letter of English alphabet that has no element after it.
  • Copper is the only metal that is naturally antibacterial.
  • Graphite can be transformed into diamond by applying a temperature of 3000°C and pressure of 100,000 atm.
  • Absolutely pure gold is so soft that it can be molded with hands.
  • The rarest naturally occurring element in the earth's crust is astatine. In fact, the entire crust contains only about 28g of the element.

Fun chemistry facts   

  • If you pour a handful of salt into a full glass of water, the water level will go down rather than coming up.
  • You can't freeze helium just by cooling it to absolute zero. It will only freeze on applying extremely intense pressure.
  • A rubber tire is actually one single, giant, polymerized molecule.
  • The weight you lose due to working out is lost as CO2 and H2O vapor.  
  • A glass of water in space will boil rather than getting frozen. And, the water vapor would later crystallize into ice.
  • The lighter was invented before the match.

Historical facts  

  • Every year on October 23 from 6:02 a.m. to 6:02 p.m., chemistry students and chemists celebrate Mole Day in honor of Avogadro’s number (6.022×10^23), the number of carbon atoms in 12 grams of carbon.
  • It is often recognized that the word 'chemistry' comes from an Egyptian word meaning 'earth.'
  • The use of various forms of chemistry is believed to be done since long. By 1000 BC people were using several complex forms of chemistry, such as extracting metal from ores, using plants for medicine, fermenting wine and making cosmetics.

Did you know facts

  • Lightning strikes produce ozone and help in strengthening the ozone layer.
  • An ice cube takes about 9% more volume than the water used to make it.
  • Hot water can freeze faster than cold water.
  • Fish scales are a common lipstick ingredient.
  • Pearls, bones and teeth can dissolve in vinegar, which contains weak acetic acid.
  • You can extend the life of rubber bands by storing them in the refrigerator.    
  • There is about 13 billionth of a gram of gold in each litre of seawater.
  • Lobster blood is colorless until it is exposed to air. Then the blood appears blue.

Must-know facts

  • Fire spreads uphill more quickly than downhill, as temperature affects the rate of combustion. Also, the upper region has better supply of fresh air.
  • Lemon contains more sugar than strawberries, for the same mass. But, lemon tastes sour even having more sugar because it contains high amount of citric acid that dominates the sweet taste.
  • Xenon lasers can cut through extremely tough materials that couldn’t even be cut with diamond tipped blades.
  • A plastic container can resist decomposition for about more than 50,000 years.
  • Frogs do not need to drink water, as they can absorb it through their skin.  

Chemistry can be fun if you learn it in an interesting way. Our chemistry assignment help experts have tried to explain you some concepts of this subject through these facts. Hope you enjoyed reading them.

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