How to Make the Most of the Day Just Before Your Final Exam?

08 Sep, 2017 3710

Students often tend to get worried when it is the final day of the exam, and they happen to make the biggest mistake of covering all of what they have learnt along the way which usually results in a big blunder due to which they have to face things like stress, lack of memory for a particular topic, and sleeplessness. However, such reasons often make the students score less than what they actually should. In this blog, our academic experts have summed up what should be done in order to avoid the last minute stress so that you do not end up creating a mess.

Here are a few of the tips that would help you to make the most of the final day just before the exams. Read further to know more on the same:

Make a check list of things you have completed reading

List out the topics that would probably be asked in the final exam so that you have a clear idea about what you have studied and what is actually left behind. This would make it easier for you to remember the things and avoid the last minute tension about what you might have missed out. Tick off the final things that you have completed studying as it would be easier for you to remember.

Do not leave the difficult topics for last

Make sure you do not leave the difficult topics for the last as these often take time and you need to be sure that your concepts are pretty much clear. So, make sure that you leave the easy topics for the end only if you haven’t completed your syllabus. Be consistent in your studies before the exams so that you do not leave anything and get anxiety later on.

Skim through the class notes

This is the best possible thing that you can do to ensure that you have read all the important topics which have been taught by your professor and would come in the exam. Ask you professor about the main topics and highlight them just to be assured that you’ve studied all of what would be asked in the exam.

Take a good and sound sleep

As you know that you have exam the other day, you should make sure that you have slept perfectly so that you wake up fresh and can write your paper with full attention. Lack of sleep will make you feel dizzy in between the exam and you wouldn’t even be able to give your 100%, hence make sure that you take sufficient sleep so that you rise up at the right time.

Go through the important formulas once before the final exam

Jot down all the important formulas and key points so that you can go through them on a final basis and ensure that you haven’t missed out on anything crucial. You can always save this piece of paper for the end and revise it on a final basis right before the exam just for a quick review.

We hope that with these tips mentioned above you would be able to grasp the essence of what you need to study in order to pass with flying colours. So, at last consider these points and make sure you do what it takes to write the perfect answers in order to score the best possible grades. All the best!

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