How to Write a Thesis Statement for Economics Assignment?

19 Jun 2019 2319
Write a Thesis Statement

When writing assignments for college, especially for subjects like Economics, you need to come up with a strong point of view and write your arguments in such a way that your readers get convinced. But, before you go on to presenting your arguments in the main body of your assignment, you need to state them briefly in one or two sentences. This sentence is known as a thesis statement which is written to give an idea to the readers about what you are going to talk about in your assignment. Let’s first understand what a thesis statement is in detail.

What Is a Thesis Statement?

As explained above, a thesis statement is presented at the starting to tell your readers about the arguments that you are going to discuss in the assignment. In the rest of the assignment, you have to present evidence that would back your arguments and convince the reader of the logic of your interpretation. A thesis statement is a roadmap for your assignment that will tell your readers what to expect from the entire content. It shows your readers how you explain the importance of the topic of your assignment under discussion.

Having said that, let’s now get to know the proven steps for writing a strong thesis statement. You would be glad to know that even our economics assignment help experts follow these steps to create an effective thesis statement for the academic writing work requested by students like you. So, don’t worry; they will surely work for you!

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Effective Thesis Statement

1.Analyze the Topic of the Assignment: Whatever be your topic of the assignment is, make sure you do an in-depth analysis on it. Think of the different perspectives with which you can present the topic. Also, look for possible relationships between known facts and think about their significance.

2.Pick Your Side of the Topic: After analyzing the question and exploring all the perspectives, you should pick a side of the topic that intrigues you the most. Whatever position that you take, make sure it can be challenged or opposed and has a scope for research.

3.Develop Ideas & Build Arguments: One you have decided your take on the topic, start developing ideas and build arguments. Think of something unique and impactful that takes your readers by surprise and persuade them to agree to your point of view. Your ideas and arguments should be clear so that the readers easily understand what you are trying to convey.

4.Collect and Organize Evidence: In order to convince the readers about your arguments, you need to back them with some solid evidence. Arguments that are presented without any evidence are hard to believe. So, after building you point of view, collect credible facts and evidence.

5.Put Down the Main Idea: It’s time to write down the main idea that you want to convey to your readers. The thesis statement is written after the introduction, so try not to tell your readers the basic idea in the introduction itself. You should state clear arguments and ensure that they are specific.

Remember that a thesis statement is the interpretation of a question, not the subject itself. So, make sure that you only present the central idea of your assignment. After you are done writing the thesis statement, you should ask a few questions to yourself to ensure that it is strong enough to persuade your readers.

Questions to Ask Yourself After Writing a Thesis Statement

Have I answered the question properly?

After writing the thesis statement, re-read the question prompt. If you feel that the argument is missing the focus of the question, then fix it.

Have I chosen a side of the topic that can be opposed by the readers?

If the thesis statement of your assignment simply tells the facts that no one can disagree with, then you have not made an argument instead provided the summary of the topic.

Does my thesis statement clearly specify my point of view?

If your thesis statement is vague or it doesn’t clearly specify your point, then it probably doesn’t have have a strong argument. Make it more specific by including words that clearly tell your opinion.

Is my assignment and thesis statement going together?

You need to be assured that your economics assignment and thesis statement go together. If they don’t, then you need to change one of them.

Does my thesis statement pass the “how, why, and so what” test?

If a reader’s first response after reading your thesis statement is “how?” or “why?” or “so what?” then it may be too open-ended and needs to be connected to a larger issue. You need to add something to your thesis statement that can give your readers a better take on your side right from the starting.

For your economics assignment to be successful, our thesis help experts suggest that it is necessary to have a strong thesis statement that clearly presents an interpretation of the work and can convince the reader. Think of all the aspects of the topic, come up with the best ideas and arguments, clearly specify your take on the subject, and you are good to go!

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