Top 4 Lessons to Learn from Common Assignment Mistakes

13 May, 2016 4715

Everyone understands the importance of writing skills. They do not only help with the academic endeavors, but also has a significant effect on the overall career growth. With the ever-rising competition level, employers have added writing efficiency to the list of eligibility requisites. So if you are one among those people who have always disregarded the need of developing their writing skills, brace yourself for the oncoming assault, for no matter how well-qualified you are or what exceptional skills you possess, lack of writing ability is going to cost you a great deal more than what you had expected. However, there is no need of worrying. You still have time to learn, but that you must. Here are some common mistakes that students usually make with their assignments, learn them and improve your writing skills by one degree-

1. Not understanding the question

This is one of the most common errors students make while performing any type of academic writing. They misunderstand the question, and sensing the looming submission deadline, start off with the writing task, without giving a second thought to the topic of the paper. This results in the addition of irrelevant information and data, which has nothing to do with the paper. Most of the times reviewer condone such mistakes, understanding the underlying error, and ask students to re-write the paper. Though the wastage of time and efforts makes the experience dreadful for the students, yet more dreadful is the experience when reviewers simply disqualify the paper writing off them with poor grades.

2. Information overload

Information overload is not adverse only for assignments but for any type of communication medium. It is specially detrimental when the written content crosses the upper-limit of word length for an assignment. In such cases, it is never considered that the additional information is of good quality or contains important information. Reviewers merely deduct the marks for the said mistake and move on with the other projects. Again the issue of time and efforts misuse darkens the prospect of the paper, stealing away those precious marks as well.

3. Poor structure

Many students forget the difference between formal and informal writing ruin their entire academic assignment. There is a reason why your faculty keeps reminding you about the citation styles, and format of the paper. The seemingly unworthy formal sections of an assignment like Bibliography, preface, etc. carry certain percent of marks. The scores assigned to each section may vary from one project to other. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure that the entire document is in accordance with the guidelines as defined by the university members.

4. Plagiarism

In this digital age, ‘Ctrl+C’ and ‘Ctrl+V’ have become the favorite command for all the scholars. Though oftentimes copying and pasting saves a considerable amount of time, but in terms of academic writing, it is entirely counter-productive. The issue of plagiarism, counterfeiting, has now become the major reason for the disqualification of numerous assignments. Universities are now using advanced algorithms to discover even the menial plagiarized data. The best way to overcome this hurdle is by avoiding the copying of data entirely. And even if you require to add some information as it is; remember there is a reason assignments have the ‘References’ section for.

These are the common assignment writing mistakes that every student must have committed at least once. Even if you have not made them yourself, you should learn the lessons they teach; as they say, "Learn from the mistakes of others. You don't have time to make them all yourself."

Hopefully, now you are better prepared for the task of assignment writing, but just in case you need more help with academic writing, or with proofreading and editing, hire our online assignment help services right away, to enjoy the scholastic success without draining the life out of you.

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