The Top Mathematical Inventions of All Time

07 May, 2018 4382

Mathematics is all about understanding the theories behind numbers and knowing how life revolves around it. It is the building block for every little thing that influences our daily lives, such as money, architecture, mobile devices, art, engineering, and sports as well. The mathematical history is really vast, from early measurement tools and stones for counting to modern-day smart calculators and unmanned vehicles; mathematics has been ruling over the entire world. Every single invention of this field has influenced the human existence in some or the other way. And, for that reason, we have compiled a list of the top-most mathematical breakthroughs. Go through the write-up, and also read about the great minds behind them!

The Euler’s Identity

It is a remarkable formula and has been used for ages. The number acts as the base of natural algorithms and is equal to 2.718. Euler, the man behind this breakthrough is often regarded as the father of mathematics and the greatest physicist of all time. The equation formulated by him answers even the most difficult questions of arithmetic.

The Fast Fourier Transforms

These algorithms are the pillars of modern computing age. It was introduced by the mathematician, Fourier, in the early 19th Century. The discrete Fourier Transforms can break signals of sound waves and wireless notifications into complex frequencies. There are many applications of these transforms, and its most amazing feature is: It is the biggest algorithm ever discovered in mathematics.

Godel’s theorems

This is the next big axiomatic system, and with the help of these algorithms you can feed any statement in a machine and be assured of an unfailing accuracy. The results of Godel’s theorems are in use even today, and the computational systems still apply this to discover new theorems.

Matrix algebra

An ancient Chinese document included calculations similar to matrix, but their modern form was established by Arthur Cayley in the mid-19th century. Besides their many other applications, matrices became extremely useful for quantum mechanics.

Chaos Theory

Last but not least is Chaos Theory, a field of mathematics that developed all by itself with the help of several theories in different disciplines over the 1900s. The idea behind this theory is: certain dynamic systems are highly sensitive to initial conditions. The importance of Chaos Theory is that it demonstrates that even a completely deterministic procedure can produce results that appear random due to slight variations in the starting conditions. For example, on dropping milk in a cup of coffee, you might notice a different pattern each time.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list! The wings of mathematics are ever expanding, so you never know when a new breakthrough enters the world.

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