5 Psychological Tricks That Will Help You Read People's Mind

18 Apr 2018 4376
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Wouldn’t it be great if we could learn the art of understanding people’s unspoken words? Reading someone’s mind is next to impossible; however, one can develop this skill with practice and focus. Many studies show that people throw off a storm of signals about their unexpressed thoughts all the time.

Our psychology assignment help experts have listed five psychological mind reading techniques that can help you in decoding unexpressed thoughts of people.

1. Understanding the non-verbal emotions

You can read people’s mind if you can understand their non-verbal emotions. Many people convey their thoughts through their body position, facial expressions, gesture and posture, voice tone and eye contact. Let’s talk about these non-verbal cues in detail below:

Facial expressions

A close observation of people’s facial expressions can help you perceive their feelings to a great extent. Surprise, worry, and fear become evident when they raise their eyebrows. A clenched jaw and a tightened neck, on the other hand, show signs of stress.

Eye contact

The old saying, “eyes are a reflection of your inner self,” holds a real meaning when you are trying to comprehend unexpressed thoughts of someone. The glaring look shows that the person is angry or defiant while avoiding a direct look shows that he is hiding something from you. In some cases, people don’t look into the eyes of the other person due to shyness. Never stare for too long as it makes a person uncomfortable.

Crossed arms and legs

When in a conversation, the crossed arms and legs of a person represent that he is resistant to what the other person is saying. Many people do it unintentionally; however, it reveals what is going on in their mind.

Posture and gesture

An erect posture of a person speaks for his confidence and projects power, whereas slouching represents no or very little power. Similarly, open and expansive gestures and those made with palms facing down, show how sure the person is about his thoughts.

2. Using the mirror technique

Have you ever noticed someone replicating your body positions? If you have, then you were being read by that person. Mirror technique is copying the body positions and personality traits of someone you're observing. Doing so, you can drive the mind of the person in such a way that he lets his inner inhibitions go and starts bonding with you. This technique can be beneficial when you are negotiating as it gives you an idea of what the other person is thinking about the deal.

3. Listening carefully

Another way of learning about people and their emotions is carefully listening to what they are saying as well as what they are not. Developing a keen ear will help you in processing and understanding everything they are saying. Pay attention to the change in their tone as it conveys the feeling they are experiencing at that moment.

4. Empathizing with the person

Making someone open up to you could be a hard nut to crack unless you empathize with him. When you understand the feelings of other person with their point of view, you easily connect with him. So, if you want to go through someone’s mind, then put yourself in his shoes and see how he won’t take a moment in pouring his heart out in front of you.

5. Start a conversation about people's interest

People often uncover their thoughts and feelings when indulged in a compelling conversation. Initiate the talks that will lead people to share their opinions with you. But when the person is a stranger, get into the conversation by asking him about his home or work life.

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