8 Types of Articles that Garner a Massive Reader Response

18 Oct, 2016 6890

Blogging has becoming a trend these days to build an online presence and market your product. The digital marketing scenario has boosted the growth of writers online over the time. However, the biggest question is to attract the intelligent and thoughtful readers to your article which is the true parameter to decide where your content is going.

Below are the different types of writing styles that can be seen on the various social media platforms these days. Have a read:


Listicles are becoming popular these days. With the growing audience of people who prefer quick and concise reading, lists have established themselves as the new form of writing. The number of points can vary in a list depending upon the relevancy of the chosen topic. Moreover, you should make sure that the headings you use are catchy along with the inclusion of an introduction and conclusion.

Research Based

A large of the reader population has become intelligent when it comes to glancing through a topic that contains intricate details. If you are a writer who prefers the use of statistics and powerful facts to make your blog informative, then a researched based blog is preferably meant for you. Research work might not seem easy at first and requires intelligible of communicating the information further.

Argumentative and Opinionated

Such a piece of article demands a definite structure rather than filling it up with rants and illogical knowledge. It needs a strong support of valid points and opinions that run parallel with the subject of discussion. Moreover, it is one of the most powerful forms of the content writing.


Reports represent the information through the use of graphs, charts, numbers, and statistics which provide an in-depth study of a certain topic. These happen to be a storage place for extract useful information as they are packed with valuable data.

Data-Driven Articles

Data-driven articles are primarily meant for the SEO and marketing purposes. Such type of articles have turned out to be successful in establishing an online presence. Today, data-backed articles have high reach among the audience and are essential for promotional purposes.

Lengthy Posts

People usually don’t have enough time to go through every word that is written in 5,000 words long article. However, with respect to research purposes lengthy posts earn a great response.

Technical Know-How

These kind of articles attract people who want to learn something. Writing such an article is pretty straightforward and involves a step-by-step description of what you wish to talk about.

Responsive Content

The responses that you give in the form of an e-mail or suggestions that a reader might have asked you might help you to be interactive with the people. In this way, you’ll be able to build cordial relationship with the viewers and provide them what they actually desire.

There is no exact strategy using which you can attract viewers as it entirely depends on their interest on a particular subject. However, always make sure you give your readers a piece of your experience and opinions to express yourself well.

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