Some Unknown Facts About Pi(Ï€)

08 Aug, 2017 5427

When asked what the circumference of a circle is, you’ll promptly reply 2πr, but are you aware of the fact that the word ‘Pi’ has been derived from a Greek word ‘perimetros’ meaning circumference, and being an irrational number, this cannot be accurately reduced to a fraction. Well, this is surprising as we have been using ‘22/7’ for making the calculations easier for long. Also, Pi is the most commonly used constant across the world for calculations.

To know more astonishing facts about pi, read the blog further and get enlightened.

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First calculation

It is believed that Archimedes, around 200 BC, derived a formula that contained Pi. He was trying to find out the area of the circle then. Later, he gave the formula Pi r2, which is accepted throughout the world to calculate the area of the circle.

Pi and navigation

Pi plays a prominent role in navigation as well because the GPS devices take use of Pi to make you aware of your location. According to the scientists, most of the calculations used for the Space Integrated Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System (SIGI) in NASA use the value of pi extended up to 15 or 16 digits.

A true area of circle is unknown

As reported by a few mathematicians, circumference of a circle is not smooth and but is made up of an infinite number of tiny corners. Also, Johann Heinrich Lambert has proved that pi is irrational and its true value cannot be determined, then how come we can find the exact area of the circle using this! And thus, exact area of a circle is unknown!

1.24 trillion digits of pi

In 2002, a Japanese scientist found a whooping 1.24 trillion digits of pi using a powerful computer known by the name Hitachi SR 8000 and broke all the previously made records.

Symbol of Pi

A standard symbol for pi was introduced around 1700, before that the mathematics and physics experts used symbols according to their convenience.

There is a pi day

14th March is celebrated as a Pi Day because it resembles 3.14. Also, the celebration starts at 1:59 to make it 3.14159, the value of Pi. You may be amazed to know that Albert Einstein was born on a Pi Day that is 3/14/1879.

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