Why Is MBA the Most Popular Degree?

18 Sep 2019 5088
 MBA degree

There are thousands of career fields and curriculam to choose from nowadays, and students are actually going for professions that are as unusual as they can get. You would be surprised to know that people are even hired as mattress jumpers and pencil sharpeners. Surprising, isn’t it? As weird as it may sound, but the truth is, the list of most preferred degree courses still begins with conventional disciplines. One such discipline that has dominated the last couple of academic decades is management. So the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear this word is an MBA. Believe it or not, but it is the most prominent, rewarding, sought-after, and famous degree course in recent times. People like Elon Musk, who are MBA scholars have added to its splendor even more.

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Our team believes that the MBA course deserves every bit of hype it has received in recent times therefore, we have listed below a few reasons why it has managed to reach a status that is beyond comparison. Take a look:

You’re never out of a job

As the growing competition and dynamic business trends are making it tougher and tougher for students to get a strong foothold in the market, unemployment has started to settle in quite rapidly. But for MBA students, there is no such stress, as managers are always in demand regardless of any circumstances. Even when an MBA leaves a job, his/her qualities, and the invaluable experience travel along. So the job security is on the higher side.

Higher pay than anyone

The average salary of an MBA is way more than that of a regular master’s degree qualified. In almost all the major countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Malaysia, India, Japan, etc., you easily stand the chance of earning twice as much as any of your peers who have a professional degree. According to a recent Harvard study, the average rise in an MBA scholar’s salary is 68% more than any other professional.

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Opens the door to new career opportunities

Due to higher qualifications and better perspectives towards everything, MBA scholars have far better chances than everyone else of getting considered for a job. But wait, job security has already been discussed, here we are referring to the edge an MBA student holds over others when it comes to switching profession or to be more precise, occupational fields.

Free exposure to large business networks

As an MBA, you get better and highly rewarding career opportunities. As a matter of fact, even at the formative stages of your professional career, you have got great chances of interacting with future employers, or the person of interest if you’ve landed upon a career objective. It might sound a bit far fetched or insignificant in this context, but there are plenty of examples like Michael Bloomberg and Phil Knight who still credit their success to the massive industry exposure they got to encounter at very early stages of their lives.

Entrepreneurship and startup

While some say that the biggest and the most successful startups in the world belong to college dropouts, we seem to have a dissent from this notion. Once a startup, organizations like Google, Microsoft, etc., are one in a billion and have not achieved anything overnight. Not many know but the first thing involved in stepping onto an idea like a startup involves risk. Risk of investing a great deal of resources, risk of devoting invaluable time, and risk of publicizing your unique idea. With so much at stake, the only professional who is bold as brass and can undertake such a herculean task is an MBA. So scholars from this particular field have better odds of nailing a startup idea and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

If you’re looking to getting enrolled in an MBA course, then we hope this blog turns out to be helpful for you. For more such amazing and educating write-ups, stay tuned with us.

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