Compare and Contrast different Management Styles being adopted by Organizations


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Today’s business environment is very dynamic and complex and thus, change has now become a central part for almost every organization. Every business processes and functions are changing with the alteration in the external and internal businesses except one thing i.e. change. At the workplace, numerous modifications are done regularly at various levels and these situations are better managed by the application of change management tools by the managers. Thus, it is quite essential on the managers and leaders of the company to remain proactive and agile in determining the solution for change and advancing the organization through improved performance (Body and Paton, 2008). For managing and operating the function of the firm smoothly, it is vital for the managers to craft improvement in the set of own skills. In addition to this, to remain competitive in the market, employees and the managers need to develop skills and abilities. This process will significantly encompass cultural and social development, leadership skills, training and development of workers that have influence on the behavior, cognitive and environmental skills. Bearing this in intellect, the main aim of the report is to comprehend related to behavior management principles and to gain knowledge regarding reviewing own management potential as well as career development path.

The present research report will compare and contrast different management styles being adopted by organizations for the purpose of maintaining their standard and flow of services. In addition to this, the report will also discuss in relation with the leadership characteristics and will evaluate the process of communication so as to analyze the effectiveness in the operations. Furthermore, the report will be going to explain about the motivation of team for the purpose of fulfilling the organizational goals. It will further give justification about the managerial decisions as well as recommendation for improvement. The final part of the research report will significantly create a career development plan for skills related to managers and personal development and will also review the same for future requirements by considering the current performance.

TASK – 1

In this task, two organizations related to the travel and tourism or hospitality sector of United Kingdom such as TUI and Thomas Cook will be considered. As a Junior Consultant with PKF Hotel expert analysis and understanding of the principles and practices of management behavior in these two organizations will be done. Both the firms are related with the travel and tourism industry. This industry has been growing rapidly from past many years and influencing the GDP of the nation in a positive way. Thomas Cook and TUI are engaged in offering quality services to their clients through effective processes and utilization of resources in a better way (TUI Touristic Union International, 2018). The companies have adopted varied styles of management for fulfilling their goals and objectives and these are being described in the subsequent paragraph.

1.1 Management styles of Thomas Cook and TUI

Throwing light in relation with the contingency theory, it states that there is no defined best way of carrying out a task and leading a company. There are many internal and external factors which significantly influences the correct way of leading a company. In simple words, it can be articulated that, it is the situation that compels the managers to adopt certain methods and actions. In addition to this, this theory is also based on three important principles. The very first is that the leader should be able enough to ascertain the best style of management for the organization (Brooks, 2008). The second principle states that there is not superlative way of managing the firm and finally, the leadership orientation of the manager is calculated through the scale of preferred co-worker.

Articulating about Touristic Union International (TUI), the firm is one of the prominent brands in the travel and tourism sector of UK. They are engaged in offering full services to their valuable customers and are successfully managing the quality, products and services and human resources through consultative management style. According to consultative management style, the manager or leader of the firm identifies the requirements of the staff members and substantially makes arrangement for training events and motivational tools to encourage their workers. The company is well-known for its best services and this standard has been achieved by considering the viewpoints of employees (Cole, 2011). Designing of plans and policies is being done after analysis of their opinions. Seeking help from this theory of management, TUI finds them in a position where they are creating two way communication as well as hierarchical structure for distribution of roles and accountability to managers and staff members as per their skill and competence level.

On the other side, Thomas Cook is also very popular and reputed brand, which is being acknowledged for their high quality products as well as services. For achieving this success, management has a significant role to play. It is very essential to maintain the value in designing and development of services. Concerning this, the top management of the company makes use of active management style. In this style of management, the leaders of Thomas Cook pay attention on self-actualization, safety, security and physiological needs of the employees and motivate the staff members to make improvement in their work performance. In addition to this, the managers of the company also provides direction to the employees for better functioning and gather feedbacks for further planning and improving activities to meet out the pre-determined goals and objectives (Thomas Cook. 2018). Through active style of management, Thomas Cook is successful enough in motivating their employees that ultimately increases firm’s output and revenue.

1.2 Characteristics of leadership

Leadership is being defined as a process of offering help to employees for the purpose of achieving the path of success and growth. In other words, it is the leader who supports the employees in determining the right path for completing the tasks successfully.

Features of Leadership in TUI

Features of Leadership in Thomas Cook

  • The leaders of Touristic Union International takes into consideration participative leadership style
  • The leaders takes the input of whole team members for the purpose of making decisions
  • Leaders show honesty in regards with their work and encourage others to work more (Mullins, 2016)
  • Participative leadership style is effective when changes are implemented in the organization
  • The leaders of Thomas Cook adopts autocratic leadership style
  • They are focused towards driving people under their control as well as command
  • Other than this, leaders also possess some power to take decisions about judicial and marketing
  • Autocratic leaders take their own decisions and does not involve others in the decision making process.

1.3 Communication processes

Talking in reference with communication it is nothing but a process through which information can be transferred from one person to another. It is also being considered as the key element for maintaining proper flow of activities as per the trends and requirement of each and every level. Communication is the basic process through which interaction amid employees and management takes place (Robbins and Judge, 2008). Thomas Cook is taking into account various techniques for communicating information at each and every level like written, meetings and e-mail. Focusing towards e-mail, it is generally used in upward communication wherein sharing of knowledge takes place between senior managers and staff members. In addition to this, carrying out meetings in formal communication process is quite essential so as to get the real time reaction of the workers for a particular task. The leaders of Thomas Cook utilize this method to have interaction with the supervisors and managers. On the other said of the coin, TUI adopts top-down approach because they have hierarchical structure. Information is transmitted and controlled effectively in such a manner that every level within the firm is owns necessary facts and information for carrying out their job responsibility meritoriously. However, there are some drawbacks of this process as well (Hofstede and Minkov, 2010). The most important among them is it is quite risky in terms of ordering being lost during the communication process. TUI utilizes numerous internal method for example, meetings, report, mobile phones and fax machines and external methods such as billboards and websites for communicating information and data.

Communication Barriers

  • Overcrowding of information and facts can create confusion between the managers and employees get strayed from right direction
  • Viewpoint and opinions are different
  • Cultural and social differences
  • Nebulousness in the data (Robinson, 2009)
  • Dissimilarities in Language, belief and attitude

1.4 Organizational culture and change

Motivation and culture share a close relationship with each other. Organizational culture can significantly help in motivating employees. Culture includes the value, languages, habits, beliefs, vision and norms of the staff members. Other than this, culture also has some or the relation with the means team members interact with each other. Articulating about Thomas Cook, it is quite big firm that is significantly engaged in offering quality services to customers all around the world. For managing different activities and functions, the company has adopted the hierarchical structure which helps in arranging the resources and accumulation of feedback from the surrogate authorities. In addition to this, the culture of Thomas Cook is developed according to the location, market, employees and customer base (Van, Pol and Coetsier, 2007). Supportive, friendly and pleasant are some of the features of culture of a company. Finally, the major strength of Thomas Cook lies in their competitive position, coordination between workers and healthy relations.

TUI on the other side, adopts task oriented culture wherein focus has been given on completion of a particular task. Additionally, managers of the company always put their best efforts in creating workplace which is quite structured and where the workers have clear roles as well as responsibilities. Numerous factors like economic and demographic are exerting pressure on both the companies to make changes in their current processes as well as culture. Moreover, all these factors directly impact the management of culture within the organization (TUI Touristic Union International, 2018). Each and every worker is shouldered with bundle of responsibilities so as to enhance their capabilities and this is better managed by the firm through developing such type of culture. For creating supportive culture and positive working environment, values as well as belief of every worker is being considered significantly.

TASK – 2

Here in this task, the main focus will be given on reviewing and assessing the own potential as a probable assistant manager of Clayton Crown Hotel, London a brand of Dalata Hotel group and a reflective report will be developed. In addition to this, the current task will also assesses own management skills and SWOT factors (Helms and Nixon, 2010). It will also set and prioritize the objectives for developing own potential as an upcoming manager.

2.1 Own management skills performance

According to the words of the Katz, in order to become an efficient manager, technical as well as managerial skills are much needed element in business concern as blood in the human body. Without the presence of these skills, it becomes really indispensible for the managers to carry out the task and can achieve the organizational goals in an effective way. Consequently, it can be said that to become a manager of Clayton Crown Hotel, there will be requirement of certain skills for better functioning and operations and these are as follows:

  • Organization and time management – This is being regarded as one of the most important set of skills for developing managers. It is quite essential that all the daily details regarding the task to be performed are fixed in the morning. This pertains to the fact that short term priorities changes persistently and can affect the flexibility of the daily activities (Andersson, 2012).
  • Planning – Planning is the essence of every business. Without planning, no business can cater with the rising uncertainties in the market. If planning is done for each and every activity than manager can lead the team towards higher work efficiency. By carrying out proper planning, I will be in a position to distribute the responsibilities as well as work activities to the group members in a better way and can set their targets accordingly. My planning capability is quite meticulous and this in turn will support me in achievement of my targets and set goals.
  • Decision making and problem solving – throwing light in regards with the decision making and problem solving skills, these skills are essential for choosing the best solution to the problem. The main forte is my ability to make strategic decision and my current work position in Clayton Crown Hotel will demand this ability (Beausaert and, 2013).
  • Delegation – Estimating and appraising the potentiality of the group members and then assigning roles and tasks which is significantly related to their needs and ability is very thought provoking job. Being a manager, I am in love with this kind of roles and I am continuously engaged in estimating the potential of the human asset within the hotel. This can be carried out easily by reviewing their jobs.

2.2 SWOT analysis


  • My major strength lies in my ability to handle the issues and problem by adopting direct approach
  • I have good hold on written and spoken Vocabulary, which will support in influencing the behavior of others
  • Good reputation
  • I can effectively evaluate the past performance through critical thinking


  • I am quite weak at managing time when too much work is overloaded
  • Very poor in handling and managing stress


  • I have a great opportunity to work in Clayton Crown Hotel and this will offer me a place where I can showcase my strength and work on my weaknesses
  • By conducting events and hosting various programs I can demonstrate my planning abilities and competences


  • Travel, tourism and hospitality industry is very dynamic and competitive and thus, it can pose threat to my success and abilities
  • Delegation of power down the line is also posing great threat to me

2.3 Prioritizing as well as setting goals for developing own potential

Each and every person has some flaws and it can be corrected by determining the areas that need to be improve and consequently setting and prioritizing targets for achieving the same. Further, in order to avoid problems in relation with the execution, it is imperative to set targets for the areas that need to be improved (Huczynski and Buchanan, 2013). This can be done by SMART target setting. The acronym stands for specific objectives, measurable results, achievable time and resources goals and time bound activity. Through this technique, it becomes quite easy to measure the performance and evaluate the results. Being the Assistant Manager of Clayton Crown Hotel, there is a need to arrange as well as set my objectives in the subsequent manner.

  • Presentation as well as communication skills come first in the list of priorities. This is because of the fact that these skills are important for expressing one’s personality. For moving ahead in my career life, these skills will support me a lot and working on this area will boost up my overall personality as well. Further, I will be able to achieve a respectable and leading position in the hotel industry.
  • Decision making skill is the second priority after presentation and communication skills. This skill can be developed and improved through gaining experience and familiarity with varied situations within the organization. This will be achieved in next 5 to 7 years
  • Next is decision making skill, which can be enhanced only by experience and this will be created in my next 5 to 7 years of practical learning in the same field. Through this, I will be able to gain understanding about the hospitality industry.
  • I am quite fond of improving my professional education in relation with conceptual, processes, abilities and knowledge in my core subject.

TASK – 3

This task is being based on the case of Frankie & Benny's restaurant. It is a brand of The Restaurant Group Plc that has taken a decision to open a new restaurant in the areas of Stratford, London. I have to lead the new firm and plan for all the connected activities and functions. In have to motivate my employees and lead them to cope with these changes and accomplishing the pre-determined goal in an effective way.

3.1 Achievement of goals – Motivation and leading

When any new process is being introduced by the firm whether a new business venture or new subsidiary function, changes are ought to take place within the firm almost in each and every activity (Eisele and, 2013). This is the situation which demands good leadership and management on the side of the managers that helps in directing the human resources and other related activities towards the achievement of goals. This can be performed through many ways but the most important are being described underneath:

  • Training and development – it is important on the part of managers or leaders to make arrangement for training and development events and must provide all the required information about the new venture being introduced by Frankie & Benny's restaurant. In addition to this, effective team should be developed for achieving the benchmark standards.
  • Conducting meetings – This is also being regarded as the best way through which teams can be motivated. Through meetings it becomes easy to direct the steps of the employees and it is good way for provoking two way communicating. Problems and issues of the workers can also be discussed and a better way for reaching out the results can be ascertained (Clayton Crown Hotel, 2018).
  • Assigning responsibilities and roles – Once, the team are developed, it is quiet essential at this stage to assign roles and responsibilities and other needful resources to each member. The higher the responsibilities, higher will be the level of motivation. But these responsibilities are being assigned as per the capabilities and competence of the employees. They feel motivated if complex and high grade roles are being offered to them.
  • Understanding the needs – It is equally vital to know and understand the demands and requirements of the staff members. Every individual has a different way of performing the task and styles of learning. It is the leader who is responsible for understanding those styles and needs of the employees and motivating them by adopting suited approaches. In return, employees will feel positive and contribute effectively for meeting out the desired outcome.
  • Recognizing the positive results – If the workers are putting their best efforts for dragging success at the doorstep of the business concern, it is also equally significant on the part of the management to recognize their efforts and hard work. The leader is required to appreciate their workers on a regular basis to boost up their morale and motivating them for further efforts (Employee motivation skills website, 2014).

3.2 Justification and recommendations for improvements

In order to make the functional as well as operational processes well-organized and effective, there is a need to take varied decisions in order to fulfill pre-determined objectives and is being described in the subsequent paragraph:

  • Strategic planning – There are many operations and functions takes place in the firm and to proper manage an organized these operations, it is important to develop and implement plans concerning operational activities. It is my responsibility to carry out effective planning and should make wise decision while allocating responsibilities and roles to the employees (Employee motivation skills website, 2014). Other than this, it is also quite essential to assess the past performance and activities of the organization for the purpose of identifying the issues that has drastically impacted the functioning and performance of the firm. Consequently, it becomes essential to make decision in regards with the changes in the communication processes, mode of delivering the services and proper observation of activities is needed. Further, feedback from the clients should also be gathered for taking decisions about alteration in the menu and delivery options. With this approach, objectives can be realized significantly.
  • Relationship building – For the purpose of maintaining good level of communication and services, good and healthy relations between the management and employees is quite precarious. This can be improved by conducting regular meetings, training events, development programs and informal get-together. Through this, values and belief of the employees can be comprehended in a better way. Targets can easily achieved, if the manager or leader becomes successful in sustaining healthy relations between the employees, peer group and top level officials effectively (The Restaurant Group Plc, n.d).


For making advancement of the new restaurant of Frankie & Benny's restaurant at Stratford, London, it is suggested to the firm to pay more emphasis on the requirements and wants of the clients. This can be done by arranging training sessions for the staff members who directly deal with the customers. Moreover, the workplace environment and ambience of the new restaurant is quite good but there is limited amount of control and proper delegation of authorities to staff members by the management. Thus, it is recommended to manager to gather feedback and reviews from the clients and employees and then create a strategic plan to resolve the same issue.

TASK – 4

4.1 Support of own managerial and personal skills in career development

I have a strong intention to progress my career in the areas of travel and tourism and hospitality sectors with the firms like TUI and Thomas Cook. Working within these firms will support and offer me great opportunities for grabbing higher grade roles and positions. This can be achieved by contribution on the culture, considering the direction and following the process being defined by the management of the business concern. This can be made possible only if I possess managerial as well as personal skills. With these skills, it can also give a hand in leading the firm to the path of success and growth (Hughes and Youngson, 2009). Until now, I have a strong association with the institutes that are investing too much in personal development of their workers and whose allocation of resources for improving the human resources is wide-spread. This can be noticed through my progression in career life right from trainee to assistant management. I am of the view that personal and managerial skills have handful contribution in my career conduit.

Furthermore, my future potentials will be accentuated in my career development plan and will be taken utterly by my sub-ordinates and group members. Concerning this, all required support in regards with flexibility in work hours, on-the-job training and institutional training will be established. My effort and hard work will be redirected and treasured with this. Additionally, mu personal potential level has been determined by my firm and the same will prove to be value for my firm’s growth, goals and it’s near future (Miles, 2012).

4.2 Appraising career as well as personal development requirements

In order to fulfill personal and professional objectives, there is a need to emphasize on certain set of skills which are crucial for performing operations, activities and consumption of resources meritoriously. In addition to this, there is also a need of making alterations and enhancement in certain skills for attaining higher position in the firm (Jackson, 2000). Thus, for future development and planning, the subsequent career development plan will be followed significantly. The career development plan created below is in regards with becoming CEO of small firm related to travel & tourism and hospitality industry.

Things required for realizing the objectives 

  • There is a need of critical thinking
  • Proper use of resources
  • Skills for role play
  • Strength and weakness of group members
  • Measurement of performance and abilities
  • More than 2 years of specialty in travel and tourism industry
  • Inter-personal and communication skills

 Career abilities and interests

  • Acquaintance towards financial planning tools
  • Proper research about the core subjects and areas
  • Work-life balance training sessions
  • Training related to ways of motivating employees
  • Development sessions for tackling problems, issues and complaints of the clients
  • Comprehension about legal provisions, laws and regulations about HR and all working and labor acts


Thus, from the abbe discussion it can be said that managers and leaders offers direction to the workers for developing their own abilities and their firms at the same time. Complex and dynamic business environment is now demanding the managers to have competencies with great level so that they can achieve a competitive edge in the market. In the present research report, it was analyzed that the responsibility and roles of manager is eclectic. They have the responsibility of developing their sub-ordinate and at the same time they also need to get themselves updated with the changing trends.

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