BUS020N532A Business Research Regent College Level 4


Significance of research problem

The problem is challenge of maintaining level and quality of customer service due to presence of fierce competition. This may be an issue as if it is not properly attended to, it may make Hilton hotel lag behind its competitors in future (Ahmad, Wasay and Jhandir, 2012). Hence, determining whether motivation of employees is important for maintaining as well as enhancing the level of customer service. Here, selecting this particular research topic aims to identify the research problem regarding better quality services to consumers and thus it could be attained through motivating workforce by providing them proper monetary and non monetary rewards so that best assignment services can be provided to guests. Hence, it is essential for Hilton hotel to provide appropriate benefits to employees so that they assists hotel in retaining customers for long time. Hilton hotel has been selected which is an American multinational hospitality company which helps in managing and franchising a broad portfolio of hotels and resorts.

Literature Review

According to Michel, Kavanagh and Tracey, 2013 “motivation play vital role in improving customer service” (Michel, Kavanagh and Tracey, 2013). Motivation can be determined as the satisfying the factors that make individuals boost up their moral. As per Chae and Ko, 2016 “there are different ways that are helpful in encouraging workers and performance can be enhanced” (Chae and Ko, 2016). In this context, management needs to determined the factors that motivate workers. With this respect, there are can be many reasons due to which workers gets demotivated. In includes reasons like lack of interest towards work, lack of understanding towards work, personal issues, etc. HR department make sure that all the areas that affects workers performance should be identified and then they should make strategies so that employees will be able to put on their full efficiency to make management achieve organizational goals and objectives. All the factors that are listed, they all should be found and suitable steps should be taken through which workers can make use of their full potential.

As per Gong and Choi, 2016 “employees are the face of organization as they have direct interaction with customers” (Gong and Choi, 2016). They are one who present the services and products to customers. With this respect, it is important that firm understand the areas in which improvement is required and accordingly training should be provided. Hedelius and Nilsson, 2014 stated that “there are situations in which workers get demotivated and this is due to lack of understanding over the roles and responsibilities” (Hedelius and Nilsson, 2014). In order to motivate and encourage workers, training and development programs are very helpful. There are many organizations that provide their customers with similar products and services. In this context, those firms that which satisfy their customers tent to achieve their goals and objectives. Customers services are essential to make sure that all the issues that are faced by workers are taken care. There are cases in which workers face different set of issues that are faced in the products and services that are provided by the firm. With this respect, customers services can only be improved when workers play their part of roles effectively and they satisfy all their needs and requirements.

As per Petz, Duckwitz and Schlick, 2013 “when service of product is purchased by a customer, then they there are certain expectations” (Petz, Duckwitz and Schlick, 2013). When they are not satisfied, then it has negative impact over the customer's perception towards the commodity or service. Willingness towards work is also important as it enables to understand the role and interest towards the work. There are different elements that are required in order to provide customers with high quality services. In this context, it includes elements like commitment, dedication, interest, etc. In order to develop these, it is important that management understand that factors with the help of which organization will be able to improve the performance level. As per Chen, Weng and Huang, 2016 “Maslow's hierarchy of need can be determined as one of the important tools to motivate and encourage workers” (Chen, Weng and Huang, 2016). This technique covers all the essential areas that motivate workers. Both customer's service and performance is closely linked with each other. This is because when workers do not perform effectively, then it negatively affects the customer services. On the other hand, it when workers performance is high, then it affects the customer service positively. There are firms which provide their customers with similar services and when workers get to satisfy their service users, then they develop positive perception among customers mind. Further, there are situations in which workers take lot of leaves and this is because they do not have interest for the work they perform. As per Ismail and Velnampy, 2013 “motivated employees take responsibilities and aim at supporting the firm in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization”.  Further, there are also personal factors that fall under due to which workers fail to concentrate on the work that is given to them. Management should have close interaction with workers so that they will be able to identify the issues that are faced by employees and accordingly steps should be taken to solve them and this way workers can be motivated.

As per the view of Hubert, Blut and Eberhardt (2016), there are two different ways of motivation i.e. monetary and non monetary rewards and thus it encourages workers to get empower and deliver better customer service to clients. Therefore, it is essential for business to provide both monetary and non monetary rewards in regard to get encourage and deliver better customer service to retain them for long term within firm (Hubert, Blut and Eberhardt, 2016). Here, business should focus upon adopting non monetary rewards and thus provide recognition, awards at annual ceremonies, appreciation and thus all such methods help in motivating workers to work hard towards business targets. However, Petz, Duckwitz and Schlick, (2013), argued that employees requires to identify the needs and wants of consumers and provide them particular things so that better quality services can b delivered to guests. It also appreciates the workers and thus it encourages their morale which results in improving their ability and achieve desired results (Petz, Duckwitz and Schlick, 2013).

As per the opinion of Chen, Weng and Huang (2016), providing monetary benefits would also result workers in encouraging them and thus enhance their skills and abilities so that best results can be attained. Therefore, it is essential for employees to work hard towards customer retention and overcome competition within firm (Chen, Weng and Huang, 2016). Thus, monetary method of providing reward is also beneficial and thus it encourages workers in benefiting customers and satisfying their needs so that best results can be attained. However, Ismail and Velnampy (2013), argued that in such fierce competitive market, there are certain ways through which business requires to improve the performance of individuals and thus attain desired results. Therefore, it is essential for encouraging workers to provide both financial and non financial methods so that they can enhance business performance in market (Ismail and Velnampy, 2013).

Hedelius and Nilsson (2014), stated that business empowers its workers through providing both the benefits i.e. financial and non financial and thus it helps in empowering and engaging workforce in relation to improve business performance. Through providing non financial benefits it would result in motivating the workers effectively and thus help them to satisfy the needs of customers and retain them for long term within firm. Customer service is the key aspect that would result in delivering better customer service to clients and thus attain best results. Also, appropriate training needs to be provided to workers so that it assists in motivating workforce and thus carry out their responsibility effectively (Hedelius and Nilsson, 2014). It assists in boosting job satisfaction and productivity within employees so that success can be attained. Furthermore, it is essential for business to empower its workforce and thus results in improving efficiency so that client base can be satisfied. Encouraging team would result in providing benefit and thus overcome the issues faced by workers within workplace. Therefore, it is essential for organization to evaluate the needs of employees and provide them proper benefits so that it could be fulfilled in an effective way and thus organizational goals can be attained.

Research Questions

Here, it can be assessed that employee motivation is considered crucial aspect and thus delivers better customer service within hotel. It results in satisfying the needs of consumers and retain them for long term within business. The chosen topic assesses that employee motivation is crucial aspect and thus assists in enhancing their morale would result in attaining desired aims and objectives. Also, it is significant for Hilton managers to identify the market trends and provide best training sessions to its workers so that better customer service could be delivered. Thus, encouraging workers assists in satisfying the needs of customers and providing them appropriate quality services so that success can be attained. However, the unexplored area of research problem identifies that through providing better customer service it would benefit them and thus overcome the competitors within firm. Hence, it is essential for management of hotel to provide proper motivation i.e. both monetary and non monetary rewards and thus encourages employees so that success can be attained. Researcher aims to explore all such areas in future and overcome competition in market.

Further, it could be assessed that business aims to carry out best practices in relation to empower workers and help them to deliver better customer service. Here, it is essential for workers to identify the needs of customers and provide them particular products or services so that best results can be attained. Thus, it would result in enhancing customer service and improving efficiency of individual in regard to carry out the desired results. However, if employees does not receive proper training than it affects their performance within firm and deliver ineffective quality service to consumers. Thus, it results in decreasing customer ratio and they are shifting towards competitors. Therefore, it is essential for hotel to motivate their workers and provide them proper benefits so that better customer service can be delivered.   


“To analyze the importance of employee motivation in providing customer service: A study on Hilton hotel”


  • To understand the concept of employee motivation and customer service.
  • To determine the relationship between motivation and customer service at Hilton hotel.
  • To recommend certain ways of empowering employees to deliver better customer service.

Research questions

  • What is the concept of employee motivation and customer service?
  • What is the relationship between motivation and customer service at Hilton hotel?
  • What are the ways of empowering employees to deliver better customer service in hotel?


Research approach

Research approach is concerned with the overall orientation of study. There are generally two types of research approaches, namely, inductive and deductive approach. From the present study, inductive approach will be used. Inductive reasoning moves from specific observations to broad generalizations. The justification behind using this approach is that the researcher will be able to make specific observations regarding employee motivation and detect patterns and regularities (Kothari, 2011). Through this, he can then move forward to make broad generalization about the ways in which motivation of employees is important for provision of high quality services to the customers.     

Research design

Research design can be termed as the strategy that is undertaken by the researcher for achieving a coherent and logical integration of various components of a study. The various research designs are exploratory, descriptive, explanatory, analytical etc. for the present study, exploratory research design will be used. Exploratory research is carried out either to explore a new topic or to explore a new angle to existing topic. The justification behind using this design for the present study on Hilton Hotel is that the researcher aims to explore a new angle to the concept of customer service (Mackey and Gass, 2013). Moreover, the researcher has knowledge about the concepts of employee motivation and customer service, but seeks to understand more about them in the context of Hilton Hotel. Hence, exploratory research will be the most suitable design for the present study.     

Data collection

There are two types of data collection methods, primary and secondary. Primary data refers to the original research that a researcher obtains by undertaking first-hand information. There are various methods of collecting primary data such as interviews, surveys, questionnaires, focus groups etc. For the present study on employee motivation, primary data will be collected through questionnaire from the employees (Green, Camilli and Elmore, 2012). The reason behind using this method is that it will help in collecting large amount of data from a big sample at a time. Secondly, the data obtained through questionnaire can be easily and quickly interpreted and analyzed.

Secondary data refers to the information that was previously collected by someone else other than the researcher. There are various sources of secondary data. For the present study on Hilton hotel, secondary data will be collected from sources such as organizational records, journals, books, online articles, blogs etc.   

Research instrument

For the present study, questionnaire will be used as the research instrument. The reason behind using this instrument is that it will provide ease of data collection from the sample. Questionnaire can be filled by the respondents as per their convenience. This is another reason due to which it is being chosen as the research instrument for the present study on Hilton Hotel. Furthermore, questionnaire will be a cost efficient method to gather primary data (Gong and Choi, 2016).       


There are two methods of sampling, probabilistic and non- probabilistic sampling. For the present study, probabilistic sampling method will be used. Sample will be selected by using simple random sampling technique. A sample of 50 employees will be selected in a random manner and information will be collected from them through questionnaire (Chae and Ko, 2016).  

Access And Ethics

Accessibility issue is considered as an effective issue and thus it affects the researcher while carrying out the research. It can be assessed that scholar might face difficulty at the time of entering into the field for identifying the potential respondents and reviewing their opinions so that it could be used to carrying out the study. Therefore, through reviewing proper data collection sources will help in obtaining crucial information required by scholar. Thus, using questionnaire for obtaining primary data while using internet, books, journals etc, for obtaining secondary data sources (Michel, Kavanagh and Tracey, 2013). Also, it is essential for scholar to obtain the permission of respondents in regard to obtain their reviews and opinions. While, another issue faced by researcher is regarding ethical issue and thus researcher experiences different ethical issue in regard to developing trust and relationship with personnel. Also, citation is referred as another ethical issue and thus it is essential for scholar to overcome such issue in regard to collect appropriate sources and thus does not carry out the research unethically.

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