Develop Technical Requirements for Business Solutions


A business solution is a combination of ideas that used by a company to attain its business objectives. This can be in any area or field of the organization such as marketing, payroll, accounting, auditing, market research and analysis etc. These business solutions are in the terms of technology evaluation, strategic planning and collecting complex business information (Halme, 2012). The present study is based on developing technical requirements for business solutions and to understand it, a case of ABC Company is taking into the consideration. It is a software application development company which is recently working for UFG Global Corporation. For the business client, organization has come up with an IT solution under the name of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

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1.1 Defining hardware and software requirements of the business solution

For ERP business solution, there will different kind of hardware and software requirements. ABC Company will need a hardware solution for 20 to 60 users because there will various numbers of employees work on it. It will require CPU of 2.5GHz with four cores, RAM of 4GB, Disk 6x15k RPM in RAID 5 or 1+0, Hardware RAID controller with 256MB write cache and a Network or server with 1Gb/s speed in order to backups over the network. Along with this, hardware for ERP solution will necessitate dedicated servers and cooling systems. On the other, by moving towards the software requirements, ABC Company will need some customized software on where different phases of ERP would develop and combine (Storbacka, 2011).

1.2 Determining model of business

The business model followed by UFG Global Corporation is Franchise. Under this, company is specialized in personalized business services which include signs, embroidery, and business brokerage. From the last 30 years, company is in franchising sector and there are more than 1400 franchisees of the cited organization across the world (Sih, 2013).

1.3 Determining technical specifications for business

There are various technical specifications for business of ABC Company which has provided IT services to its business client. There are some brochures providing from the organization side to its uses so that they can understand the working of IT software. Along with this, there is online help providing by ABC Company to its clients where the service users can take assistance of experts to run the software or solve the operating issues (Sumbwanyambe, Nel and Clarke, 2011). On the other hand, organization has developed some technical manuals which have described various information regarding to operate or run or install software at the workplace. It has included some pictures with instructions for the service users at the time of installation or removing the operating problems.

1.4 Establishing interface requirements for end users and external parties

To establish interface requirements for end users and external partied regarding ERP business solution, there are some important objects will require. A command line will need to make sure that the business client and ABC Company connected with other. With the help of this, it will easy to establish interface between both the parties so that service user requirements can be easily determined. On the other hand, variety of communication process can be adopted. It will facilitate ABC Company and UFG Global Corporation to share the information related to suggested IT business solution in an effective manner. It will allow the company to communicate the progress of project time to time. So, the above stated methods will help in establishing interface requirements for end users and external parties (Sumbwanyambe, Nel and Clarke, 2011).

1.5 Documentation of business solution requirements for approval from stakeholders

For proposed business solution ERP, the major requirement will be hardware and software. In hardware, systems units, monitors, keyboards etc. On the other hand, some customized software for in-house will be used.

1.6 Determining IT security requirements

In the case of development of ERP business solution, there will be some IT security requirements. These will Secure Functional Requirements, Functional Security Requirements, Non-Functional Security Requirements and Secure Development Requirements. Along with this, backup, server-clustering, firewall, antivirus etc kinds of IT security will be needed.


2.1 Hardware, software and network requirements

Processor: Intel Core i3 and above or AMD FX 4100 and above

Hard drive: 128 GB with at least 20 GB of free disk space

Memory: 2 GB

Wired network: Ethernet LAN port or USB Ethernet Adapter/Dongle

Wireless networking: 802.11n

Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10(Yosemite) and Mac OS X 10.11( EI Captain)

Antivirus and Spyware protection: We recommend using Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 7 and Windows Defender in Windows 8 and above. For mac we recommend Symantec Antivirus.

Network software and protocols in order for systems to communicate:

  • TCP/IP
  • HTTP
  • FTP (Kapletia and Probert, 2010)

2.2. Software solutions to build business platform

DB2 transaction: The system must be able to send, receive and trigger transaction to the DB2 registration database system.

Data integrity: Commit transactions that are completed and/or rollback unfinished or time-out transactions.

Data validation: Data error from the user's end and from the back end processing and must be handled gracefully.

Data repository: The online registration system will maintain the DB2 registration database as the main repository of data.

Performance: The system must resolve issues and handle concurrent use of the system on a 24 by 7 basis (Lee, Jung, Kim, Lee and Kim, 2010).

2.3. Processes to be changed by the business solution:

The new business solution must be installed on every system (computers). Old systems of monitoring and evaluation must be updated with the new business solution. The new system will speed up the process, and help the users to update progress of projects and monitor it at each stage. Users can be added and removed from projects as required.

2.4. The effect changes will have on the value or supply chain:

The changes will help speed up the project life cycle. Each team member will update its work on the project on a daily basis. This will help the project manager to monitor and take essential steps to ensure that the project runs smoothly without any troubles. The project's clients can also track the progress and check if the project is developing according to the requirements (Halme, 2012).

2.5. Security protocols suitable for business solutions:

  • The software solution should be kept up-to-date to maintain data centred security. Also keep these points in mind to leverage your business' technology for security:
  • Firewalls should be installed to protect against unauthorized network access.
  • Make frequent backups a regular part of your security fabric. Also make sure to test if they actually work.
  • Encrypt your business sensitive data (Storbacka, 2011).

2.6. Impact of changes and submit to relevant stakeholders

This system will speed up its internal operations of the company and help better manage its operations. This document should be distributed among the various employees who may include team members, team leaders and project manager. The employer can also see the various projects ongoing and completed in the company.


3.1 Implement hardware and software solutions for testing purposes

The system must be implemented with following hardware and software configuration:

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 and above or AMD FX 4100 and above
  • Hard drive: 128 GB with at least 20 GB of free disk space
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Wired network: Ethernet LAN port or USB Ethernet Adapter/Dongle
  • Wireless networking: 802.11n
  • Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10(Yosemite) and Mac OS X 10.11( EI Captain) (Sih, 2013)

3.2 Training needs to update personnel skills:

All the users must be provided with sufficient training for proper use of the system. The employees must be trained to use the system to be able to see projects, update their work and see deadlines. The project managers will be trained to evaluate performance of the employees.

3.3 Planning timelines and allocation of resources for business solution

The entire proposed business solution will complete within the 5 months with the use of various resources. These will human resource, technology, financial and time resources.

3.4 Developing performance standards and benchmark results

For proposed ERP IT solution of business client of ABC Company, there will need to developing some performance standards and benchmarking results.

These are as follows:

  • Increased data integrity and accessibility
  • Empowered employees to operate it independently
  • Improved internal and business client communications
  • Improved overall efficiency of the business processes (Sumbwanyambe, Nel and Clarke, 2011)

3.5 Determining costs involved to implement business solution

There will £ 5000 costs will include to implement business solution. It will involve the costing of development of software, salary of employees, purchasing of software and hardware, other expenses etc.

3.6 Documentation of the business solution

ERP is business process management software that allows a company to adopt a system of integrated application to mange different business functions such as human resource, back office, technology etc. The proposed business solution will deliver several outcomes to business client of ABC Company. These are improved efficiency of the firm, integrate the various business operations, develop different business related reports, maintain security of systems etc (Sharp, McMurtry, Oakley, Subramanian and Zhang, 2013).

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4.1 Test, validate and document results of the business solution

The outcome of testing of ERP solution is it is very helpful in managing the different resources of business client of ABC Company. It is able to assist the users about how to manage the resources in various level and situations so that set objectives can be attained in a right manner. On the other hand, it centralized and integrated the other software systems of business client.

4.2 Providing results to appropriate person for verification

The result of the proposed ERP IT solution to will deliver to the Project Manager for verification. The outcome of this will streamlined processes and workflows, minimize the redundancy of data entry and processes, manage the various sources of business client etc. On the basis of the following outcomes, the project manager will compare the expected results to actual. The deviation will conform about whether deliverables are attained or not (Kapletia and Probert, 2010).

4.3 Obtaining sign - off on business solution

By releasing all business resources and stating the outcomes of project, the project manager of ABC Company will obtain sign off on business solution from the business client. Along with this, by handover the final business solution to service user, the work will be closed out.


From the above research, it can be concluded that ERP has the proposed business solution for UFG Global Corporation. It has helped the company to solve its issues and has delivered various benefits to the organization.


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