Leadership & Business Management (CHAPTER 5)


This chapter of the dissertation conclude or summarize the findings of the whole thesis. It will enable scholar to find the right solution of the issue. On this basis, Woolworth will be recommended with the best strategy to overcome or combat their motivational issues regarding both the monetary and non-monetary reward mechanism. With this, managers can motivate their workforce appropriately and maximize their staff productivity to meet the organizational targets. It also helps to retain talented and competent workforce for a longer duration at less staff turnover.


From the carried investigation, it has been assessed that motivation is the process of positively influencing the workforce so that they will be willing to put great efforts and high level of dedication towards their work responsibilities. In the report, various theories of motivation has been studied and examined. Under the Maslow’s hierarchy, it has been founded that employee can be satisfied following a hierarchy ranging from basic to safety & security, love & belongingness, esteem and self-actualisation needs at the end (Richard and Johnson, 2008). This hierarchy leads to rose up the motivational level of the employees, which in turn, they will feel more satisfied and complete their job responsibilities effectively. Moreover, reward mechanism has been considered as one of the most successful way to encourage and motivate the workforce and improve their productivity. In such regards, two types of reward tools, monetary as well as non-monetary has been taken into account, first relates to giving financial rewards like incentive, commission, bonuses, promotion and others whilst later covers appraisal, praise by seniors, more responsibilities, better working conditions, extra facilities and others. Although it becomes really very important for the companies to motivate their consumers to enhance staff morale, loyalty and satisfaction, still, Woolworth’s HR professionals are facing several issues in motivating their personnel.

From the study, it has been assessed that ineffective communication, lack of managerial support, facilities, ineffective pay and reward mechanism are the most important issues that are facing by the administrators in motivating their people (Podmoroff, 2005). Research founded that it is essential for the HR managers to keep in touch with their employees and well-known with their expectations so as to create effective reward mechanism and select right tools for motivation. However, poor communication, lack of proper and adequate facilities, poor working environment, ineffective relationship with the co-workers may leads to dissatisfy the personnel base and reduce their motivation level. Dissatisfied employee not only perform poor but also may take decisions to depart from the organization, which in turn, results in high labor turnover. It arises issues and problems for the companies regarding employees’ retention.

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Investigation identified that both the tangible and intangible as well as intrinsic and extrinsic factors like job promotion, salary appraisal, challenging tasks, greater responsibilities, incentives and bonus plans, security, better working conditions etc. are the ways available to Woolworth, Ghana to encourage their workforce (Rich, Lepine and Crawford, 2010). It directly have a positive affect on the worker’s performance because motivated worker perform and execute their job responsibilities more energetically, dedicatively and enthusiastically, as a result, staff productivity goes increased and reduce absenteeism and high turnover. It have a positive impact to the firm’s corporate image and brand position.

In order to examine and evaluate the real facts and figures regards to motivational level of workers in Woolworth, Ghana, qualitative thematic technique has been applied. Owing to this, it has been studied that monetary rewarding system has a greater impact on people motivation because out of the selected sample, majority of the people to 57% preferred financial reward in comparison to non-financial reward. Moreover, larger number of existing workforce of the establishment is satisfied with the compensation policy of the Woolworth as 67% people replied this. Firm’s people are agree with the statement that company provides enough development opportunities to the workers for their growth and career advancement like training & development, promotion, multi-tasking and so on. They said that company provides various opportunities to their people for enhancement of their skills and knowledge base, in the findings, 60% people was agree with this statement. Apart from this, appraisal in salary has been founded as the most critical and important element that gives rises to the motivational level of people at very higher rate. Under the chosen sample, more than half of the people to 52.4% said that they feel extremely motivated at higher pay scale in comparison to the others like incentives, bonus, profit sharing and stock option.

On the contrary to this, analyzing under non-financial reward mechanism founded awards as the most effective tool which was preferred by 42.9% people whilst other tools like participation in decision-making process, gift cards, promotion and mentoring has been preferred by less number of people. Thus, it concluded that Woolworth must motivate their personnel through appraisal in salary and giving awards to their people. In addition to this, workers are also extremely satisfied with their job position at the workplace, in the chosen sample of 8 employees, 52.4% said that they have been assigned to the right job position considering their knowledge, talent, capabilities, experience and competency level. On the other side, looking to the effectiveness of reward mechanism, data analysis section founded that Woolworth’s reward system has been designed in an effective manner taking into account the expectations of the workers and deliver appropriate return to them in return for their genuine efforts and valuable contribution. As per the study, 57.1% employees are satisfied with the designed reward system. Moreover, they are also satisfied with the current motivational strategies and practices used by the Woolworth in motivating their workforce. In order to examine the impact of motivation on staff performance, regression test has been applied and results founded that they are positively related to each other means high level of motivation leads to rise performance to a great extent or vice-versa. Employees responses also founded that ineffective salary structure demotivate workers and as a result, they do not feel motivated and encouraged to give extra efforts and also search other opportunities to leave the organization at high turnover rate.


From the above concluded section, it becomes clear that without motivating, promoting and encouraging the workforce, none of the organization like Woolworth and others can enhance their staff productivity to meet the set organizational goals. Therefore, in order to motivate workers and combat motivational issues Woolworth must pay attention to the following aspects, presented underneath:

Wooolworth must put Maslow’s hierarchy at a central point, in which, HR must satisfy all the desires and needs of their human capital step-by-step. Proper food, good working conditions, ventilation and other satisfy basic physiological needs. Thereafter, medical benefits, health insurance, pension and others results in job security whereas familiar working relationship with the co-workers and informal group discussion satisfy belongingness. Self-esteem and self-actualization needs can be satisfied with salary appraisal, promotion, praise and greater responsibilities.

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Under the reward mechanism, both the monetary and non-monetary tools must be covered. In the first, special attention must be given to the salary appraisal plan because it affects workers to a great extent. However, under the non-monetary reward system, awards must be given to the employees on the basis of their valuable, outstanding, excellent and genuine performance. Moreover, reward system must be designed without any biasness and favouritism, so that, all the workers can be satisfied and encouraged to execute their work responsibilities excellent and get rewards for the same. In addition, current salary structure must be revised and reviewed to make it sure that it has been designed in an effective manner based on the job analysis. In this, salaries must be decided taking into account the job position, required skills, complexity of work, workers experience and others elements to encourage employees.

In order to combat motivational issues, it is essential for the Woolworth to communicate regularly with the workforce to identify their feelings, expectations and desires, which in turn, helps to design an appropriate motivational plan to encourage personnel. In addition to this, company must provide good working conditions, extra facilities, promotion, appraisal programs, incentive schemes, job promotion, training and development, greater responsibilities and praise workers for their best performance.

Woolworth’s HR professional must reduce those factors or elements that rise demotivation among workers like poor and unfamiliar working environment, poor relationship with the co-workers, discrimination practices, less salary, poor work conditions and others, so that, dissatisfaction among workers can be minimized. However, motivational factors should be increased to positively influence the workforce. This in turn, they will be desire and willing to render extra efforts to fulfil their job targets and thereby attain organizational goals successfully. Highly motivated employees wish to work or stay with the Woolworth for a prolonger period and results in less turnover and absenteeism. Retaining trained, talented and capable workforce for a long time helps to deliver best services to the customers at superb staff productivity.

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