Operations Information Management to Develop Efficiency


Management of business activities including collecting information and adequate use of resources is helpful for achieving organization's effectiveness. It is key element to grab various technologies for efficient quality services of firm. The present report is based on case study of Music Mates related to establishment of new business and making decisions for fund allocation at workplace. In this regard, different aspects for promoting band for advertising, social media marketing, recording business accounts are determined here. However, effective business approach regarding technologies and analytical tools for appropriate research and analyses can be understood through this study. In addition to this, evaluation of research and open sources comparison table is presented here for preparing strategy for implementation. Including this, systematic report including recommendations is obtained here. Along with different tools and techniques are to be determined for implementing sound qualities. In addition to this, alternative best solution for music efficiency is to be obtained through this study. Including this, different alternatives for enhancing music quality can be determined with comparisons. However, report is able to provide different aspects of operations information and management related tools effectively. Overall information regarding music systems are to be understood through study.

Part A

1 Series of business process models

Business process model is an activity of depicting procedures in Music Mates for analysing its current processes or to bring improvement in them. This model is generally adopted by business analysts who gives their expertise in this model. It is a modern technology that has evolved from several phases and names, starting from division of labor in the late 1700s, when manufacturing sectors first shifted in factories form cottage industry. This model in interchangeable with the cited firm. It is not only followed by traditional businesses, but it is increasingly applied by all type of other types of firms. For instance, government institutions, charitable trusts, cooperative organisations etc.

This method brings improvement in efficiency and quality for the stated firm. The techniques of business process modelling are focused on mapping and workflow to gain understanding, evaluation and optimistic changes. The representation of this model in diagrammatic form is commonly referred as “notation”. While business process modelling is related with several perspectives of management, its deep technical features and process focus related closely with quality management and the evaluating approaches and liabilities emerging for improving the quality. In simple terms, it is quality management tool just like six sigma. It is specially used in change management.

BPMN is a graphical representation to specify business procedures in the business process model. It is standard for business process modeling which gives graphical notation to specify business processes in the business process diagram which is based upon flowcharts techniques that it same as activity diagrams of the unified modelling language. The purpose of BPMN is to aid business process management, for technical users as well as business users through giving a notation which is spontaneous for business users. It also offers a mapping between the graphics of the notation and its inbuilt concepts of implementation languages. The primary objective of BPMN is to offer a standardised notation which can be easily understood by all the stakeholders of the cited organisation. These comprises of business analysts who make and refine the procedures, the technical developers who are accountable for executing them, and managers who supervise and maintain them. As a result, BPMN provides a common language which bridges the communication gap which mostly happens between business procedures design and execution. The BPMN model comprises of easy diagrams created with a controlled set of graphical constituents. For the cited firm and business developers, it make the understanding easy and simple regarding activities flow and processes. He four basic elements of BPMN are flow objects, connecting objects, swim lanes and artifacts. All these four elements foster creation of easy business process diagrams. To add value for customer, internal or external, the business process model is at its centre. It begins with needs and wants of customers and finishes with the contentment of those needs and desires. It is not a performance result, it is a way for an end i.e. a tool.  

2 Strategic analysis for Music Mates

According to given case study, Music Mates have been performing together since 2 years as part time professionals (Batra and, 2014). Now, organization requires business approach for sound effectiveness. Therefore, it is looking for different alternative solutions and software for implementing strategies regarding band and musicians. In addition to this, it also target to take advantage of three professionals as Alexander, Sergei and Vassliy for promoting band. For this purpose, it determines techniques for customer management relationship. Thus, strategy for growing Music Mates can be analyzed as below:-

  • SWOT Analysis:- It presents performances and quality of musicians including strength and weakness. Moreover, opportunities to be grabbed and threats occurs for implementing action plans are considered. In accordance to this, SWOT for Music Mates can be obtained as:-

However, Music Mates strategies are analyzed through above mentioned SWOT analysis. It is helpful to recognize positive aspects as well weaknesses can be recovered. Moreover, different opportunities can be grabbed for enlargement and improving quality services for business approach. Including this, threats are also considered to be overcome on the basis of which agency can be established effectively (Berde and, 2014). Therefore, focusing on all these elements are helpful to reach out set targets for musicians.

  • PESTLE analysis:-
    It includes environmental factors like political, socio-cultural, legal and technological. By identifying and implementing strategies for these factors for starting new agency, musicians can achieve creativity in band. It interrelates with financial, social and technological development of firm. Under this analysis, new ideas are generated for music mates to develop efficiencies in entity. Hence, strategic analysis for music mates is effective for proper fund allocation and making decisions for economic growth of agency (Fomel and, 2013). On behalf of these factor analyses innovtive techniques for full time musicians can be obtained.

Part B

Open source Software Comparison Table

Research is conducted for determining appropriate software solution for Music Mates. Therefore, different alternatives are obtained for increasing information system technologies can express:-

Being OMI consultant, there are different source software are presented. The Music Mates can obtain comparison of various software for sound music quality. However, from all of the above mentioned software sources, Magic Music Mixer is quite good. It is appropriate for musician and business approach. Through this music software, 2 GB data can be stored as well convenient for beginners to use (Gholami and, 2013). Including this, it can store more than 1500 sounds that is useful for storing music and able to satisfy with quality services for Music mates. Thus, it is essential for recording music and providing effective sound quality to customers.

In comparison to Magic Music Mixer, sound quality of Ableton Live is worse. Although their random access memory quantity is equal as 2 GB but features are impacted for music services. Even, there are no track folder presents in Ableton Live that impacts on satisfaction level regarding sound quality. However, FL studio has memory storage of 1 GB also provides UI designs and wave from editor but it does not support on Mac computers including on other systems, it does not provide effective service quality (Haux and, 2013). Thus, on critical evaluation, it is determined that FL studio is also not suitable for Music Mates.

However, iTunes has creative virtual liberary for storing as 1 giga hurtz that is quite ineffective for Magic Music Mixer. In accordance to this, various issues occurs during its performance. Its random access memory is also 512 MB that is less for storing music and creating creativity in sound system. On the basis of critical it can be determined that iTunes also presents inadequate services for music and sound system quality. Similarly, sound quality and inefficiency in music system is obtained. Hence, it is also not suitable for using as software system for implementing strategies related to music and band quality.

According to critical evaluation of above mentioned alternative sound software, it is recognized that Magix Music Maker is best option for Music Mates to be used for effective sound system and organizing band for musicians. Moreover, its hardware space is 9 GB that is great for storing music and composing different sounds. It considers as key element for making sound quality more effective (Kuzlu, Pipattanasomporn and Rahman, 2014). In this system tool, organization requires to focus on batch conversion that it should be adequate for proper sound system. Therefore, it remains as one of the best alternative for Music Mates for enhancing music quality as well effectiveness of sound can be determined through this software.

Part C


  • Introduction:- The present report is based on quality of sound and band. It includes various tools and technologies for developing efficiency in music professionals. In accordance to this, three music professionals and OMI consultant support is to be determined for implementing strategies regarding music system. Including this, different tools are to be recognized for establishing good relationship with clients and customers in music industry (Manning and, 2014). However, Music Mates effectiveness tools are to be analyzed through this study that impacts on organization's efficiecny.
  • Main body:- Music Mtaes is a group of three musicians who perform together from last 2 years. In this process, they are working as part time professionals in music industry that focuses to increase its sound quality for promoting band. In addition to this, it is obtained that there are three professionals named Alexander, Sergei and Vassily who provide opportunity to become agents for their organizations. However, it can increase earning capacity and strength to work perform at high level (Nejatimoharrami, Faina and Støy, 2016). Therefore, it is considered that Music Mates can play supportive role for music professionals.

In this section, they will be accountable for advertising events, keeping systematic record of business account and social media marketing for effective music and sound services. Including this, it can be foretasted that Music Mates will able to create bridge of communication for sharing views and ideas related to dealing with clients who want to get booking for band and also for music professionals who operates agency for providing band. At this time, Music Mates looks at alternatives for improving its music quality as influences on its business approach (Neteler and Mitasova, 2013). However, it looks for various alternatives as using information technology tools including Facebook, macebook, laptop etc.

Therefore, focusing on several strategies for implementing music quality and customer relationship is valuable for agencies. In this regard, different information technology tools are utilizes for gaining best alternative option. In accordance to this, Music Mates prepares plan for fund allocation and investing fund in adequate field for better music quality. Under this system, varsities of alternatives are presented as Magix Music Maker, iTunes, Ableton Live. Further, as per critical evaluation of all these alternatives, the best appropriate solution obtains as Magix Music Maker. It is valuable for creative sound quality as well able to increasing sound quality effectively (Obe and Hsu, 2015). In this regard, importance of information technology tools are obtained that how much they effective for enhancing music quality for organization.

In this process, different technologies and tools are determined for creativity in band as well molding business in democratic styles. Thus, methods to establish good relationship with clients and customers who want to take advantage of band from agencies are considered. Including this, various software and their comparisons related to music and sound quality interrelation with customer management is analyzed here. Therefore, enterprise resource management and manner for fund allocation for effective band and musicians are recognized. In addition to this, manner to increase personal relation with three music professionals is presented (Seemann, 2014). However, Music Mates takes help of professionals for sound effectiveness including investments and getting source for finance is determined. In accordance to this, supportive role of music professionals and OMI consultant is crucial for enhancing sound quality of band. Moreover, several technologies are used for implementing music quality and significance of information technology in effective sound system is created. Therefore, different ideas for customer management relationship including professional band quality tools are analyzed. Moreover,various tools and techniques are recognized for growing Music Mates is considered. However, the report is presented enterprise resource management and fund allocation techniques.

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  • Conclusion and recommendations:- The report is concluded that by applying different tools and techniques for effective sound quality including adequate funding is helpful for effectiveness of Music Mates. In this regard, varieties of methods are presented for effective sound quality and allocating fund as well resources (Tao and, 2014). However, taking advantage of three professionals support remains helpful for better music quality. Including this, methods to create good relationship with customers and other music professionals are determined here. In addition to this, different open software tools are considered for selecting best for effective sound and storage of music. Moreover, the report is obtained through varieties of tools and techniques for implementing music system and getting ideas for investments is obtained. Thus, study is presented strategies and planning procedures for enhancing quality services of band. In this, operating agencies for three qualitative professionals are determined that impacts on effectiveness of Music Mates band. In this regard, methods and determinants are achieved that agency uses for implementation. It including using system and techniques of information technologies like Facebook, iphones' and other tools that generates idea for developing efficiecny. Thus, through this study, different methodologies for music and better sound quality is determined.

In addition to this, various components should be applied by agencies for increasing sound quality and operating agency effectively. In accordance to this, it would be effective for Music Mates by taking help of professionals related to music software quality and financial management including investments and sources for implementing service qualities of entity. Moreover, according to critical evaluation of all alternatives for music software, it is concluded that Magix Music Maker is crucial for implementing sound quality and economic development of firm. In this regard, it is obtained that applying different strategies are useful for developing efficiency of entity (Thüm and, 2014). Moreover, contribution of different music professionals including OMI consultant is obtained that is useful for effective sound qualities also impact on customer satisfaction tool.

Part 4

Reflective summary

It is related to analyzing own contribution for Music Mates. Being OIM consultant, I supported organization for selecting best appropriate alternative in music software options. However, I recognized the role of music professionals for entity. Including this, I suggested options for fund allocation with effective service qualities of sound. In this regard, critical evaluation of different music software as Magix Music Maker, iTunes, Albeton is considered. Moreover, critical evaluation including features, disadvantages and storage limit for different software is obtained. On the basis of theses software analyses best option for effective music quality is determined. Therefore, various components are analyzed for enhancing quality services of sound. In this regard, reflection over personal contribution is analyzed. Including this, I suggested several tools and technologies for developing efficiency regarding sound system as well valuable for creating implementation in music system effectively.

Moreover, different ideas are generated for quality services of sound efficiency. It is useful for adopting technologies in effective sound system as well remains valuable for creativity in organization's efficiency. However, I compared different music software for Music Mates including their features and drawbacks that is valuable for determining best alternative for effective sound and music system. In addition to this, various methods are obtained for developing quality of sound system that would be effective for operating agencies. In accordance to this, different ideas are recognized for qualitative services of information technologies. It influences business strategies for developing market position of sound and music system. Thus, different techniques and ideas are generated for effective quality services of Music Makers. However, different approaches are analyzed for creating more effectiveness in sound system. It influences expansion and creative environment of organization regarding developmental tools and technologies.


The present report is concluded that applying strategic plans for good quality of sound system impacts on effectiveness of Music Makers. However, different ideas are determined for developing efficiency in organization related to music industry. Including this, strategic analyses for effective business approach regarding agency for music professionals is obtained here. It provides different analyses factors to recognize company and service quality of organization (White, 2016). Moreover, crucial role of professionals including OIM consultant is recognized that influences ideas for increasing qualities of music determinants. In addition to this, proper management of fund and business operations is obtained through this report. Thus, reflective summary for personal contribution including management of Music Makers is determined. It also generates ideas for reactivity at workplace. In addition to this, effective ideas for technologies and its implantation are considered through this study. However, various tools and technologies including software for music and sound qualities are obtained.

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