Room Division

Introduction to Room Division Operation

Hospitality industry operations consists of various activities to provide better working conditions in hotel sector and this industry offers services to clients in order to provide better satisfaction level. Room division operation is one of most critical part of hotel industry working as it contributes in better demonstration of front office operation and housekeeping activities. In this report, learning will focus on room division and operation management of five Seasons hotel. It is the hotel located in Winchester and Company is managing its expansion through better use of franchise and by providing various facilities at hotel premises (Baker and Huyton, 2004). This report will focus on over various activities that are performed by room division department within organization. It will also spotlight over the issues that can affect effective management and business presentation. Other than this, report will also access to various elements that can boost the effectiveness of management working and also provides advancement to accommodation service for better business performance. Furthermore, it will also focus on maximization and measurement of room occupancy and revenue.

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A). Key aspects of legislation and regulatory requirements relevant to room division operations

The success of every business operation is dependent upon flexibility and better consideration of rules and regulation in working. So, in the support of this statement it can be said that five seasons hotel working should focus on number of laws which are essential for effective hospitality services. In other words, it can be said that rules and regulations that are established hotel promises needs better consideration of law and policies. It is because, if a worker breaks the regulations then the flow of workplace can be impacted negatively and will affect the performance of firm (Baker and Huyton, 2004). The better team working with focus of common rules and regulations will provide better opportunity to business to have enhanced accomplishment of goal without any occurrence of issue or challenge. There are three key legislations that Five Seasons Hotel have to consider for better working and improved accomplishment of goals. The laws are classified as Health and Safety Act 1974, Fire regulation and Data Protection Act.

While having a consideration of Health and Safety Act, 1974, every individual who is employed in the hotel premises is responsible for its own health and safety and also for other colleagues and persons who employ in same environment. This Act is defined to have better protection of workers as well as for the service users who visit Five Seasons Hotel. It has been spotted that most of the injuries in hospitality industry occurs due to improper use of tools, hurry to accomplish task, wet floors, etc. (Bardi, 2011). To have better health and safety conditions, Five Seasons Hotel can offer training to workers for better consideration of rules and regulation that can positively affect the environment and working of firm.

Five Seasons Hotel also have to focus over fire regulation and it is defined to make sure that every person who visits Hotel is safe and secure if fire issues arise. This act will also facilitate five seasons hotel to have improved protection from any accident on their premises. Hotel also have to consider better application of smoke sensors, fire devices, alarms and emergency exists to have better protection and improved working with having a consideration of this law (Raschid, 2008). Other than this, Data protection Act will facilitate organization to have better protection of information and reduce data leakage which is provided by clients in order to provide information of needs for better services. Hotels have to make sure that information is protected and private; it must not be shared to any third party.

B). Roles and responsibilities of a selection of accommodation and reception staff

Roles and responsibilities plays a key role in success of every organization it is necessary for organizations to make sure that employees are having better knowledge about their roles and responsibilities. It also facilitates firms in better handling of workload situations. There are number of roles and responsibilities of Five season hotel employees who work in front office and accommodation. Organisation can provide better knowledge of roles and responsibilities by providing improved information of job description and rules (Fallon and Rutherford, 2010). So it is also necessary for five Seasons hotel to have advanced selection of accommodation and reception staff by focusing over roles and responsibilities. In hospitality industry, the roles and responsibilities completely calculates on size, regulations and structure of five seasons hotel. Housekeeper plays a fundamental role in betterment of accommodation services of five seasons hotel with having an improved focus over standards of quality services (Zainal, 2012). In five seasons hotel, housekeeper is responsible to have better arrangement of rooms and try to create welcoming environment as well as improved experience for service users. While having a room arrangement and preparation, individual have to make sure about some factors such as, sanitariness, comfort, beauty and courtesy. In the addition of this, housekeeper is also had to focus over cleanliness and improved arrangement of open area in Hotel. In other words, it can be said that housekeeper is fully responsible to provide better accommodation services and maintain quality standards of services (Michael, 2010).

Reservation supervisor is responsible to have better arrangement of work and reservation activities. Reservation, manager of five seasons hotel is responsible to have better management of shifts and need to person also have to make sure that working regarding reservation is having consideration of organization's rules and regulations such as, receiving reservation and supervising of all bookings, etc (Baker, 2001). Hotel is having specific department for improved reservation facilities and these actions are mostly executed by receptionist, Who is responsible to greet the travellers in hotel and also allot them suite on the basis of their needs and expectations. Other than this, receptionist also have to perform some actions regarding payment process and maintain record sheets of room occupation.

C.) Evaluation of services provided by room division in range of hospitality businesses with an emphasis on accommodation and front office department

Evaluation is improved analysis of completed and ongoing actions that helps in better determination of effectiveness and efficiency of working condition so in the support of this, statement five season hotel also have to focus over analysis of better work and services that is provided by room division. It has been spotted that the fundamental role of hospitality sector is to provide top-grade services for better customer satisfaction with having a focus over their basic and specific necessities (Burns, 2010). It is consisted of factors like food, water and shelter. But the rapid changes in customer needs is also affecting the working of hospitality industry and forcing five season hotels to have changes in operation and adapt the modifications according to customers needs and expectations in order to offer them improved satisfaction (Key roles and functions in hospitality enterprises, 2011). In the support of these modifications in trends, five season hotel is also having working in sector by providing diverse services in less investment and high quality accommodation to make customers feel like luxurious settings in order to provide improved satisfaction to their visitors.

In five season hotel, consumers can have better experience by receiving better room services and sleeping facilities. Organisation also focusing over improved eating arrangements so that service users can order variety of food products and feel relaxed. These operation actions will make feel clients like luxurious and valuable by receiving variety of services. Hotel is having various luxury arrangements that are beyond the basic needs and facilitating firm in providing better satisfaction of consumers. The operations are consisted of wine cell, technology, pools, spa shop and treatment rooms.
To have better accommodation and improved working of front office department five season hotel is also focusing over improvement in accommodation services (Wang, 2011). In the support of this, organisation is providing lodging services, meals facilities and other services that can provide better satisfaction to travellers as well as paying guests. Hotel a five star rating firm that focuses over firm luxurious services and motivating customers to receive the highest degree of personal services. Organization is also offering improved architecture and designs to have high class constructive décor in hotel premises (Key roles and functions in hospitality enterprises, 2011). It is one of major attraction for customers and force them to visit hotel once. Other than this, offer outdoor steaming pool, private dining rooms, library, artwork room, wine cell, fitness studio, sauna and steam room, raw and cured bar along with spa shop.

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D.) Importance of front house area, property interiors and design to effective management

In working of hospitality industry, the front house area have great role and provide success to business. Five season hotel can have more profit by better focus over front house and this also have direct interaction with users. In other words, it can be said that it is an operational department that welcome customers on their arrival. Another explanation might be that it is a department who is responsible to have first impression of company in consumers mind. It is also important for hotel to have clean, warm and friendly environment at front office to have improved consumer perception and advanced organisational effectiveness (Baker and Huyton, 2004). Other than this, it has also determined that improvement in services will also improve satisfaction level of customers so in the support of this hotel front house area is offering friendly and professionally improved atmosphere to service users (Baker and Huyton, 2004). There are various diversified services that front house area of hotel can provide to users for improved effectualness in management such as reservations for various tourism activities, telecommunication and messaging, customer account administration, check in and enrolment of customers, payment actions and other services that can boost the effectiveness of five season hotel management.

Interior is all about inside part of Hotel, it is also defined as prospect of artistic design, suitability, etc. In the addition of this, it can be said that the five season hotel is also focusing over better interior of its premises. The information that front office area has provided to customers also have to be inside of rooms (Bardi, 2011). It is important for hotel management to ensure that all infrastructure is having similar theme as compare to front office and bedrooms. While on other hand, design also plays a key role in providing effectiveness to management and working style in order to have better accomplishment of organisational objectives Hotel management is also having more focus over designing of suites and they are efforting to bring something new for improved success. Innovation in design can also affect the perception of customer and influence the process of room choice (Enz, 2009). To have better accomplishment of customers needs hotel have to focus over standards of design and try to offer luxurious, relaxing and comfortable bedrooms to visitors.

E.) Key aspects of planning and managing of the front of house area and accommodation service

Being a part of hospitality industry the five season hotel has to make sure that customers had made perception about hotel when individual enters in Hotel premises. So it is important for administration to have better focus over design, work presentation and cleanliness.

Design is all about the place in which management have to focus over arrangement of place and the presentation of infrastructure to have better customer mind perception. The management of five season hotel have to employ in effective manner to make place like haven and offer advanced satisfaction to customers (Fallon and Rutherford, 2010). It has also been identified that organization success is depended over revisit of customers so better satisfaction and improved services will force customer to visit back time after time.

Work presentation and brand image is to make sure that users are feeling relax and comfortable. It can also be said that make their perception as they are at most suitable place and hotel infrastructure is having better consideration of interior, exterior factors. Five season hotel also have to focus over organization infrastructure and make sure that hotel premises have the best combination of luxuriousness and civilisation (Xie and Peng, 2012). Hotel have to maintain its greeting environment for improved satisfaction and perception, hotel also need clean room and corridors for better work management.

Five season hotel is having more focus over quality services so its staff is more attracted towards Egyptian fabric, organic and anti-allergy bedclothes for improved occurrence of clients. The better focus over these steps will also facilitate hotel to have more profit with having an increase in number of visitors in order to offer smooth and time resistant service. Hotel management may face some financial issues in initial stage due to high investment cost but it will improve standard of quality services and attract more customers to have services (Zainal, 2012). The improved focus over cleanliness will also improve the quality services and provide a better support to accommodation services. It has been identified that cleanliness plays a key role in influencing the customer perception so staff members of five season hotel using high quality cleaning commodities to have improves quality services regarding bedrooms, etc. It is essential for administration to keep all standards because the first impression always remain same with clients so their belief will be similar when they revisit to Hotel (Burns, 2010).

F.) Key operational issues affecting the effective management of front office area and accommodation service function

It has been identified that issues that can influence the business activities and effectiveness of five season hotel are also classified as design, standard atmosphere and cleanliness. For instance, if Hotel designing is not fantastic and regulations in operations are not decently carry off then organisation performance will decrease and its effectiveness in working conditions. This may also result as decrease in number of visitors and decline in profit (Michael, 2010). In the addition of this, it can also say that if customer will not attain appropriate welcome from hotel administrations then it will impact the mental representation of clients and lead business towards negative working conditions. So it is necessary for hotel to have better consideration of innovation in its welcome techniques for innovative experience of visitor.

While on other side, the bad belief will also impact the mental representation of clients and it will lead administration to great failure. It has been observed that word of mouth is great tool of marketing that can affect business in both positive and negative manner, so it is necessary for front officer of hotel to supply warm and friendly situation to its customers in order to accomplish improvement in effectiveness and success (Baker, 2001). For example, if hotel premises is not maintaining cleanliness standards then administration have to deal with several complains and repayments conditions that can influence the business of five season hotel.

Organization also need to consider better information about customer and hospitality working standards for improvement in impression of five season hotel. For instance, if all roles and areas are in most suitable condition but the designing of rooms is not meeting the standards or not coordinated with hotel infrastructure then it will generate the issue and affect the performance and business of organisation (Wood and Verginis, 2001). In this situation it is also possible that organization may also loose the trust of customers so it can also be said that fascinating design, quality furnishing can attract more customers and improve the performance of hotel.

As five season hotel is big participative in hospitality industry so they are focusing over all factors in effective manner and they are using technology for better accomplishment of cleanliness objectives. Hotel is also using top-quality merchandises, chemical free raw materials in order to accomplish objective of supplying best in hospitality sector.

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A.) Revenue/yield management activities to maximise room occupancy and room revenue

Management activities is process that records everything that worker perform while working in organisation in order to accomplish objectives. In includes various activities that aim is to maximize the value added actions and minimize the non-value added activities. It is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of organisation and have better competitive advancement in market. In other words, it can be said that the better implementation of management activities will facilitate five season hotel in many terms like reduction in cost, formation of new performance measurements, advancement in cash flow and quality services of accommodation as well as front office area (Sharpley, 2006). The better consideration of management activities will also provide improvement in leadership that can motivate the employees of front desk department and accommodation division to bring innovation in working and have effective working to accomplish goals (Enz, 2009). These activities will also provide better working direction to five season hotel management to have effective working conditions and offer better satisfaction to customer with having a focus over maintenance in quality standards.

The success of five season hotel depends over its sells of accommodation services. For example, if accommodation sales and room occupancy will enhance then the overall sales and profit of hotel will also raise. To accomplish the objective of the administration, it is necessary that company should consider activities that can increase the sale of suites at right monetary value. As it has been identified that hospitality industry is having rapid changes in working style so in these conditions it is hard for organization to survive in market (Zainal, 2012). So in this support hotel management can have better use of modern software in order to gather more information about modification in working that are essential for the firm.

Organization can also have improvement in effectiveness and increase in room occupancy is to have better application of policy. In this five season hotel can have some decisions like if customer will cancel room booking then firm will charge some fine. In the respect of this policy, hotel can charge fee of one night as a cancellation fee (Zainal, 2012). In the addition of this, five season hotel can also have another decision in which management will not provide any refund fee in case of emergency cancellation. The improved adaptation of these policies will assist the administration to have addition in its income and also hike the room occupancy.

B.) Analysis of sales techniques used to promote and maximize revenue

Sales techniques is phrase that is used by various business firms to have increase in sales and advancement in profit ratio. It doesn’t matter that firm is having actual information about the market elements, need or not but they perform some actions to have advancement in sales and profit margin ratio. In other words, it can be said that it is an improved combination of all diversified processes and skills that can boost the sales and provide advantages to firm. It is essential for firms to have better consideration of sales techniques to increase the sales (Walker, 2004). Five season hotel also need to focus over various sales techniques to have improvement in sales and room occupancy. It is vital for organisation to have better focus over sales techniques because it can improve the communication skills of front desk office members as well as accommodation division staff. The improvement in communication will provide better identification of customer needs and motivate members to offer better satisfaction level.

There are number of steps that can facilitate five season hotel to have better management of its operation cost and motivate firm to have increase in its profit as well as rooms sales. Five season hotel can have improved focus over effective workers who have knowledge and information about arrangements and working of firm (Inglod, 2000). This person must have better knowledge of negotiation strategy so that they can negotiate in different conditions such as content, price and payment installation. This will boost the profit ratio of hotel and force consumers to have long visit or re-visit.

In the addition of above statement, it can also be said that five season hotel can also focus over number of sales techniques like top-down, inferior line, up-sale and cross sale. As per the current market situation of five season hotel, company can choose up-sale techniques. It means worker can supply information to customer at time of reservation about basic services and other services that can boost the experience of client (Guilding, 2007). The information provided can be special packages or specific offers and treats, to attract customer and provide advantages to firm and it will also motivate hotel to have increase in its business. Administration can also focus over improved use of database and offer specific discounts and packages to clients on their re-visit.

C.) Purpose and use of forecasting and statistical data within the rooms division

Forecasting is planning tool that facilitate management to provide better information about business future that mainly rely on information that is collected from past and present business performance. It is about having a better analysis of some factors that are related to working of firm such as, management experiences, knowledge and judgement. It estimates are projected for coming months or years and facilitate firm to have better decision regarding techniques that can provide support to estimates. While on other side, the statistical information is study of data that is related collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation and organisation. It is necessary for five season hotel to have better use of forecasting and statistical data because it provides better supply chain efficiency ( Guilding, 2007). Effective sales forecasts assist a business organisation to have better management of its supply chain in economic and efficient manner. Accurate forecasts will allow a hotel management to buy raw materials, parts and services in more favourable manner because it provides sufficient time and information to shop for hotel in best price. The better predictions and smooth administration of the supply chain facilitate firm in keeping materials secure and suppliers happy because the rush orders or cancellations supplier can have issues that can affect the business so better management will improve working of hotel (Inglod, 2000). In addition, of this it can also be said that consumers will also receive timely deliveries of their order and need through the better use of information, rather than late deliveries of goods.

Forecasting techniques also offers a better estimation of illustrations and client beliefs that can provide various advantages to business for improved future. It is one of great technique that can adapted by five season hotel, manager in order to have advancement in future operational activities through the improved study of previous results and outcomes. It has been determined that the hotel can also focus over statistical forecast method to have improved determination of success and failure of previous year and moth activities (Baker and Huyton, 2004). On the basis of statistical results and conclusion administration can have decisions regarding future selling and business plan of action. The effectual use of forecast data will lead hotel to have better success and motivate management to adopt modifications on the basis changes in hospitality industry. The improved version of changes will also provide return as high level of profit.


As per the above study it can be concluded that room division operation study is necessary for every organisation that operates in hospitality industry because it provides better information about working style of industry and facilitate in having better work management. Five season hotel can have improved use of various forecasting information and statistical data to have improvement in sales and effectiveness in working conditions. Organisation can also take some decisions to have decrease in loss at room cancellation and earn profit on booking cancellation. Hotel management can also focus over various sales techniques to have improvement in working condition and advancement in quality services.


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