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Business communication is a term for sharing of information within and outside an organisation. It is essential for managing a company to ensure healthy flow of information from managers to employees and vice versa (Cardon, 2014). Effective way of communication within the company ensures its success in the market. The below assignment is based on 45 Park Lane, one of the finest hotels situated in London, United Kingdom. It covers the principles and purposes of HR director in implementing communication strategies within the firm, characteristics of good communicators and evaluation of own strengths and weaknesses in terms of communication.

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1.1 Analysis of principles and purpose HR director would need to consider in a communication strategy

It is very important for an organization to establish effective communication within the company. In hospitality, effective communication plays a prominent role in the quest of a company to achieve success (Bargiela-Chiappini and Nickerson, 2014). As per the scenario, the firm is being inefficient due to ineffective communication within the company. There is a serious need to implement a stronger communication strategy in order to improve customer experience and enhance the effectiveness of the firm. In communication strategy, the principles and purposes of HR director are as follows:

Principles of HR Director:

There are certain principles that must be followed by HR Director of 45 Park Lane which are mentioned below:

  • Clarity: The staff members and employees of 45 Park Lane are multinational. With such diverse workforce, it is necessary to establish communication which could give them clear idea of their roles and responsibilities. The focus of the communicator must be on providing precise information that could easily be understood by the employees.
  • Consistency and Adequacy: HR Director of the firm must follow adequacy and consistency while communicating with employees. Incomplete and inadequate information would lead to ambiguity due to which, employees’ performances could hinder in the workplace.
  • Integration: For an organization like 45 Park Lane, it is required that efforts of the members must be integrated towards achieving the set objectives. HR Director must focus on maintaining and encouraging such integration within the firm.

Purposes of HR Director:

Purposes of HR Director of 45 Park Lane in the firm’s communication strategy are as follows:

  • Flow of Information: The main purpose considered by the HR Director must be the continuous flow of relevant information within the firm. Employees at all levels must be informed about the objectives of the organizations (Brink and Costigan, 2015). Moreover, it must be monitored that no misinformation is being circulated under any circumstances.
  • Customer Relationship: In hospitality, it is crucial to develop healthy and long lasting relationships with customers in order to increase the stature and popularity of the firm. Communication in 45 Park Lane must be focused on establishing such relationship with its customers. Spontaneous assistance and effective communication would help the firm attract more customers for the firm.
  • Competence: For growth of any business, it is necessary that the organization be competent enough to sustain tough competition in the market. HR Director through communication strategy must focus on driving the firm towards achieving competence that gains the firm a competitive advantage.

1.2 General characteristics that participants at meetings must have to be good listeners and good speakers

Meetings refer to gathering of stakeholders to address issues affecting the firm. Not all meetings are driven towards discussing the flaws; there might be meetings to discuss strategies or appraisals, etc (Mishra, Boynton and Mishra, 2014). For a firm like 45 Park Lane, meetings play an essential role in developing effective strategies to strengthen the firm. However, it is necessary for participants in the meeting to be effective listeners as well as effective speakers. There are certain characteristics participants must have to be good listeners and speakers in 45 Park Lane which are discussed below:

Characteristics of good listeners

  • Understanding: For a person to be a good listener, the most important characteristic is to understand what the speaker is trying to say. Whether a speaker is clear or not, it is essential that an effort be made by the listener to understand the topic (Vernuccio, 2014).
  • Attentive: It is required from participants in 45 Park Lane to channelize their attention towards the speakers. Good listeners always pay attention to what is being said in a meeting. They don’t make assumptions even if they are familiar with the topic of discussion (Characteristics of a Good Listener, 2017). They play close attention to words with a motive to enhance their knowledge.
  • Patience: It is normal in meetings that certain incorrect statements are made. These statements can be about past records, or current state of the firm and so forth. Moreover, sometimes listeners don’t agree with the speaker. A good listener always stay patient during such times. They wait for the speaker to finish up with their course of action and after their completion, respectfully raise the argument. Patience is essential for meetings in 45 Park Lane as the employees belong to different cultures and sometimes it gets difficult for them to present information consistently. In such case, patience is crucial to boost their confidence.

Characteristics of good speakers

  • Confidence: A good speaker must be confident enough to present their views in front of others. It is imperative in meetings because sometimes it is necessary to be critical about some specific operations of the firm. Being a confident speaker in 45 Park Lane would allow the speakers to critically present their views on the company’s function and present better and effective methods to enhance performance of the firm.
  • Authenticity: Good speakers never convey incorrect or inauthentic information. They focus on clarifying their facts first before presenting. Moreover, good speakers tend to prepare arguments with evidence about specific information. Good speakers realize the consequences of being inauthentic in meetings and therefore focus on presenting correct information to their listeners (Thomas and Stephens, 2015).
  • Precision: Long and irrelevant speaking tends to divert the attention of listeners. Good speakers possess this characteristic of being relevant and precise while presenting their information. Their main focus is always on how best information could be delivered by being precise.


2.1 Evaluation of own strengths and weaknesses in terms of communicating, both orally and in writing

In order to achieve corporate objectives, it is crucial to establish ethical and effective communication practice (Christensen, 2014). I happen to be an HR Director in 45 Park Lane. To enhance my communication with my employees, I have evaluated my strengths and weaknesses in both written and oral communication that would allow me to increase my capabilities while communicating with people in the firm. These strengths and weaknesses are as follows:

Strengths In Oral Communication

  • Confidence: I am confident when it comes to one to one oral communication. I present my views clearly and confidently. I focus towards making a good and correct perception of these views in the minds of my listeners.
  • Connection: I am quite successful in connecting with my audience. I plan on developing a personal relationship with each of my subordinate which helps me to understand them even further. With my communication skills, I tend to grab their attention and establish a strong connection throughout the conversation (Tang, Gallagher and Bie, 2015).

Weakness In Oral Communication

  • Repetition: One of my weaknesses is that I repeat words and phrases too often in a single conversation. Despite of being clear and confident, sometimes I involuntarily repeat statements that cause distraction of my audience from me.
  • Public speaking: I hesitate while speaking in front of a large audience. This is because I keep making assumptions throughout my speeches about their perceptions. This hesitation is one of the biggest threats for my job as I am required to present staff reports to internal as well as external stakeholders of the company on a monthly basis.

Strengths In Written Communication

  • Precision: All the written materials developed by me are precise and relevant. I aim towards using only relevant and statistical information for communicating through writing. Recommendations too are short and focused on the immediate issue that needs formulation.
  • Substance: I back up my arguments with statistical and numerical data. I use substance which helps the reader to get a clear idea about what my report is trying to convey. I focus my points on towards the subject of the reports and do not make use of any irrelevant information.

Weakness In Written Communication

  • Irregular Flow: Reports developed by me lack the flow of information. I fail to give an appropriate finish to the previous topic before starting another. This makes my reports inefficient and sometimes confuses my readers.
  • Overuse of Jargons: Reports and written information developed by me are read by internal as well as external stakeholders. But I sometimes overuse jargons that creates makes my reports ambiguous and difficult for external stakeholders to read.


To successfully enhance my role as an HR Director in 45 Park Lane, I must undergo training sessions to enhance my public speaking skills. In addition to this, I must focus more on regulating the flow of my reports. This way I could effectively guide my subordinates and could ensure efficiency in communication of the organization.


It is thus concluded from the report that effective business communication is necessary in an organization to maintain healthy customer relationships. The HR department of the company plays prosperous role in ensuring regular flow of communication within the organization. Participants of a meeting must be good speakers as well as effective listeners to formulate competent and appropriate strategies that could help the firm strengthen its business functions. Lastly, HR Directors must continuously evaluate themselves in order to enhance their communication skills and encourage healthy practices of communication within the organization.


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